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Betadine Concentrated Sore Throat Gargle

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Had a killer of a sore throte and been around people with an awful cold, got this from pharmacy and in the first day used it twice and had relief

Not as good as the Lozenges

I had sore throat and by reading the reviews at this website I was under impression that this is a good medicine. I bought this from Chemist warehouse. Firstly, It has a little medicine in it and can be used only up to 9 times. Secondly it is almost double price of Lozenges. Thirdly it has a bad taste and you can hardly gargle it for more than 10 seconds which makes you feel sick.
Next day I bought some Betadine lozenges with a cheaper price and they seem to work much better.

Far better than lozenges and stuff

Every year of my life I would get a cold and it would always start the same way: raging sore throat, which would give way fairly quickly to a lengthy head cold. 4 years ago a friend recommended Betadine throat gargle and my colds have never been the same. It seems to significantly reduce the amount of my throat that gets affected by infection. The resulting headcold seems to be much milder too.

Kill those bugs in 30secs

One of the best treatment of sore throats, I use it three times daily when I have a sore throat. All those lozenges, teas etc, only relieves the pain but betadine gargle is the best. Usually takes me 2 days sore throat to go away that's including I take vit c, etc. Is expensive but we'll worth it, I only wish I bought it when I was in europe 2010, 2011 as I got really sick both times an it all started with a bad sore throat. If you can catch the sore throat early your chances of recovery is faster than if you leave it to late an develop a cold or flu an the the annoying cough.

pretty good

I bought the betadine gargle sore throat gargle from the Gold cross chemist and found it excellent to help sore throats after gargling it though it just tastes yucky aftertaste though it's kind of worth it as it settles down a sore throat and usually a sore throat is usually the first sign of the common cold illness or the flu

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It's a bit expensive though in my opinion it is worth every dollar

Cant believe it!!

Have been really unwell for 2 days with a terrible sore throat.Had trouble swallowing, and eating was a big problem.Got the gargle this morning.Have used it once and within a couple of hours, relief already !!!!

Simply Brilliant!

Massive sore throat, pus on tonsils, unable to eat anything, agony swallowing. Tried Betadine gargle, immediate relief, Found this product absolutely Brilliant!

Doctor recommends

As I have to come frequently in contract with germ's in my line of duty, catching a sore throat is a weekly guarantee.
I had been nursing a persistent sore throat, low grade fever with tender gland's for at least 10 weeks and antibiotics made no difference to the symptom's. I immediately felt the difference from the first gargle with betadine and will surely be carrying one around with me henceforth.

I used this and it worked pretty quickly

I had to use it three times and then my thoart was completely back to normal. One at night and one in the morning

Dont travel without it!

I used to develop a cold/sore throat when ever I travelled (must be something to with the plane and recycled air). Since I started in 2011, I prerinse and post rise with this to prevent myself getting sick. tastes terrible. works like a treat. For me, it works better than Savacol, Listerine and any other mouthrinse.
I dont travel with out this stuff.
prevents a sore throat from developing - it's a miracle!

Amazing product

Its a great product, definitely effective. Just hope the taste would be better. But it definitely worth the money spent. I have used it twice since i bought it 2 days ago and my sore throat is almost gone. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has got really bad sore throat.
very effective
could taste better

Effective protection

My sister alerted me to this product as she had gone to the chemist with a sore throat and what she believed was the beginning of a bad cold. She told the pharmacist that she could not afford to be sick. He recommended the product and she was so impressed she told me. A few weeks later when my husband, who never gets sick, was taken very ill with a throat infection I bought the product for him. He didn't take it but when I awoke in the night with a sore throat I instantly gargled with it. The sore throat was eased and as I gargled it every four hours as recommended, it never developed into the usual runny nose and cough. I was fine within a day. My recovery convinced my husband to gargle with it too and he felt the benefits pretty quickly.
It doesn't taste the best but it is not too awful. I hate the taste of Olive leaf and won't take it. I have gargled with Listerine and thought it a very bad taste, so compared to those two, it's not too bad.
I now always have a bottle in the cupboard just in case I get the tell-tale sore throat and can prevent it turning into something worse.

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Questions & Answers

I gargled using betadine mouthwash and spat out residue with very black stringy bits, that also remained on my tongue. Is this a problem?
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Why is the gargle clear when I spit it out sometimes?
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I have been using betadine for garggling on my throat then I swallow. What are the effects to my body?
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Shouldn't really hurt you, generally iodine is harmless as your body uses it in many functions and it would take a massive dose to hit toxic levels, they used to give massive doses of iodine to treat many illnesses before antibiotics. There is also some sort of alcohol / derivative component that doesn't seem listed on the label though which may not be too good to consume large quantities of (but small doses probably wouldn't hurt).

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