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288 reviews
288 reviews
Adds3 posts

Improved facial skin

Am definitely in love with this product! Previously used on stretch marks and thought I'd try on my acne prone but dehydrated face. Morning under my BB cream and night under Night moisture mask. I am not breaking out and not oily. My skin is smoother and more even toned and this is only one month into use twice daily! Love, love!

mvsan antonio
Mikayla5 posts

It's alright!

I have to say firstly this product is not going to work for everyone. Some people just have good luck and some don't. I have red/purple stretch marks on my hips, inner knees, thighs, breast, arms and butt. I have to say this product doesn't magically happen over night. It takes time, so you need to be patient. I noticed the stretch marks on my hips and arms are slowly fading to a silvery white colour. This product doesn't make stretch marks completely go away but it does fade to lighter shades since stretch marks are scars. I look at them as beauty marks/tiger stripes. That's how I learned to love and accept myself.


Stretch marks

I'm only young and at school we had to do swimming in sport, I told my step mum that I had really bad stretch marks on the insides of my legs, she suggested I use Bio-Oil so I tried it and it started working within the first month. I was no longer to embarrassed about wearing bathers in front of all my pears. If you have a similar problem use Bio-Oil its really working!!

kourtneyNewyork7 posts

Works well; must try!!

Bio oil works effectively i used it when i got stretch marks from puberty. i couldn't even wear a bikini in public without feeling flushed and embarrassed. When i first bought bio oil it was working magically the scars have faded but they re still very noticeable. a good example would be was i burnt my leg with the pan and it left a white mark, so i decided to use bio oil and in 1 in a half months it was gone!

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kloh5146Melbourne9 posts

Its alright

I have tried using bio-oil for a period of time and find that it is a decent product. My only problem with it is the oil component, if i drip it on my linen it is so so hard to get them off! Now I have switched to using scratch marks butter instead, it is just easier to handle that's it. I also find butter slightly cheaper than bio-oil.

azBundoora25 posts

acne scars

I have got some pretty bad acne scars and ever since I have used this (and I started to use paw paw ointment not long ago aswell)... the appearance of my acne scars has decreased so much

However I am also starting to break out at the bottom of my chin and it may be due to that, or it could be something else

JcanovaSouthwest, VIC2 posts

Not sure about Bio-oil. Not impressed with such product

I have tried it for 2 weeks, morning, noon and night. Firstly found it very very oily and took a long time for the skin to absorbe it. I have sun spots on my face and hands and after 2 weeks, I feel like they were getting worse. Not impressed at all.

brian3,656 posts

pretty good

I bought the bio oil from towradgi gold cross chemist and found it to work well though it's a runny liquid and hard to put on though it worked well on my dermatitis skin though now I don't know where it is / my opinion it's worth every dollar

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MargarethaAU5 posts

Great for scars and dry skin!

This product is wonderful for scars and dry skin, it really helps healing scars after operations too. The minute I got out of my cast I started slapping it onto the scars and my skin was all dry and flaky. The difference after three days was amazing, I can highly recommend bio oil!

W5739South East Queensland, QLD15 posts

Great for body and dry legs, elbows etc - bit greasy for face

I don't know whether this does all it says for fading scars etc. Has not faded mine over about 4 months.

It does however do a GREAT JOB of dealing with dry skin. I have mature skin and dry elbows, legs and feet. This oil has made them look young again.

I use other natural oils on face which absorb much better into facial skin than Bio Oil.


Got rid of my dark, terrible acne scars! Love it!

I had severe cystic acne and I constantly picked my lumps which obviously transformed into huge, dark, splotchy scars that covered my entire face. I purchased bio-oil after being recommended by a friend but feared it would completely clog my pores. After a week of using the oil, dark scars that had been on my face for years had faded. I use it in place of moisturiser though due to its slight density on my face. Yet, this is my holy grail product! Love love love it!!

Debra P
Debra P


Bio Oil really works for me I have been using it morning and night for four years now. I love everything about

it and I'm so happy I found it after always using Rose Hip Oil for years. I apply it before my moisturiser on my face it's also fantastic for my body and hands. The price is reasonable the smell is fine I couldn't live without it, remember the longer you use it the better the results. My skin is hydrated and it does even out skin tone. I always have people asking what I use on my face. Great product!!

Vicky_BMelbourne3 posts

Helps prevent stretch marks

I bought this after a recommendation from my sister-in-law and used throughout my pregnancy around 1-2 times a day. I think it helped prevent stretch marks, as post-birth my stretch marks don't appear too visible. I am generally happy with my experience with this product and find the texture and fragrance pleasant. I will continue using it to help minimise the stretch marks I still have. I would recommend as a preventative measure.
Smell, texture, theraputic, prevented stretch marks
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Over priced baby oil!

Purchased on recommendation from a "friend". I would normally do at least a little research on a product however it had been mentioned to me in the morning and I happened to see it in supermarket that afternoon so bought it. It's really just a synthetic oil; very greasy and expensive. If you're looking for an alternative try almond oil. For scar reduction (and perhaps stretch mark prevention) the action of rubbing (oil into) the skin will aid the procedure as much as this greasy rubbish.

expensive, greasy

Karen36Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC11 posts

Really evens out skin tone

I suffer with awful dark spots around my face and my sister suggested I try Bio Oil. Wow, after one day I noticed some improvement. Not only does it hydrate your skin and leave it feeling so soft and silky, it even got rid of redness around my cheeks. I couldn't fault it!
Makes my skin feel amazing - love it! I also think it's well affordable considering other brand prices for skin products.
Tad oily on at first, just takes a little extra time to soak into skin. Well worth bye wait though.
WendyMackay3 posts

Didn't work

I began using bio oil from my second week of pregnancy (before there was even any visible sign of changing shape) and continued to use it morning and night every day throughout and after my pregnancy on my stomach, thighs, hips etc. It obviously had no effect as my stretchmarks were so bad the experienced midwife (who would have seen hundreds of people giving birth) asked me what the terrible rash I had was - this was not a rash - simply a covering of extremely severe stretchmarks! So disappointed that bio oil never even helped a little - sad to report it is a waste of time and effort.
Simply doesn't work, marks clothes and is expensive
Indiana marks
Indiana marksAU5 posts

Great for pregnancy

I started using bio oil for the first time as soon as I fell pregnant. I applied it once a day and don't have any stretch marks where I have been applying. I'm starting to get stretch marks on the tops of my thighs where I wasn't applying bio oil :-) I have gone through a few 200ml bottles which I buy off eBay as it is cheaper.
Prevents stretch marks, sinks into skin
Can be expensive But worth it
BelindaMelbourne6 posts

Love it!

I have had some scarring on the inside of my thighs and stretch marks on my hips. I heard good things from my girlfriend who had just had a baby and swore by it. I gave it a go and I love it! Smell isn't too offensive and I also find that after applying it it mixes well with my normal moisturizer. However, make sure you apply regularly! You won't see results over night but hang in there.
Does what it claims.
Lid could be a bit easier to use- chunky screw top a hassle. Can be pricey but I got it on special.

The Bad Oil

It may do some good in the long run, but I don't think I can stand using it that long. It has a nasty perfumed smell which is probably due to using a neurotoxin as a solvent for the perfume (which is common to many perfumes and always gives me a bad reaction). So I've wasted a lot of money. If I find the receipt I'll return it.
expensive, appalling perfumed smell that lingers.
AmandaSydneyAustralia5 posts

Petroleum based products bad for skin

Paraffinum Liquidum is another name for mineral oil and is a major ingredient in bio oil.

It's actually petrochemical based and pretty bad for your skin. Very expensive...better off purchasing almond oil instead as it would work out alot cheaper and is much better for your skin. Biggest marketing joke ever.

Contains nasty petrochemical ingredients....expensive. ..smelly and doesn't work

PruePerth, WA

More than lived up to expectations

I had scarring on my legs for several years which wouldn't fade. Been using bio oil for a few months now. More than half of the scars have drastically faded - can hardly see them. Particularly a large scar I had from an allergic reaction which covered half my thigh has almost vanished. Definitely recommend and will keep using. Plus my skin feels a lot smoother.
Evens skin tone and Inexpensive - a small bottle lasts ages.
I tried using it in my face but it made my skin break out.
BrookeMelb2 posts

Great for pigmentation

I'd developed dark pigment running across my forehead near the hairline. I've been using bio oil on the area, often mixing with my moisturiser. Its been about 3 weeks and noticed a large difference. I had gotten a referral to a determologist from my GP, but don't think I'll bother now. The oil seems to be working for me.
Relatively cheap. I've spent far more before on other products
Packaging could be improved. Bit messy

Bio oil works for older women

I'm 62 and have used every face product imaginable but bio oil is my "go-to" in the morning and evening. it hydrates, softens skin and even outs skin tone. People say I look younger because it gives a fresh sheen. I have been using it for more than 2 years and have noticed a difference in my skin tone and texture. I would highly recommend it for mature women who need skin hydration.
Effective and inexpensive
it appears oily when you first put it on, careful around the eyes because it can cause irritation but I dound within minutes it soaks in and leaves your skin fresh and silky. Show reply
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cancer survivor ivy
cancer survivor ivyAU2 posts

Bio oil doesn't work

Bio Oil contains only 4 oils - one being mineral based, also vitamin A which is not recommended whilst pregnant. It also doesn't reduce scars.It is rubbish. I find the smell offensive and the advertising of this item deceiving. I would rather buy something that only contains natural botanical ingredients

Taylor99AU31 posts
bkcel24Kimberley, WA2 posts

Great on fresh scars

My daughter had a large burn on her leg from running through the house & scraping it on a plastic table. It turned into a huge white scar in March this year (2012)! Was white for months!! then we she started using bio oil every morning & night on it, it turned pink then over time the appearance of the scar changed, you can hardly see it now (Dec 2012) :) (I have pictures of before & after but can't upload them on this site)
Faded my daughters scar so you can hardly see it :)
Took around 6-9 months to improve the appearance of a large scar
MboNorthern Region, NSW18 posts

It worked for me

I am a doctor and have worked in antenatal clinics, every woman I saw without stretchmarks told me that they used Bio Oil. I used it twice a day through pregnancy and did not get any stretchmarks. It is easy to apply, has a pleasant smell and is backed up by research.
No stretchmarks!
It does contain some ingredients I generally prefer to avoid.
BumbleBeeMetropolitan Adelaide, SA80 posts
dbsmumNSW, 274924 posts

Love love love this!

I started using this when i first found out I was pregnant. i used it twice a day, every single day and i didn't get a single stretch mark! Not one! I continued using it once my c-section scar had healed and now the scar is barely visible. I still use bio oil now, because i love the smell and it absorbs so easily and makes your skin feel so soft and smooth.
Helped to prevent stretch marks, smells nice, not oily, absorbs well
LadyOfThreeQLD, 4570160 posts

Love the way it makes me feel

I love bio oil. It made my skin feel so good and i always did feel a "bit" more stretchy after application. But in my opinion it does not help treat or prevent stretch marks. It did help relieve the itch of huge growing tummy stretching however. I would recommend it to people more for comfrot then the belief of stretch mark improving/prevnting.

Natalie C
Natalie CAU
Charlie2201Melbourne2 posts

Really good for old stretch marks

I've used bio-oil on stretch marks, and even though it's only been about a month, i'm already seeing results. The stretch marks were old, but they've still faded quite a bit. I know that nothing completely gets rid of stretch marks, but bio-oil seems to be helping. I've also used it on a surgical scar, a few days after surgery, and the scar is healing really well. I would recommend bio-oil to anyone who wants to improve old stretch marks.
Relatively cheap, only need to use a little
I got some pimples on the area I used it, takes a while to absorb, and the oil smells a bit. The label also says to use it for 3 months.
MBG247Adelaide, Sputh Australia4 posts

Love it!

Absorbs very quickly, nice smell, skin softness lasts all day, has instantly solved my stomach itchiness (currently pregnant), requires only a small amount, hasn't left any marks on clothing, Cheap from

Chemist warehouse, and best have all, has kept stretch marks at bay! I've also started using it on my face. Love it!

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Patricia Els
Patricia Elsgold coast

Fav beauty product

Bio -Oil is the best product I have ever tried for my dry scaly skin. Also great for older wrinkly skin. I use it all over myself and feel soft and gorgious again instead of streatchy and tight. It's great for my face as it just sinks rint in leaving no slick. My daughter put me on to the product as she used it on her baby bump and has no streatch marks at all. I have had two knee replacements and it has also really helped with my scaring. Love the stuff.

panda bear
panda bearAU

Bio oil is great.!

I have recently started using bio oil for my stretch marks on my chest, I apply it reguarly after every shower. Even after a few days I have noticed a difference, most stretch marks have faded. This is my second week of applying and I am really impressed with this product. I highly recommend it, even with a little patience there will be a great improvement.
Fades even the worst stretch marks
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