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Have been using beyonwiz for years, have 2 DP-S1's. 1 of these appears to be dying, do you know are the menus similiar and will the network together? I.e play files from each other across network. Cheers

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Edward Claydon
Edward Claydon

Hi Andrew, they are a great PVR, i am using the new T3 now and it is just fantastic, does so many things that my old DP-P1 couldn't do, took me a little while to get used to a totally new setup but well worth the effort, i have recorded 8 programs at once no problem, apparently it will do more but hey there's not that all that much on TV these days. Sorry to waffle on mate, i can not really give you a definite answer to your question but the link that i have added below is to the Beyonwiz forum, if you ask the question there they will have the answer for you, they are still supporting the older PVR's and are extremely helpful and friendly.
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Hi Andrew,
No idea. I have been using Topfield for years and this is my first Beyonwiz. However, given the functionality and it runs Linux, I doubt it would be similar to anything previously. A bit fiddly to set up, but once done, works sensationally.
Regards, David


If you like the in PVR editing of the DP, deleting segments, topping and tailing or saving parts to separate files, and how smoothly pausing, slow motion etc. work, forget T3, can't edit and pausing and slow motion is broken (for the last 18 months at least) these are known "features" and in my experience pressing the buttons too many times too quickly in EPG mode is liable to completely lock up the PVR necessitating powering off and rebooting (and there might be other causes...) and pressing delete too soon after stop will cause an "Enigma" crash. My T3 has received plenty of verbal abuse over it's life with me, but straight recording and playback as in the above reviews works fine.

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Beyonwiz T3

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