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Bintel Physical store

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Took A Call From A Guy In Texas

I’ve just bought a Celestron EdgeHD 9.25 and CGX mount. The mount had a bad dec motor right out of the box, so 2 weeks have gone by while the mount was shipped back to Celestron in California, they did a quality check on a new one and then finally shipped it back to me. The first night I get it back it’s 12 degrees below freezing, but the skies are clear, so I set it up. I take off the 1.25 inch adapter plate on the back of the OTA and proceed to put on the T-adapter, but it doesn’t fit. I check to make sure I have the right part, and I do, but it doesn’t fit, not even close. Celestron is closed for the day and so is the place I bought it from. I scour the Internet looking for a solution but I really don’t know how to phrase the search to get back results that could explain what was going on. Now I’ve got myself so worked up that I’m freaking out. So, I look at the clock, it’s 9PM in Texas. That means it’s 3AM in London. Crap. But it’s 2PM in Sydney, and that dude on YouTube, from Byron Bay, is always talking about that Bintel place in Sydney. I could give them a call. And I did! I explained my situation to the first guy I talked to, and eventually got transferred to Don. Don knew exactly what the problem was. The baffle lock nut, the part that doesn’t come off the back of the OTA, we’ll, it not only came off, but it got stuck in the adapter plate. He gave me a few ideas of how to fix it, and a little over 24 hour later, it’s fixed. The T-adapter is adapting now, and all is right in my astronomy world. I’ve never been to Bintel, I didn’t buy anything from Bintel, their website doesn’t even allow me to add a shipping address to the US, but they still took the time to help me through a situation, and they gave me a peace of mind when I was at my wits’ end. This is the kind of place that, if I lived there, would totally get my business.

Wade P.
Texas, USA

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