288 reviews

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288 reviews
288 reviews

Brilliant product for younger looking skin

it is great I use it on m y face , neck and hands and I can see the improvement of my skin and younger looking skin I can not live without it great product it really helps and now I got it at work at home and at my partners place great great

NamitaVIC, 30213 posts

It's a blessing

I have been using bio oil since 2 years now. I never encounter any side effects or any other problem with this product. I am very satisfied and a proud customer of bio oil. I can never imagine winters with out it. It is very soothing on skin, it also nourishes and hydrated well.

Nana7 posts

Better used with a moisturising lotion

It's a good oil for pregnancy and beyond for stretchmarks prevention but it does not hydrate the skin. First pregnancy i used it on its own. I did not see any magic. Second pregnancy i used two big bottles in sorbolene. The results were quite remarkable. It prevented more stretchmarks and also helped heal old ones. My skin and heels were also silky soft.

I would recommend it, but not to be used on its own.



I had a double bunion operation 9 months ago and was left with red ugly scars on my feet. I started rubbing bio oil into the scars only a week ago and they have improved by at least 50%. I am going to start using it on my face and legs to improve uneven skin tone as I've read many positive reviews. I would highly recommend it for any post operative scarring.

Emiliya Peneva
Emiliya Peneva2 posts

Absolutely amazing at preventing scars

Got recommended this after face reconstruction surgery following a car accident 17 years ago. Have veen keeping a bottle in my draw since. Used it to prevent stretchmarks when pregnant with my daughter and it worked as well. Not a single one! Always put on wounds while healing if deeper cuts. Wish I knew about it my teens!

EllenMelbourne9 posts

I have yet to find out if it works

I have been using it for more than 2 weeks now but still no remarkable results. Seeing the reviews and raves about it I was enticed to try it on my stretch marks. I find it weird to feel heat where I would apply it, but maybe it was a sign it is working. So for now, I'm still hoping it would work before the wedding I will be attending a few weeks from now. I really need to get rid of the marks on my upper arms, stat!

CathGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC10 posts

Bio Oil a wonder product

I can highly recommend Bio Oil, it is a cheap product that truly works, provided consumers are patient. I am in my fifties and have been using Bio Oil on my face, neck and the top of hands for over ten years. I frequently get compliments about my clear, even skin tone and the fact that I look ten years younger than my age. I use this product just before bed and although it is greasy initially this subsides quickly. If you are prepared to commit to Bio Oil long term, I truly believe it is a miracle product and extremely reasonably priced too. My other beauty tips, are to apply sunblock daily, I love the Aldi makeup wipes and drink lots of water. You don't need to spend a fortune to look youthful.

Bel C
Bel CSydney

Perfect for stretch marks and hair!

When I read that Kim Kardashian used Bio Oil during pregnancy - I wanted to try it for myself. Stretch marks form when your weight fluctuates. I used a bit of Bio Oil in my hair and on my nails. It's great at nourishing my skin, hair and nails. It's worth a try!

Happy gal
Happy galCentral West, NSW2 posts

Stretch marks

It might depend on certain skins types, mabe, coz my daughter used it in early pregnancy, because I told her to, and she suffered no stretch marks at all!!! All the ones saying it no good, mabe yr skins not up for the challenge.

I've used it for my face, mainly for tone and wrinkles, an and I find this product good, my face is smooth, wrinkles are diminishing. I'm nearly half a century old, but I don't look it. Thanks Bio oil.

Pj Haris
Pj HarisGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC14 posts

great oil for marks

i have been using this for a while and most of the marks on my face has disappeared, i have used this for less than three months and i am very amazed with the transformation of my face, i was bit embarrassed earlier but now i know this will work for anyone

Emily L
Emily LBrisbane7 posts

Great product! Love it !

I have been using bio oil on my arms, legs and hands even my face, also on my belly when I was pregant instead of stretch mark cream I use bio oil mixed in with body cream and it worked well, I have no mark on my belly at all! it doesn't feel oily at all.

Kat2705South East Queensland, QLD31 posts

Wonderful product for dry skin and pigmentation

Had Bio oil for scars which i personally found didn't work for me.I ran out of my night cream and being winter i thought i would try bio oil on my face and neck .I am using the product morning and evening now for a few weeks and have found quite a dramatic different in hydration levels and appearance of pregnancy related pigmentation.I have found less is more as it did cause breakouts on my chin if i was using too much.It absorbs within 10 mins.The only negative is the very strong fragrance be nice to have a fragrance free formula.While i think i might not continue in our summer being it's very humid i can recommend trying the oil in winter.

NatLPerth2 posts

Great for very dry skin

A friend of mine recommended bio-oil to help hydrate my very dry skin. I was presently surprised. I use it under makeup before work and find my foundation goes on a lot smoother. The scent is beautiful. Usually purchase expensive creams but now prefer bio oil. Just don't out too much on or you will look shiny.

The helpful queen
The helpful queenUnicorn City21 posts

Good for ecezma

This product is pricey and overall, doesn't do much except for my eczema, which at times, can be very itchy. Bio oil is most definitely not worth the money and I would recommend more natural alternatives for moisturisers such as cocount oil. For irritation I would suggest applying a diluted form of apple cider vinegar.


MikaylaSouth Australia20 posts

It's okay!

Bio Oil is good for fading your stretch marks but it doesn't completely get rid of them. Those marks will be there forever. There is nothing wrong with having these marks on your body. It's what makes us humans unqiue. I think we could embrace that. Would I recommend? Yes, it takes time and patience.


BioOil for Stretch Marks

I am 20 year old boy, i had alot of stretch marks on my back, my knees and my butt. its really annoying, and i got suggested to try biooil. I found that its works with my new stretch marks (Purple and redish) after 3 months of proper uses (twice aday).

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SamBrisbane9 posts

Life saver

I started using this in high school when I noticed scars appearing on the back of my legs, I used every day morning and night. Within 3 months the colours had faded away. If you keep persistent with this it will show results. It really helped my confidence back then.

Cindy G
Cindy G

Amazing product

I swear by this stuff, works every time. I suffer from acne and dry skin. When I get hormonal breakouts that start crusting, I put bio oil and within a day, the zit is gone. I use it every night along with my usual skin care routine, and my skin has never been smoother! It not only smells good, but doesn't irritate my skin at all. I also work at a veterinary clinic so sometimes I get some crazy scratches on my arms and chest, but that's nothing a little bio oil can't fix.

acmesoundsVictoria40 posts

Breaks out my skin and ingredients are scary!

I purchased Bi-Oil to hopefully reduce some sun spots on my face. Whenever I dab a drop on the affected spot, I break out in a pimple! So I went on the internet to read if bio-oil can result in breakouts and came across my beloved Product Review where I learnt some of the ingredients are quite harmful. I wish I had read Product Review prior to my purchase as I will throw this product out. I would not even pass this on to someone else. Please read the following article - very informative as to the ingredients indeed. [link removed]

TeresaGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC4 posts

Waste of money - no difference after 8 weeks

Very disappointing really. I have very dry skin on hands and sun spots on my forearms, plus some uneven skin tone on my face and neck. I was therefore very excited about the claims for this product. I have been diligently applying at least twice a day for approx 8 weeks now with absolutely no difference. Rather a waste of money and I am a little concerned about some comments on this site regarding the ingredients. I don't think I will bother continuing with this product.

beverley22 posts

Petro chemical Industry does it again

Have been using it for about two weeks, I think the skin massage when you apply it is the only benefit. Just discovered it is Mineral Oil so I will throw it out. I have been avoiding anything from the petro chemical industry which includes all the synthetic "perfum" and "fragrance" ingredients which are from the same industry and seem to be in everything.

Pisces11 posts

Pleasantly surprised

I had a fall 7 months ago and badly grazed my leg,Doctor said a my age (74)the skin could take 12 moths to heal,I read about Bio Oil and thought I had nothing to lose,I have been using it for 8 weeks and he scarred skin has reduced from nearly 6cm.to around 4cm.,I am truly amazed,hopefully by Shorts time it will be all gone.

Eve18 posts

Does not work for stretch marks

I used it on my thighs and it made my skin more soft with wider stretch marks. It did not strengthen skin and remove stretch marks. I regret buying this product. It uses relaxant agents which are not suitable for tightening of the skin. Do not recommend this product and don't know how it works for others, maybe they are using it for different areas of the skin which is more susceptible.

Andrea N
Andrea NFayetteville

Bio oil is great for fair, dry, sensitive skin

I've used coconut oil on my face for a long time, it has its pros and cons.

I gave Bio Oil and try and I'm honestly surprised! I have Super dry, fair, sensitive skin. Just about every thing breaks me out causing a chemical burn or dries my face out more. Bio oil didn't. It smells wonderful, it's not too greasy and it's absorbent. I've been using it every morning and night for a month now and my skin already looks and feels better. It has even evened out my blemishes and scars in this time.

toldyaso7 posts

Excellent product

I used this on facial scars and arms. Works an absolute treat. It is not an overnight cure for those who downramp this product, it takes time and constant use, but let me assure you it does work.

For those worried Bout the chemical that may harm your baby. Well i guess you also dont buy 99% of the goods at supermarkets ether as their mostly processed with chemicals!!

To the stretch mark comments... You gotta stop growing before you use this product. Think about it?!!! Its not going to stop stretch marks from occuring if your still stretching your skin. Its a repairer not a preventative.

Strongly recommend you buy this product to help blend in scars to your natural skin colour and texture.

BeccySouth Australia, 5238

Bio oil is not the best

Bio oil is not as good as some people are saying. It doesn't get rid of scars or reduce the appearance much at all & the same for scars. When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2005 I used bio oil every day twice a day sometimes 3. But I came up with the worst stretch marks ever. I would (and a lot of other people) like to see a new good product that actually almost prevents scars & stretch marks. I'm not saying to the point of not getting scars or stretch marks fully by using a product but something that actually works at least 70%. That would be so excellent.

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Biscuit Lady
Biscuit LadyPerth, WA10 posts

Helped fade my scars

This oil has really helped me recover from some surgery scars on my leg. It's not instant but it does work. It's helped fade them quite a bit. I find it very mild and it absorbs really well I also use it on my face at night time before bed.

BaronessSydney39 posts
ChrisGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC15 posts
SADY-cleaning lady
SADY-cleaning ladyCentral Queensland, QLD21 posts

Don't use it, do some research

I use product review A LOT! And have bio oil that i bought for my daughter for a scar on her face. Was looking up using it as a moisturiser for my self and decided to look here as well. THANK YOU [name removed]! After reading your comments i did my own belated research of ingredients....... have thrown the bottle out.


Full of Nasty Chemicals - not safe for Pregnancy

I picked up a bottle of Bio Oil at Target today. I was in a rush didn't have time to check out the ingredients before purchasing, I just grabbed and ran = Regret. I got home and read the shocking list of on the back of this product. It completely astounds me that Bio-oil marketed for use by pregnant women. Just to name a few: BHT - immune system toxicant, banned in many countries, Benzyl Salicylate - not safe for pregnant women, CI 26100 - has bioaccumulative effects, mainly used as a fuel colourant. So I've forked out $25 for a 125ml of toxic liquid that no one should be rubbing all over themselves, let alone pregnant woman.


The scent but besides that, everything is perfect!

The only thing I would want different is the smell,I would wear it a lot more if it had no scent or a nice smell to it. I get concerned when I put it on and the smell is unappealing to me and to others. But besides that, works perfectly.

Sally4 posts

Best oil ever

I use bio oil on my legs which get dry easy. If I miss a day I notice they are still ok so it last a long time. I find it too rich for my face but great for my neck at night only (otherwise feels like it's cooking in the sun during the day) only down side is that it's expensive. But you can find it on special sometimes. Great stuff for really dry skin.


Bio oil is an effective product to use on your skin

A great product. Use under face cream twice a day. You don't need much. It has made my skin feel softer and visually it has appears my skin is smoother and blemishes have faded. After two months, my 56 year old skin appears better and makes me feel better. Worth a try and not expensive.


It works!

This product is a miracle worker. I fell of my quad bike a while ago and it left a nasty burn scar, looked horrible and all the products I was using, just wasn't working until I came across bio oil, it's noticeable that it has improved the appearance of my scar.

Cazzie J
Cazzie JVictoria2 posts

raised age spots

I am 59 yo and have had quite a few raised age spots - charmingly called barnacles. Doctors and skin specialists have told me the only way to remove them is surgically ... well I thought I would try Bio Oil on one that came up on my face and within a few weeks it dried up and fell off. I have since successfully removed every one of the almost dozen I have had by applying Bio Oil twice a day - nothing more. They just dry up and disappear. I am over the moon that all my barnacles are GONE!!!!

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ari101Perth, WA17 posts

its just oil nothing special

Had my first pregnancy last year bought biooil because the add recommended it. Ive used products like vitamin e oil and emu oil before and i didnt find bio oil any better to be honest. At the end of the day there is no magical oil that will take away your skin marks. Save yourself a buck and just get vitamin e oil instead.

shirley foreman
shirley foreman4 posts

excellent product

Didn't think it was working but persevered and after 3 months have noticed a huge difference won't be without it now

Helen_Taylor2 posts
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