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Excellent site

Placed my order on Monday and arrived Friday.
Excellent service and delivery.
Prices very competitive.
Well done people. Would certainly recommend this site and will do so in the future.
Thank you very much.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Great product, price and service

Online ordering easy. Battery for my Canon EOS 5D Mk3 arrived within two days of placing the order and works as specified. Happy to do further business with Better Batt.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Very happy with the service

I ordered my camera specific battery charger and spare batteries after a frustrating time with camera shops. Ordered on Wednesday afternoon. They arrived on Friday morning.
The website was so easy to navigate. Very happy with this.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

The wrong battery

Easy to find, easy to order and pay.
Sadly they supplied an incompatible unit; the battery doesn't fit the computer so at the moment we have no working battery and are out of pocket. I await their response to see how they will address what is now an urgent problem.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes

Excellent Excellent Excellent

I ordered a battery for my laptop.
After taking my laptop to my Local franchise computer repair store, battery world and smartphone specialist. Only to be told they couldn’t get a battery for a four year old laptop. I was feeling very apprehensive and concerned, but I needed my laptop. (My last back up was two years ago.)
My replacement battery arrived 3 days later and is now in my laptop and working perfectly.
Fantastic service, I would highly recommend Better Batt.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Highly recommended

The battery was exactly what I needed for my camera and much cheaper than anywhere else. Customer service was fantastic and they were able to help me out with complicated pickup arrangements.

Great value and great Service

this first experience is rated 5star. Service was excellent. Received goods 4 business days after order as promised (3 - 7 days) prices were excellent - much cheaper than last purchase from local camera shop. I was surprised as to the time available for recording film of various events and was much longer than original Sony and also the previous batteries purchased from local shop. Navigating the store was easy and I found what I was looking for immediately. Thank you for the excellent service.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

The usual prompt service, less than the expected 7 working days.

Even though you were out of stock with two items you delivered from your WA branch, thank you.
Always been most satisfied with the substitute printer inks for Epson RX650 printer.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Great value

The range of products is very good.
A bit more info with the delivery service will help customers make an informed decision.
I found all the personnel courteous.
The quality of your products are so far so good

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeYes

Exceptional prompt efficient services

My HP laptop battery needed replacement. HP website said the cost is $132 and no stock available. Googled on-line battery companies, checked the Company with this Product Review Website and found Better Batt (Victoria) has a fantastic rating, most impressed that the Owner of Better Batt also responds to the Reviews. The cost for 2 batteries is $69.50, virtually 73% cheaper than HP Website. In addition, Batter Batt website also offered a "virtue" visit to their warehouse and Office, that indicated to me it is a legit firm. Placed the order 25/2/19 before 12MD. The batteries arrived 27/2/2019 mid-day in Sydney. What a fantastic Service. In addition, email notifications from both Batter Batt and the courier kept me informed throughout the process. Now, it is a matter to see if the battery will last for 400 days as per Website advertised. Will keep my fellow "Product Review" readers update in the event if the product may not be of good quality or ineffective.
26/3/19 update: The Better Batt battery was on the "flattish-side" while my laptop needed a restart following an update. Unfortunately, while it was restarting, the laptop crashed. At the end, it required a System restore which caused me $150. My IT repaired person suggested the crashed could be related to a non-genuine battery. I emailed Better Batt regarding the matter and wanted to return the products. Absolute NO drama, Batter Batt sent me the return postage paid label, refund to my credit card was carried out as soon as Better Batt received the return product. Very Happy with Batter Batt and THANKS.

Warranty Claim MadeYes
Product PurchasedHP Laptop battery

Super fast service and great communication

Glad I found Better Batt when realising I needed a replacement battery for my camera in a hurry. It has just been delivered as promised and I am so happy to recommend this business.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Cost efficient solution from people that know their products

I did a google search for a replacement charger and saw Better Batt. As they were a Victorian company I decided to see whether or not they might be able to help. Upon looking at he website I easily found the battery charger that I needed. I rang them and was promptly dealt with by a very pleasant lady who could answer my questions. I placed the order. I was thinking that it would cost me at least $100 and in fact it was around 20. I paid over the phone and received a confirmation email and delivery of goods to country Victoria within 4 days. The one lesson I take out of this is that if I want a fridge or T.V then the local Harvey Norman are brilliant. If you need a specialist replacement part then search for people who are specialists. Couldn't recommend highly enough. Thanks

Product Quality
Product PurchasedCanon battery charger pack

Good Store

Very happy with navigation through the store. Simple to find the product ! was interested in and the order process was a snap. Dispatched the next day

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Hi Ted, That's great! We are more than glad that you've found us! Cheers! Johann

Good customer service

I agree with the reviews about good website, customer service, low prices, fast shipping etc. I have had a few problems with some of the batteries after warranty periods have expired. After the first customer service person did not look after me, and following my review here, my issue was escalated by another BetterBatt staff member and dealt with to my satisfaction. So thank you BetterBatt.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Hi montxsuz, I'm sorry to hear you've had such a terrible experience with our products. You mentioned that "they don't want to know when the battery stops retaining power" which sounds a bit odd, we certainly do want to know. It's hard to comment without looking up your order though. Could you please let me know one of your order numbers so I can look it up and see what's going on? I could also look it up with your name or email address, however, for the interest of your privacy as this is a public forum, an order number would be fine. Let me know. Thanks LiamLiam I was told by your customer service person that the warranty has expired, then they stopped communicating with me. I have problems with batteries for more than one device. I have orders on more than one email address as well.The other thing to compare with Better Batt (and any other third party batteries) is the capacity. Often the manufacturer's capacity is higher, in this case 20% higher, to start with.

So far so good

I found the purchase process easy on the website. So far I am satisfied with the battery I bought. Having previously bought another replacement battery on ebay from another supplier which did not work despite meeting the specifications to replace my current one, I was sceptical. This battery worked without a hitch. The only problem I have with it is I opted for the 9 cell version, but the picture online did not adequately show that that battery protrudes further below the base of the laptop than the battery it was replacing. More pictures from different angles of the product are required on the website.

Hi Michael, We are glad that to know that you are satisfied with the battery that you bought from us. Battery photos with different angles should be seen on our website. Would you be able to let me know your order number or the battery model that you got from us so I can check why the photos are not there? Cheers! Johann50214460. If you could provide me with the courier tracking number that would be great. I need it to talk to courier's please about some issues with the delivery unrelated to your service.Hi Michael, Thanks for sending me your order number 50214460 and you are right, there is only one photo on our website for the Toshiba PA5109U-1BRS Battery Replacement and it doesn't show the extended part of the battery: http://www.betterbatt.com.au/s/laptop-battery/toshiba/pa5109u-1brs/BBLB-1615/ We are currently working on a new website and it will be launched with updated details and photos. I have emailed you now the CouriersPlease tracking number of your order in support ticket 56848. You can reply to that email or call us at 03 9024 6914 if we can be of any help. Cheers! Johann

Efficient and accurate

Matching the batter and charger numbers on other sites was frustrating but simple on the Better Battery site. It arrived in 3 days and works beautifully. I couldn't ask for better.

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Hi Dianne, That's wonderful! We are happy that you found us. Cheers! Johann

Super Fast Service

Great website ..so easy to find the required battery for my digital camera and also to add on a charger set..perfect for my Nikon and extremely good value. Amazing super fast free delivery to Adelaide.... less than 24hrs from placing the order.

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Hi Sue, That's great! We are glad to know that your order got delivered to you so quickly. Cheers! Johann

Super Quick!

It was easy to locate the type of batteries I required for my cameras on the Better Batt website & a straight forward process to order them. They arrived within less than a week. Terrific!
Thanks Better Batt!

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Hi Moonie, That's great! We are glad that you found us. Cheers! Johann

Perfect outcome.

It was quite easy to find my part on your Website, and I called the number suggested, and was instructed by your team member, how to fill out the Order. I had some difficulty in paying from my Credit Card, as I did enter an incorrect expiry date. I called back again, and another team member assisted me when I realised my error.
When the order was accepted, he also organised my collection from Flemington on the same day. All of your staff are pleasant, helpful and it's easy to deal with your Company.
The range is good and Vast, and the quality seems okay. My computer is fine now, and I'm very satisfied.

January14, 2019 Update: Very helpful and efficient.

Easy to find on website and helpful team members
Good range of products.
Quality seems good. 74% charge, works well
Goof service all around.

Hi Leo, That's awesome! I'm glad that we were able to help out. Cheers! JohannProduct good, Staff involved Good, service good, deserves a good review. Leo.

Beware, you get charged for signature on delivery but don’t get it!

They say they require a signature on delivery and charge you for it, but they don’t give you that service. They just get it dumped on your mailbox to get stolen.
All to save a few dollars!
That’s poor service!

Hi jb3462565, My apologies on this. Would you be able to let me know your order number so that I can look it up and help you? Cheers! JohannYour website clearly says the postage requires a signature on delivery. This is the reason we chose to buy it, as there is a 100% chance it will be stolen if it is just left out in the open. This is why there are complaints about people not receiving their purchases, they are getting stolen. Why do you lie to people? You can’t promise a signature on delivery service and then not give it just to save a couple of dollars. Besides it being a costly inconvenience to the customer, it is fraudulent.Hi jb3462565, My apologies about that and you are correct, the "Signature is required for all deliveries." is included in our Shipping & Delivery Policy this should have been updated: http://www.betterbatt.com.au/delivery-policy/ However, due to the majority of clients who prefer not to be bothered for signature on delivery as it obliges them to pick up the parcel being sent to the post office when they are not available, we provided our courier services with the authority to leave. This is why the option for "Signature is Required" is no longer available at the checkout page and we never charge for signature. The only delivery charge we have are $9.10 for a single item and FREE delivery for 2 or more items. Australia Post Express charge is $10.18. PO BOX and Parcel Lockers delivery with Australia Post is another option for clients especially if their street address is not safe for their parcel. Regarding missing parcels, all purchases are covered with the 400 days warranty: http://www.betterbatt.com.au/warranties/ http://www.betterbatt.com.au/delivery-policy/ "If your delivery goes missing you may contact us to arrange a replacement order sent at no additional cost provided it is within 14 days of shipment." We also provide tracking details on all parcels that we sent out keeping receivers updated on deliveries. This can be obtained both by email and phone call. Please let me know your order number so that I can investigate further on this and find out why you were charged on delivery. Cheers! Johann

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Questions & Answers

Do you sell Epson genuine 277XL printer ink?
2 answers
Not to do with my reviewHi Bob, What we sell are Better Batt Ink Replacements for Epson 277XL that you will find here: http://www.betterbatt.com.au/s/printer-ink/epson/277xl/ You can also call us at 03 9024 6914 if you need any help. Cheers! Johann

Hi, I just wanted to ask a question in relation to your batteries for Lenovo Thinkpad laptops, more specifically for the T530 Thinkpad model. The T530 falls under the models that began the trend in Lenovo's Thinkpad line to including a 'Battery Safeguard' or 'BIOS Battery Whitelist' starting with the T430. This meant that batteries that were not officially manufactured by Lenovo would be rejected by the laptops BIOS configuration and would refuse to charge them. Do your batteries that are clearly advertised for these products have this problem? I would just rather not buy one of your batteries (which I am sure are perfectly functioning batteries other than that they would possibly be rejected) and it not work due to this software implementation. If I was to buy one of these batteries and it did not work, would I be able to return it and receive a refund?
No answers

Hello Customer Service, could you please advise is there a list on your web stating the capacity the battery holds. I am looking at the Samsung NP Q330 please. Thanking you, artemis
1 answer
Hello Artemis, I believe we have gone into more thorough detail on this through email now. We list capacity ratings on our website under the Specifications tab, although I understand you were more interested in the number of hours our battery would hold charge. This will depend on many variables such as the operating system in use, screen brightness, WI-FI, and more. The best way to estimate how long a battery will last, is to compare against the number of hours you go form your original battery when it was brand new. I hope this helps! Isaac

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