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Poor sidewall construction


I put BFG KM2 and done 120klms and first time off road one tyre scraped trough the side walls in the rocks and the other side front blew out with with huge bubbles and rendered the tyre useless. I don't think I would bother spending the extra money you pay for these again for so called quality

CarLand cruiser 200 series V8 Diesel 2 inch lift winch roofrack solar panel
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After having these tyres on for 2 years and 3 side walls fail I decided to remove them as I had no trust in them for going to any remote locality and I would not consider them again.

Toughest 4wd tyre ever!!

CarToyota Landcruiser Troop Carrier (78 series, 11 seater) 4.5 Ltr Turbo Diesel V8


CarLandcruiser 79 series.

KeithyNorth Queensland, QLD

  • 19 reviews

The best 4x4 tyre on the market

CarRange Rover

Chunks of rubber falling off


These were bought for my Suzuki and less than 2000kms and chunks of rubber a falling off and cut up. Not USA made as I thought. The rubber compound is very hard and the guy at the fitting shop said that he was boaderline not going to fit them because the pressure that he had to get in them to bead. Won't be buying them again. It seems like it's a gamble from the good and bad reviews. I'm presuming the good reviews are the USA made ones. I had a friend with the all terrains and he said that his rubber started cutting and falling off as well.

CarSuzuki Grand vitara



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200 Series Landcruiser Sahara. Have travelled 10k so far, original factory tyres replaced at 65k. The BF's suit the vehicle perfectly. Quiet on the road and excellent grip in wet and slippery conditions, far better than the original Dunlops provided by the factory. Expensive but highly recommended over others have used Coopers, Pirelli and Bridgestone types before and they are no match to these. Was told they are the best in the market at present.

Car2014 Toyota Sahara
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The King

The KingSouth Australia, 5000

  • 11 reviews

Best tyre I've ever bought


I bought a set of new Bridgestone d697's 265/65/17 and ran them for 38,000km's and then got rid of those for a set of Km2 265/70/17. The Bridgestones started off very quiet and regularly rotated every 5,000km & pressure of 38psi. The initial quietness only lasted 1,000kms, then the bridgestone's became very very noisy and after about 20,000km became scalloped, even with regular rotation. I put on the km2, which honestly started off very noisy, which I expected from a mud terrain, but after 1,500km have become A LOT quieter than the bridgestones were within the first 1,000kms! The tyres handle fantastically, even in the wet on bitumen, perform exactly how I wanted them too and look bloody tough.

CarPrado 150



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Got a really good grip on rocky roads, snow, and other off road terrain.I have a Pajero and it's supposed to be a quiet car but driving on the road makes it quite noisy. Though its highly durable, they don't slide when stopping or turning quickly and still kicking after 5 years.

CarPajero 2011


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Good Mud Terrain Tyres


I've had these for some four years now. They have never let me down and are amazing off road.

Please do keep in mind though that they are very much aimed at off road driving. They are amazing off road, however they are audibly louder on road. To be clear this is not complaint against them, just saying water is wet, the sky is blue and mud terrain tyres are not a quite as road tyres.

I love the deep groves i.e lots of tread. And as silly as this sounds, they really look the part too.

Summary: great tyres if you spend more time off road than on.

Car90 Series Prado

Worst tyres ever


If you want too spend more time at the tyre shop buy these 1600 for a set could of bought a crap load of shoes and ran everywhere soft as butter sidewall only good for nice easy soft roads would never ever buy these tyres again 7 punctures in 10000 km look at them long enough and they will go flat very disappointed never had one puncture in my Micky ts and got 85 thou

Car2010 land cruiser ute

Grant M

Grant MGeraldton

  • 3 reviews

Great grip but very noisy


I have recently purchased four of these tyres for a NW Pajero, size 265/70/R17. In the mud and ruts they grip really well - no problem to straddle ruts. My speedo is now around 2km/h optimistic at 110 instead of 7km/h out. Grip on road is reasonable. Only one bad thing about these tyres - they are incredibly noisy. I bought them after reading a 4WD Action review which had a dB rating less than the KO2 All Terrain's, but man I think the dB meter must have been having an off day. I have KM's on my old GQ, and to be frank barely noticed them, but maybe that was because everything else was noisy. With the Pajero, its gone from a quiet car into a very noisy one. So, very happy with everything except the noise.

Car2014 NW Pajero


TCmount isa

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Good Traction Poor wear loud and bad vibrations


They have good traction on dirt and mud but chip and wear easily also the noise from these tyres gets really bad especially when they wear down to less than 50 percent the sound gets worse and worse everyone that enters the car for the first time comments on it.

CarNissan D40

Low kms


2013 land cruiser dual cab, got around 35 k out of the muddies, pretty much the same as the crappy dunlops that come out standard with the cars, cruisers done 70'ooo kms in total, tyres wore fairly evenly, but really disappointed in the ks, carrying around 300 kgs constant so won't be getting them again, especially considering the cost.

Car2013 land cruiser dual cab


MichaelDaisy Hill

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Good value for money


Although the price of these tyres made me thinking not 2 nut 3 times before to pull out my wallet, the quality is there. I have 255/85 r16 on my Landcruiser 80 series.
They are the quietest between all muddies. I have done 15,000 Kms and the wear is even. Traction in the wet bitumen is good for a mud tyre. Traction in mud is very good.
I was surprised how they handled the sand, no problem at all. I deflated to 18 psi and I didn't have any problem.
I don't have anything negative to say about them.

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Ryan W.

Ryan W.Emerald, Victoria

Can't fault.


I have had these tyres for nearly 75km and they still have at least 15% tread left on them with no punctures. Good on the sand, very good in the mud and on rocky tracks. Also very competitent on the road. As far as muddies are concerned they are also extremely quite on the bitumen. Only rotated 3 times and have remained very even. It is going to be difficult to trial something else. Some minor chipping after my last trip to the High Country but I expected this on tyres nearly 5 years old. You pay your money and you get what you pay for.

Muddies rule



RalphSydney nsw

  • 2 reviews

Great all round tyres,


I've previously had BFG mud terrains (km1s) and the all terrains then went with a set of coopers for my new hilux. I had the cooper at3 for about 10,00km and in that time blew out 2 sidewalls and broke the beads at least 4 times. The coopers were good on road but can't match the grip and performance of the BFG. I have been driving harder on the BFGs and no problems so far, except for a cut on the side wall (not a puncture) Im doubtful ill ever purchase any other 4x4 tyre.
Good on road and off, They wear well and are not noisy.



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Excellant Tyre


I run these tyre's on all of my work vehicles(10 Hilux's/Landcruiser's) and couldn't be happier! One of my Hilux's has done just over 300,000km and never had a flat tyre. Wouldn't consider any other tyre. You do pay a premium but who cares when you get a premium tyre? With no flat tyres you aren't exposing your employees to risk when changing a tyre when they are out in the scrub. A great tyre.

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Regarding bf goodrich KO2, I wonder if I can install them so their white letters are inside and not visible. Regads

2 answers

The KO2 is the All-Terrain tyre, and for the purpose of this question it matters not as both the Mud Terrain and All Terrain have the white lettering.

The answer to your question is yes. Just let the tyre shop know when fitting your new tyres that you'd like the white lettering on the inside, they will be more than happy to oblige.


Marc B
Marc B

Hi Ali, yes you can. Cheers



How many kms on average are you all getting WITH CONSTANT load on?

1 answer
Grant M
Grant M

I got 80,000kms off my old KM's on a 1992 GQ Patrol. Size was 33 * 12.5 R15. Major issue was sidewall punctures - 3 over the life of the 4 tyres.

KM2s are a new pattern, so I'm not sure about these.



Do they hang on in the wet roads I am running BFG AT 265-75-16 and get 100,000 plus so what about the muddies should I change I tow a caravan 3Ton?

1 answer

I depend where you go with your 3Ton caravan.
If you head on muddie road it is better for you to get the muddies so that you don't get stuck. From my experience there is a 30% increase in traction from AT to KM2.
If you stay on the bitumen and off road or dirty road when it is not considerably muddie then the AT are better. You have more traction on the wet with the AT. Probably the same percentage the AT loses on the mud, the AT gains it in the wet.
Consumption goes up 10% with the muddies and life spam goes down to 80,000.
So considering that you need grip to slow down the 3Ton, specially on the wet, my advice is to stick with the AT.
Hope this help.

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Category4WD Tyres
Width215 mm to 305 mm
Aspect Ratio / Profile60% to 75%
Rim Diameter15 to 18 inches
Load Index 100 to 123
Speed Rating Q
Release dateJun 2010

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