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Billi Filter Tap

Billi Filter Tap

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The biggest mistake of my entire house build was buying a Billi Tap!

I am generally sceptical about reading reviews on Google, but I am so angry that I have to share my experience with you.
Our system has been in for less than 2 years, and we have had numerous problems with it. The filters need to be changed every 12 months, just stop working without warning, and then cost over $300 to get them replaced. We have had 2 filters replaced already, with the last one still being in dispute with Billi, as although the technician found the microchip in the filter had died prematurely, and so was covered under warranty, some 5 months later, we received a bill for $312.. and the Billi accounts clerks deny having a record from the technician that it should have been a warranty claim.
Last week the pump died, with the Billi technician stating that it hadn't been built correctly from the factory. I am now waiting to see what sort of invoice I will get for the latest visit, as if history is anything to go by, I am sure to be billed even though it's a warranty claim.
I wish I had saved the $2000+ and just bought a shiny stainless steel kettle, as I now have a hole in my benchtop, and an unreliable machine!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Not worth the cost

My Billi was installed less than 4 years ago but has required multiple service calls in that time. I have now been advised that the electronics need to be replaced at a cost of $1668, but the advice on the quote is that the repairs aren't "economically viable" and I should therefore replace the unit at a cost of $3741. What to do? If I throw it out I will be left with a hole in my benchtop so my only option is to leave a dud unit sitting there as a reminder of how much money was wasted installing it in the first place - plus additional running costs!!! So not worth it!
Convenience (when working)

Very handy, saves bench space, no need for filter jug!

We took a while to decide whether to get one of these as part of our kitchen renovation, but we have not looked back! It is much better than having a filter jug on the bench that gets dirty and takes up space. We are very happy with it, and use it all the time as we drink a lot of water. Much less expensive than buying bottled water, but more expensive than a simple filter jug.
Stylish, convenient, easy, space saving, great tasting water.
Expensive. Can't have low flow rate, its either full on or off, and if you try to have half on it creates a water hammer noise.

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We recently purchased one during a kitchen renovation and it works perfectly, we even can control the rate of flow with no problems. I'll also note that the taste of the water is noticeability better than the tap water. Hopefully it will continue to function without any of the problems mentioned above. Also we purchased it for a bit over 2K, much cheaper than the Zip product line.

Questions & Answers

Where can I buy the replacement filter cartridge?
1 answer
Hi Kim Thank you for your query. Our filters can be purchased directly from our website https://billi.com.au/online-store/ Alternatively, you can purchase them through Reece Plumbing, Tradelink, E&S Trading, Winning Appliances or using the Store Locator on our website, find your closest Billi Stockist https://billi.com.au/store-locator/ Kind Regards, Billi Customer Care

I got mine installed a month ago but water flow is very very slow and getting less and less. Any ideas why please?
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The obvious is that the filter is getting plugged up. If you live in the country and have a well I can see this happening, but not if you have city water. Billi will send a service tech free of charge if you call them

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