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Hi, I just wanted to ask a question in relation to your batteries for Lenovo Thinkpad laptops, more specifically for the T530 Thinkpad model. The T530 falls under the models that began the trend in Lenovo's Thinkpad line to including a 'Battery Safeguard' or 'BIOS Battery Whitelist' starting with the T430. This meant that batteries that were not officially manufactured by Lenovo would be rejected by the laptops BIOS configuration and would refuse to charge them. Do your batteries that are clearly advertised for these products have this problem? I would just rather not buy one of your batteries (which I am sure are perfectly functioning batteries other than that they would possibly be rejected) and it not work due to this software implementation. If I was to buy one of these batteries and it did not work, would I be able to return it and receive a refund?
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Hello Customer Service, could you please advise is there a list on your web stating the capacity the battery holds. I am looking at the Samsung NP Q330 please. Thanking you, artemis
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Hello Artemis, I believe we have gone into more thorough detail on this through email now. We list capacity ratings on our website under the Specifications tab, although I understand you were more interested in the number of hours our battery would hold charge. This will depend on many variables such as the operating system in use, screen brightness, WI-FI, and more. The best way to estimate how long a battery will last, is to compare against the number of hours you go form your original battery when it was brand new. I hope this helps! Isaac

Ordered 12 November - misunderstanding on payment process. Paid and debit cleared my bank 19 Nov. Now 25 November and STILL waiting delivery. How long? Am I just the stiff one or what? Situation now desperate if not here tomorrow will cancel order and go somewhere else. Stan Bannan
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I have now contacted you by phone regarding this shipment. As discussed it was shipped on the 24th and has been delivered today on the 26th. Payment cleared into our account shortly after being made on your end. Sorry for the misunderstanding regarding the payment and delivery. I trust everything is working as expected now! Isaac -- Come and join us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/betterbatt www.BetterBatt.com.au Email: sales@betterbatt.com.au Phone: 03 9024 6914 (+61 3 9024 6914 for international calls)

I need a spare battery for my Canon SX700 camera which comes with Canon NB-6LH 1060 mAh battery. According to the reviews, the short battery life before recharging is one of the few negatives. The Better Batt battery is an NB-6LH 750mAh. Price is much cheaper than Canon but will the lower mAh be enough? Haven't had the camera very long but think I got about 200 - 250 photos & 2 short videos before the Canon battery needed recharging.
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I can only tell you re my own experience and that has been positive. Our Better Batts have actually lasted slightly longer than the original ones. With two batteries for our camera we feel very confident that we can get plenty of video and still shots.Thanks for your query Larraine! Although the capacity of a battery is an important thing to consider when estimating charge times, another thing that many people are less aware of is that Li-Ion batteries such as the NB-6LH will deteriorate with age. This makes it just as important to purchase a battery that has been manufactured recently to avoid any loss of charge before you even receive it! Our battery rated at 750mAh should give approximately 70% compared to a 'brand new' genuine Canon branded battery. At the price of $12.47 you could probably afford to purchase two batteries and alternate them to receive an even longer charge than one of the genuine Canon batteries. You will also qualify for free delivery when ordering two items at the link below: http://www.betterbatt.com.au/s/digital-camera-battery/canon/powershot/sx700-hs/ ps. We also offer a 400 day all inclusive money back guarantee for peach of mind :)Thanks Pauline & Isaac. Isaac- do your Betterbatt NB-6LH batteries have a chip for communicating with the camera to indicate battery life, etc.?

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