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Has anyone had issues with BIggin Scott in Cranbourne (Casey office)? I’ve had issues and felt like they weren’t managing my property effectively. Eg. no communication regarding lease renewals, no property inspections done unless I had to follow up, plus, unpaid landlord insurance for nearly 8 weeks. Now I’m trying to get rent money transferred to new real estate agent. Initially was told that they never received the funds. But tenants have proof of payment! Still waiting for the transfer & it’s nearly been 7 days. Also, I’m new to investing so I’m still learning. After issues I’ve had for the last 6 months, I’m seriously considering learning property management myself so I can do it myself.
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Anyone had any issues with B&S Dandenong, have had a few people approach with similar issues, currently working with someone who is about to take them to court?
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I have used Biggin Scott St Kilda for 10 years as a letting agent and they have given me excellent service

As anybody else out there that has had a bad experience of not getting the asking price for there home with B&S Yarraville through Rita Galati she looked after the purchaser, and not the vendors.
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I think you may find that it is B&S as a whole. There seems to be a lot of B S for both the buyer and seller. I think that they need a serious government review, I protected myself after finding how full of B S they were and asked a higher than normal reserve in auction otherwise I could have lost 50k+ by the incompetence and unprofessional behavior of their staff.

Has anyone else had a bad experience with Biggin & Scott Maribyrnong I have had a horrible experience with them over a long period of time so happy to be away from them?
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Unfortunately, my partner and I had problems with them. When my partner originally collected our keys, the Property Manager told him "come at x time and I will do the handover". My partner arrived and the only person in the place was not supposed to hand over the keys as she was not qualified. In the end she did because my partner was inconvenienced by someone saying he would be there to meet him when he wasn't. The property manager (since removed from role) was incompetent and never responded to emails (despite requesting we email rather than phone. He promised at the intial inspection to get permission for us to have a cat (made no movement toward this). We discovered the air conditioner did not work, and a major issue with the wall in the bedroom (let freezing air through major gap all through winter) and no action was taken for 4 months, until I began calling every second day. Even then, only the exterior was addressed and the PM basically told me that *I* should call the body corporate regarding it (as it was their department) and I told him that he should be calling them, as it was his job. 4 months into our lease, we were sent an inspection notice (for the following month), for a Tuesday during business hours (both of us work). My partner took time off work and was present prior to the scheduled time. I arrived home after work and the PM hadn't arrived. No matter there was half an hour left and we had been told they'd make it 5.30 because we weren't happy about them not changing to a time tha actually suited us. 6pm came and no PM. We sent a message to him (no response) and to hid superior. His superior called immediately and told us that Property Manager had attended "earlier" and no one was home. We disputed that as someone had been home the whole time. Was told he put a card in mailbox (inside secure building door)-- he hadn't. Superior attended within half an hour and apologized, revealing a new PM would be taking over from the one who was meant to attend. So far, the problems have been attributed to a particular employee and not the whole business. Time will tell if there is an improvement.Yes, from day one. I have been paying rent through them for the last 16 months now and if it were not for the cost and effort it requires to move I would be out and never deal with them again. The communication is beyond abysmal, you really are made to know that you are of no importance to them. I own a property elsewhere and rent in Melbourne, I know well enough what to expect from a good property manager.

I'm currently having a horrific experience with Biggin & Scott in Port Melbourne about my car parking space, that is included in my rent- that is currently being occupied by my neighbour- who refuses to park his car anywhere but my car spot- for the last 8 months. Has anyone actually taken any action against the realestate company or is it not worth it and I should look for a new place to live? The realestate has refused help, ignored phone calls, ignored emails and when I've gone into office I've been informed they they are "in a meeting" or "out to lunch". If I could have some feed back before I renew my lease that would be amazing! Cheers!
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It's a shame Port Melbourne Biggin & Scott, aren't the same as in Mentone. I have dealt with them & can't praise them enough! The staff & service is 5I think now it is impacting your life this much and you are renting move although a pain it is worth it for your sanity! But challenge them for 8 mths return of say some rent via VCAT as they did not honor the contract of providing the carparkAre you aware that your car must be provided to you is it isn't this a breach of the residential tenancy's Act and you can take them to VCAT to make them comply you can also seek compensation for the time you have not been provided with your car space. Contact the Tenants Union Victoria

Anybody has any bad experience with Biggin and Scott Prahran? Absolutely a disgrace to this country!
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Yes my partner and I have. The Prahran office has the worst customer service and they don't listen to their clients. One thing is for sure they seem to maintain their poor customer service!!!! Consistency being the key!! I would never recommend them to my worst enemy let alone to friends and family.

Who else out there has had the misfortune of dealing with Biggin Scott KNOX? I don't see why consumer affairs don't walk in there and close them down, after dealing with one of their directors i could bet their paperwork isn't in order and they'd be in breach of trading practices… Who agrees?
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Whole heartedly agree. I'm in disgust with this business.Yes, terrible aren't they. How do they get away with their high fees and paperwork not being in order? obviously the authorities don't care care… Go straight to consumer affairs REIV are useless as they look out for the agency.They write up the good reviews themselves! Stay away, marketing costs ridiculous, worst real estate agent I have ever come across. Unethical.

I am presently trying to sell my home through biggin and scott, I am not happy!! They advertised $90,000 below what is the minimum I would accept. And my price is because of the huge fees they charge. I was promised the world when I signed, now they are backtracking. Is there any way of getting away from them without having to pay their huge advertising fees?
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Check the sale authority. They must fill out their expected sale price and also marketing expenses at time of you signing the authority - should this have NOT been filled out at the time you singed it, or if they filled it in after the fact and asked you to initial the changes, call consumer affairs and make a complaint. Explain to them that the exorbitent marketing fees were not explained to you in the beginning and that they pressured you into marketing the home far LESS than what you advised you were willing to sell for. Good luck.I too had the same experience with the Knox office. Advertised the house for $90000 less than the minimum we would accept. Brought people through that couldn't afford it. Ha the house on the market for about 67 days before we pulled the pin. Ended up with a $5100 advertising bill. Took them to VCAT, we lost as they are professional liars. And to tip us over the edge charged us a $90 'credit card fee' which Katen promised to reverse. It hasn't been reversed and they won't answer my emails....

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