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Bill Butler
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Refinancing due to divorce.

I had $46k of credit debt. Butler's negotiated it to $13k and reduced their own fee to help get my loan approved. (Refinancing due to divorce). It is still sinking in just what they achieved. In no small part, because of Bill Butler, my children still live in the home they know and feel safe in.

Minimum Bankruptcy Amount.

It's 5pm here in S.A on the 11th December 2018. Around 20 minutes ago i called 'Bill butler' and a lady named '[name removed]' answered. I introduced myself, then asked her "what is the minimum amount that a creditor can send me bankrupt for"? She said "any amount' i said "any amount"? She said "yes, they can bankrupt you for $100 if they want". To cut a long story short - she is wrong. I called a couple of reputable companies and they both said that it was $5,000. I called bill butler back and (eventually) spoke to [name removed] again. She shrugged it off as 'oh well, sorry'. I asked to speak to her manager ([name removed]) he came on and equally shrugged it off adding; we're not governed by anyone, and, it's general information anyway. My advice? Don't engage bill butler. Engage an ethically and legally responsible company instead. Peter.

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Hi Harro, thanks for the feedback. As per the 2 phone conversations we had with you the government sets the rules not us nor any other private businesses. AFSA states ‘There is no minimum or maximum amount of debt or income you need to be eligible’ https://www.afsa.gov.au/insolvency/i-cant-pay-my-debts/am-i-eligible-bankruptcy . We can only advise you what the law states and tried to provide you with a link to the relevant government body, being AFSA, which you declined. We also advised you that private businesses can determine under what grounds they provide assistance and the type of services we or other businesses offer. We additionally advised you that we cannot supply you with legal advice determining what your creditors will do or how they will behave. You are correct, we did provide you with general advice. We wish you a merry Christmas and New Years, Regards the BB team.

Helpful, time saving and stress relieving

My family have been using bill butler for a few years now and we wouldn't go back. We are busy professionals and value our spare time to spend with family rather than sorting out our bills!
This has streamlined everything and makes paying bills simple and takes us no time and there are no annoying conversations about "have you paid this bill, when was it due, where has it gone too?"... it's just done for us!

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