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Bigger Boyz Toyz 4 Stroke 5 in 1

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About 5 years ago bought online the 5 in 1 pole saw and attachments. I just had to try all the attachments and in this time it has worked well. The majority of the time my son who is a motor mechanic is the person who has used it, mainly for trimming edges and the like He now has moved from Brisbane to Perth, so maintenance is now left to me. The problem is I cannot locate the 'spark plug'. In my Manual Multi-Tool BBt-4IN 1-10 on page GB-23 9.Maintenance it only mentions a fouled spark plug needs to be cleaned and the plug 'gap'. There is no access cover to directly access the plug through any of the external covers and nothing more in the manual. Can you point me in the right direction, for e.g. do I have to remove various parts like fuel tank, aircleaner cover etc. You are my only hope before my wife gets hold of it and if she fixes the problem, it's be the last thing I'll hear from her. Thanks.. David Brisbane Qld
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It's there on the front of the motor. It has a rubber cover over it that you remove to find the plug underneath. Should not be a problemYou cant see the spark plug because the end of the spark plug lead covers it.You just need to pull the rubber cap off from the spark plug and then you can unscrew the spark plug.

The Line kept coming out of the head regardless of how I put it in, so I bought a ryobi auto feed head on bbt's suggestion (they didn't care that supplied head didn't work) and now I can't fit that head on. Any suggestions?
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sounds like you got a different head to the one I received which has four large toothed ends and I have not yet replaced them after all these years.

Like the machine, but have trouble with the line out of the trimmer. Any suggestions about gauge etc
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Go to you you tube and search BBT brush cutter and they have a video that is very handy on how to load it.I tried some Wiltshire 5 point trimmer line in mine and it works better than the original line. it is 2.5mm diameter line.

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