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  • Value for Money
    2.8 (12)
  • Causes Irritation Yes (5) · No (11)
  • Ease of Application
    4.3 (14)
  • Smell
    4.3 (12)
  • Skin Type
    • Dry Skin (6)
    • Normal Skin (6)
    • Sensitive Skin (2)
    • Combination Skin (2)


TileCentral West

  • 49 reviews

Can Clog Pores


Alice H

Alice H

  • 2 reviews
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Great product


Have been using this for years, however the design of the bottle makes it leak from sides constantly. I use it as a daily moisturiser although haven't seen any tremendous results with stretch marks but it smells like baby powder which is quite pleasant - i would reccomend a try, no harm!


TraceyTannum Sands

  • 2 reviews
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Excellent product!


Great product that helps relieve scars. This product when applied daily can give fantastic results. My daughter has been using it for a month now and she has had great results. I was a little sceptical at first but now see the benefits. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy either.



  • 2 reviews

No improvement


It’s good for dry skin as well as any oil even just a normal oil you just use to fry your chips. It’s not worth to buy this expensive product and not giving you any result. Tried more than 5 bottles. Very upset. I could’ve just cheaper oil or just simple as almond oil or coconut oil.

Amanda P

Amanda PAU

  • 6 reviews

Didn’t see results


I didn’t see any visible results from this product on any stretch marks or scars.
However, as it is an oil, it is extremely moisturising and is good for dry skin.
It tends to leak a bit from the bottle and the packaging is a bit flimsy.
Overall, would only use to treat dry skin

Adrienne Laine

Adrienne LaineWestern Australia

  • 7 reviews

Doesnt help with scar


This doesnt help much with scars which i thought it would be effective on. I use it as make up remover instead and it was great. It is the first that I use before having shower at the end of the day. Price is alright as you can is it for a while.



  • 2 reviews

Never gotten results


I've tried using this product many times before but never got any results. I tried using it to get rid of my stretch marks but didn't help at all! The bottle also leaks and leaves oil on your hand when you pick the bottle up. Therefore I wouldn't recommend Bio-Oil



The first time I used bio oil was when I was 13 and I used it for this dry patchy skin that was from over popping and this area is very very small and yeah it cleared away the patch but it was still dry. And now years later I bought it again cause hey maybe it might work better with me being older. Well since it claimed to be for dehydrated and uneven skin tone I applied it to the affected area and I did this for 6 weeks instead of getting better it made it even more dry and cause my skin to become flakey . This was just a waste of money and time and I'm honestly so disappointed.

Lexy B

Lexy BLancashire

Unsecure Packaging


The packaging is not secure enough! The plastic doesn't come with a seal neither does the pack come wrapped in a sealed nylon like perfumes. This could encourage people to mix different oils and take from the bio-oil before selling. For the price of the product and the reputation of the brand, alot of consideration should be put into the packaging and bottling.

Brilliant product for younger looking skin


it is great I use it on m y face , neck and hands and I can see the improvement of my skin and younger looking skin I can not live without it great product it really helps and now I got it at work at home and at my partners place great great


NamitaVIC, 3021

  • 3 reviews

It's a blessing


I have been using bio oil since 2 years now. I never encounter any side effects or any other problem with this product. I am very satisfied and a proud customer of bio oil. I can never imagine winters with out it. It is very soothing on skin, it also nourishes and hydrated well.



  • 5 reviews

Better used with a moisturising lotion


It's a good oil for pregnancy and beyond for stretchmarks prevention but it does not hydrate the skin. First pregnancy i used it on its own. I did not see any magic. Second pregnancy i used two big bottles in sorbolene. The results were quite remarkable. It prevented more stretchmarks and also helped heal old ones. My skin and heels were also silky soft.

I would recommend it, but not to be used on its own.



I had a double bunion operation 9 months ago and was left with red ugly scars on my feet. I started rubbing bio oil into the scars only a week ago and they have improved by at least 50%. I am going to start using it on my face and legs to improve uneven skin tone as I've read many positive reviews. I would highly recommend it for any post operative scarring.

Absolutely amazing at preventing scars


Got recommended this after face reconstruction surgery following a car accident 17 years ago. Have veen keeping a bottle in my draw since. Used it to prevent stretchmarks when pregnant with my daughter and it worked as well. Not a single one! Always put on wounds while healing if deeper cuts. Wish I knew about it my teens!



  • 9 reviews

I have yet to find out if it works


I have been using it for more than 2 weeks now but still no remarkable results. Seeing the reviews and raves about it I was enticed to try it on my stretch marks. I find it weird to feel heat where I would apply it, but maybe it was a sign it is working. So for now, I'm still hoping it would work before the wedding I will be attending a few weeks from now. I really need to get rid of the marks on my upper arms, stat!



  • 5 reviews

Bio Oil a wonder product.


I can highly recommend Bio Oil, it is a cheap product that truly works, provided consumers are patient. I am in my fifties and have been using Bio Oil on my face, neck and the top of hands for over ten years. I frequently get compliments about my clear, even skin tone and the fact that I look ten years younger than my age. I use this product just before bed and although it is greasy initially this subsides quickly. If you are prepared to commit to Bio Oil long term, I truly believe it is a miracle product and extremely reasonably priced too. My other beauty tips, are to apply sunblock daily, I love the Aldi makeup wipes and drink lots of water. You don't need to spend a fortune to look youthful.

Bel C

Bel CSydney

Perfect for stretch marks and hair!


When I read that Kim Kardashian used Bio Oil during pregnancy - I wanted to try it for myself. Stretch marks form when your weight fluctuates. I used a bit of Bio Oil in my hair and on my nails. It's great at nourishing my skin, hair and nails. It's worth a try!

Stretch marks


It might depend on certain skins types, mabe, coz my daughter used it in early pregnancy, because I told her to, and she suffered no stretch marks at all!!! All the ones saying it no good, mabe yr skins not up for the challenge.
I've used it for my face, mainly for tone and wrinkles, an and I find this product good, my face is smooth, wrinkles are diminishing. I'm nearly half a century old, but I don't look it. Thanks Bio oil.

Pj Haris

Pj HarisVIC, 3174

  • 13 reviews

great oil for marks


i have been using this for a while and most of the marks on my face has disappeared, i have used this for less than three months and i am very amazed with the transformation of my face, i was bit embarrassed earlier but now i know this will work for anyone

Emily L

Emily LBrisbane

  • 7 reviews

Great product! Love it !


I have been using bio oil on my arms, legs and hands even my face, also on my belly when I was pregant instead of stretch mark cream I use bio oil mixed in with body cream and it worked well, I have no mark on my belly at all! it doesn't feel oily at all.

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Can bio oil clear bleaching cream on face?

No answers

Clive M.

Clive M.asked

Can you mix bio oil with Caro white?

1 answer

Hi Clive, I don't mix bio-oil with anything. I simply apply bio-oil in the morning and before bed. I do believe that Caro White is kind of bleach or skin lightening lotion. I suggested that if you are expecting only smooth skin, healthy skin tone and less scar, bio-oil is perfect for it. Please keep applying regularly particularly on the drying spots (elbows and knees)

Shaan A.

Shaan A.asked

I have been using this oil for two months this oil does nothing at all totally a waste of money, ZERO results. I don't recommend to use it.

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