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Bigger Boyz Toyz 4 Stroke 5 in 1

Bigger Boyz Toyz 4 Stroke 5 in 1

2.8 from 22 reviews

Utter rubbish

1st time used bump head broke.
6th time used hit a rock whilst using the brush cutter and it exploded and petrol tank flew off.
Really cheap, poorly made online product

Purchased in November 2018 for $379.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Weekly
Grass Type Short grass and Tall grass

Disgrace after sales service

Disgrace after sales service, take no responsibility for any problems that you may have with the products, would not buy a another item from this “ company “ I would recommend you read all review before you approach this “ company”, what they call a bargain it became a headache for you

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Not happy

Ordered new lawnmower SKU:BBT-SP70, delivery was fast, box was all damaged and has been open and taped up again, when I open the box's the lawn mower looked like it was thrown in and oil leaked all over the engine it was poorly packed missing blades bolts and other stuff scratches and dents on it. Girls that work at bbta on the phone are great but management is anything. I received a lawnmower which was returned by another customer, first I was told I have the parts send out but I demanded what I order a new in open undamage lawn mower, clearly the fault was on dispatch as lawn mower was sent after a public holiday mustang been a big weekend for the warehouse staff but what pies me off they won't send the new one until there courier picks the one they sent me and that will total 2 week wait, pretty poor customer service by the management when it's there fault, let's see on the next one they sent out.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

/Trimmer Caught Fire and Gas Leaks\

Once I didn't have a mower or trimmer for years my grass was almost the size of my fence i decided to get one i chose Bigger Boyz Toyz for a trimmer i had a two story house so there was alot of grass i turned it on and started cutting the grass it kept stopping because grass got stuck in the head i always had to take the head off to get the grass out i put it on full choke but the same thing happened to the head, I tried again then I heard cracking sounds from the engine, head and carborator it will get louder each time I finished my back yard i went to the front yard i finished half of it then I saw gas leaking and spilling. I put so much force to close the gas tank it was still spilling and leaking i don't know why I was still cutting the grass even when the gas was leaking and spilling. I put it on full choke after 4 minutes i heard an explosion from the head the head and engine started smoking it was a fire. I put the trimmer down the trimmer exploded in fire because the gas was leaking and spilling i got the hose and took the fire out, you really need to make better trimmers so i just got a McCulloch 25cc straight shaft so just make better trimmers.

Date PurchasedJul 1998


I purchased this in 2012 and gave up on it as the Petrol leaked from somewhere whenever the unit was shifted above horizontal. I recently got it out and gave it another go. I changed the rubber grommet on the petrol tank and the leak wasn't as bad. I tried using the extension pole saw and it worked for minutes then all the screws rattled loose and the chain started slipping so and I had to remove the chain and re tighten the screws every 5 minutes. Really shoddy.

Date PurchasedAug 2012

Happy Customer /Cultivator

I rang and spoke to office before ordering online, customer service was great and informative .Very fast delivery and we are out in the country , Once assembled it started first pull, manual on assembly procedures could be improved but we got there and it is a good piece of machinery.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Bo's view

Got the 4 stroke brush cutter, Very simple to put together but had a leak from the fuel tank and a new tank was sent as soon as I contacted them and it was an easy change. Easy to start and use, does a good job. I paid $259.00 with free delivery down from $750.00 I think. Good unit

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Unhappy Customer

Purchased a 6kW Diesel Generator which broke down 6 months old, took back, they had for 2 months, then I took it home and it ran for 20 minutes. I took it back and was told I needed to buy a new one as it was not under warranty. Because live on a farm with my 2 chickens and 1 pig they class me as Commercial Use. I work all day and only run the generator at night for lights and cooking. As a plumber if i fixed your toilet you would have me back 12 months later fixing for free (under warranty).

Date PurchasedDec 2016

You'll regret getting this

Cheap, cheap and nasty. That's all you'll get here. I bought this and the chainsaw and both are absolute rubbish. Chainsaw just cost me $125 to repair due to a collapsed fuel line, failed spark plug, replaced air filter due to the fact it let saw dust through the carby because its useless. Did all that within an hour of using it. Seriously better value else where.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Mulches caught fire

The ignition mount and fuel line vibrated off causing a small fire that melted the plastic on the carnie and ignition lead. Need to check bolts are tight every time guys. I've also had bearings collapse in multi tool extension. The fuel tank also leaks fuel and was told to keep fuel tank above the motor; fine when slashing but not when cutting tree branches. ☹️

Date PurchasedSep 2013

failed in 30mins

I purchased this for hedge trimming, after 30 mins it failed. Appears to be a problem with the shaft, not happy.
Understand it's not 'German' engineered as others have said, but you expect it to work. The hedge trimmer showed promise too doing a good job for 30 mins. Based on the wasted time and fact the product has to be returned after 30 mins of use. I could not recommend it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

good but.....

well constructed product, and worth the savings buying online. Just be mindful of the cheap spark plug that comes with this product. I used if for less than 5 hours and the spark plug needed replacing. Luckily Repco had a better brand spark plug and I was good to go again once plug was replaced. Also the line provided is very heavy duty (4mm) which did not last any longer than one would expect. I replaced it with stock I already had (2.4mm) line and that worked just as good and even lasting longer!!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Could not agree more

You want German engineering and or Japanese build quality then you need to pay accordingly.

As much as I bag Chinese equipmnt (as a service person) it usualy represents good value, and if it does fail out of the box, as happened recently to a client, the dealer gave his money back. A good return/guarantee policy is as important as the price.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

You get what you pay for - sort of.

Having used BBT products over 4 or 5 years I'm comfortable recommending them.
With the following caveat.
One does not get German engineering and Japanese build quality on a Chinese budget.
All of the tools I have purchased have been less than 1/4 the price of German/Japanese equivalents yet performed well.
Service from BBT has been acceptable given their online status. And exceptional on the 2 occasions I visited their physical location.
If you're disinclined or unable to service/maintain this type of equipment or need something that reduces fatigue, then go to a specialist store and buy a name brand. This will cost more.
But you knew that right?

Dont Buy A Waste Of Money

i purshased the 5 in 1.2 stroke whipper/pole saw less than 3 months ago i have had nothing but trouble from this useless piece of rubbish.to be able to sell such a product is a disgrace and will never by a BBT product again.from breakages in the shaft system to the hedge trimmer shaft completly snapping inside the motot shaft. A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY

Sour grapes ?????

I have been buying from BBT for 5 years and have found them reliable professional and very helpful with any queries I have had My 5 in 1 has never let me down have recommended them to others and have never heard anything bad keep up the good work BBT

Great tool and great support

I have used this product quite extensively and when anything went wrong BBT came to the rescue even after the warranty period. I am so happy with it that I have recommended it to many of my friends who also bought one. The last problem was with the magneto and once I contacted BBT, they sent me another one which fixed the problem immediately. What outstanding customer service and they didn't chrge me a thing.
innexexpensive and gets through a lot of work
just keep the screws on tight.

A good little machine for a home user

I bought one of the 2 stroke models mainly for the pole saw and occasionally for the whipper snipper. The pole does flex and bounce a bit when you use all the extensions but it does the job. The wipper snipper works good. The only thing i can fault on it was that the metering needle on the carby was glued in place at a lean setting. I managed to melt the glue and file a groove on top of the needle so i could adjust the fuel mixture to make it start and run better. Overall i am happy with it.
It was cheap to buy and does the job
Carby was set a bit lean from new so it was hard to start and would not idle

Do Not Buy Bigger Boyz Toyz BBT 5 in 1 Chainsaw Hedge Trimmer Pole Tool Brush Cutter

I recently purchased this machine, arrived quickly I must say, but the carton was damaged. The Brush Cutter head was impossible to assemble (no screws provided). After buying parts from bunnings, I finally got it started. After 2hrs use, the handle fell off ( i re-attached). The following day, I thought I'd give it another go and set out to trim the garden edges. I attached the edging blade and worked the machine along (cut out twice due to being used on an angle), then to my shock horror, it caught fire! Thank god my wife was near by and quickly got the hose. On inspection, it appeared to have a faulty fuel system that leaked onto the exhaust. Now in bin, seller "[name removed]" not interested - Simply dangerous cheap chinese junk - Do not buy!
Fast Delivery
Poorly made chinese copy that caught fire!

Seems odd this is a first review, and you seem to be really targeting some key words there?? I would say you are a competitor not a customer?? I found them great when I bought one of these, they had a contact number and where more than happy to help when needed. 5 Stars coming from me!I've purchased two BBT products over the last 6 months and I couldn't fault the products or the service. The couple of questions I did put to BBT were answered completely by very friendly and knowledgeable staff who invited me to call them any time I might have a query. I would however would like to know where I could buy the Green Trimmer Line (Diamond Edge) from another source. 5 Stars for me.I Have purchased several BBT products all have worked exceptionally well. I have had a couple of questions and a small warranty issue with a post hole digger and I can say the questions were answered quickly and the warranty issue fixed with the supply of a replacement air cleaner with no questions asked. 5 Stars for me too!


I purchased a BBT 2 stroke 5 in 1 Multi tool some months ago, I was a bit hesitant to purchase a tool that was quite reasonably priced compare to your big brands and you hear all those horror stories about cheap tools from China but this tool is not one of them. I took a trip down to there show room at Albion park rail and there sale team were very helpful and showed me through some of there products they have on display and answered any questions i had. I have now been using this tool for the past few months and love using it every time i get it out of the shed, starts every time and has not let me down. I have recently be back to purchase a lawn mower and can't wait to try it out.
starts every time and easy to use
it weighs 9 kg at 4M long (using the chainsaw attachment) so it can get heavy on your arms but i'm 65

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Questions & Answers

About 5 years ago bought online the 5 in 1 pole saw and attachments. I just had to try all the attachments and in this time it has worked well. The majority of the time my son who is a motor mechanic is the person who has used it, mainly for trimming edges and the like He now has moved from Brisbane to Perth, so maintenance is now left to me. The problem is I cannot locate the 'spark plug'. In my Manual Multi-Tool BBt-4IN 1-10 on page GB-23 9.Maintenance it only mentions a fouled spark plug needs to be cleaned and the plug 'gap'. There is no access cover to directly access the plug through any of the external covers and nothing more in the manual. Can you point me in the right direction, for e.g. do I have to remove various parts like fuel tank, aircleaner cover etc. You are my only hope before my wife gets hold of it and if she fixes the problem, it's be the last thing I'll hear from her. Thanks.. David Brisbane Qld
2 answers
It's there on the front of the motor. It has a rubber cover over it that you remove to find the plug underneath. Should not be a problemYou cant see the spark plug because the end of the spark plug lead covers it.You just need to pull the rubber cap off from the spark plug and then you can unscrew the spark plug.

The Line kept coming out of the head regardless of how I put it in, so I bought a ryobi auto feed head on bbt's suggestion (they didn't care that supplied head didn't work) and now I can't fit that head on. Any suggestions?
1 answer
sounds like you got a different head to the one I received which has four large toothed ends and I have not yet replaced them after all these years.

Like the machine, but have trouble with the line out of the trimmer. Any suggestions about gauge etc
2 answers
Go to you you tube and search BBT brush cutter and they have a video that is very handy on how to load it.I tried some Wiltshire 5 point trimmer line in mine and it works better than the original line. it is 2.5mm diameter line.


4 Stroke 5 in 1
Bar Length26 cm
Weight8 kg
Engine Displacement36 cc
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)

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