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288 reviews
288 reviews
va1912wbGold Coast, Queensland


I used this product exactly as it recommended and even more - I applied it to my face twice a day for FOUR months to reduce my acne scars. It did not improve my skin at all but instead created even more acne scars from the pimples it gave me and a horrible redness around my delicate eye area that has only just healed, a month later. This stuff is paraben based - the stuff you find in petrol.

Expensive, harmful, waste of time.

Allison09South-Eastern Region, NSW2 posts

No stretch marks

I used bio oil twice daily on my belly when pregnant with my 3 large babies (each around 10 pounds) and I didn't get one stretch mark even though I'd put on around 30kgs with each baby (half my normal body weight). I definately without a doubt put this down to bio oil.

sarahjayne2010AU62 posts


As a previous poster has said that it did nothing, mine was the opposite. I loved this stuff and it has reduced my scaring and also made a massive difference to strech marks. Totally worth the money in my opinion. I recommend it to everyone.
I found that I started using bio oil after I had a large scar from surgery, it really reduced the redness of the scar, so I used it when I was pregnant, I would bath in it and also rub it on my skin after wards.
Is a little greasy on the skin but it soon sinks in.
csarAU4 posts

Scar in 5 weeks after major surgery

I was recommended to use Bio Oil and that i did on my very exposed shoulder surgery scar. 3 to 4 times a day i rub oil, the start was pretty ouch but you get used to it. Consistency and doing it more than three times a day was a great result and 5 weeks after surgery i took before and after photos and totally amazed.
Easy to apply- kept in my handbag all the time
Howie23Bunbury2 posts
katenberryQLD, 452063 posts

Versatile & Soothing

Versatile oil that can be used for various uses. Great for personal facial care, pregnancy, dry scalp, massaging and baby oil. Very soothing and gentle.
semipermanentAU18 posts

Didn't work, oily smelly and ineffective

Tried this for some darker but not raised scars (think from mozzie bites)... applied religiously morning and night for over 3 months, no change. Smell is not pleasant and it's so oily its not worth waking up with moisturised skin.

Smell, expensive for not working, oily

aimzsterAU11 posts

Disappointing - no results

I religiously applied bio-oil daily from the time I started showing in my second pregnancy. This went on for 6 months and yet no results. I had horrible stretch marks by the time my son was born. But I thought I'd keep at it so I continued applying bio-oil daily for 3 months post-birth. Again, no results. What a waste of money.

expensive, greasy, didn't work



Having suffered from eczema since a young age I have many scars from it. Initially i just used Bio Oil to get rid of these scars but I now use it every morning as a moisteriser! I found that it made very little difference on stretch marks but saw wonderful results on the scars. It works very quickly on new scars and takes a lot longer on older scars but it is well worth the wait. Like all products persistance is the key :) It is very greasy so using small amounts at a time and massaging it in is (in my opinion) the best way to overcome this but all in all I highly reccomend it! I hope this helps :)
Works well on scars, also good as a moisteriser!
Expensive if you need to use it alot, can be very greasy.
mortysmadhouse7 posts
Jessmumof32 posts


Excellent product! I use now instead of face cream at night! Excellent for fine lines and sensitive skin. Really versatile product for use all over the body
Soft feel, pleasant smell and gentle on even sensitive skin like the face!
It can be slightly oily for up to 5 minutes.
Hutcher34 posts
kymmulvey5 posts


I have oily blemish prone skin. I was skeptical when a friend suggested i tried someof hers. I was impressed with the light feel and it's absorbancy. When I woke up the next day My ace wasn't as oily and was very soft. I purchased a bottle that day and have used it every night since. I also use it int he a.m. and wait 5mins befor using a light sunscreen. No problems, a definite improvement in my facial skin texture and oiliness.
It absorbs into the skin quickly and left it feeling soft and smooth.
nothing, I'm on my second bottle.
coogsey7 posts


This is brilliant stuff! I got it to reduce stretch marks but it did so much more it just feels beautiful, it leaves skin lovely and soft. It lasts forever, can be added to bath. Put it on straight after shower and works even better. I also use it to remove eye makeup and its actually good for skin instead of eye make up remover! massage, scars, marks, bumps, etc... think it's great value for money!
amazing!! dont have scars but just as a lotion to hydrate its beautiful
none...maybe keep away from fabric it is an oil after all!
nicolem19802 posts


I use this as a night time cream to moisturize my face and i love it. i find my skin smoother and it absorbs quickly a good replinshiment from the daily environmental factors.
a little bit goes a long way and can be used anywhere
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adriaticseePerth3 posts
Sarah_BelsarVic, 39967 posts

Great for face and body

I love this product. I have scars from shoulder surgery, dry skin at times, and some stretch marks. It works well with all. Great for face and body. I get dermatitis on my fingers and this product (although it doesn't treat the dermatitis) didn't aggravate it.

Good value for money. I use this as a night cream or at times when not wearing make-up. Not so good under make up as it can make your skin a bit shiny.
Good value, good results.
Not ideal for wearing under make-up.

JZ66VIC, 3055189 posts

Not as good as cracked up to be

I wasn't using it for stretch marks but more for scarred skin. I found the oil built up, after a while, on the area of chest I was using it on. Little bumpy nodules started appearing that never used to be there!
Non-oily feel and smell.
Expensive - didn't really show any visible change to the scarred area I was hoping would clear.

Awesome. Awesome

Had Surgery in June 2011..started Bio Oil in Sept. My scars are almost gone. This is a fraction of the cost of Maderma and can be used all over your body. Can't live without it. The directions called for twice a day. I only did once a day and still got great results.
It worked and was affordable


The price is nothing compared to the results. I have used it throughout my 1st & only pregnancy - I'm 40 so expected stretch marks ( especially as both sisters & mum had terrible stretch marks ) ..... Nothing !!!

I used twice a day - Doesn't stain clothes, smells great, have used on my face for intense moisture too!

Can't believe anyone has anything bad to say about BIO OIL - I LOVE IT !!!!
everything - I will use it forever now...

mdutton8710 posts
Krys1224Metropolitan Adelaide, SA24 posts

Pretty good

Bio-Oil is pretty good. It makes your skin feel great, but it takes a while to be absorbed by the skin, so you have to be careful what you touch for an hour or so after you have put it on. I've never put it on scars or stretch marks though, so I wouldn't know if it gets rid of them.

Takes a while to be absorbed into skin so left feeling oily for an hour or so


Bio-Oil really did not work for me!

My stretch marks are young (only about 5 years old). I used Bio-Oil everyday, twice a day, still they did not improve nor prevent my stretch marks. There was no visible improvement and no real prevention. I didn't even find it as a great moisturizer. I am going to try Palmer's Butter for Stretch Marks with Vitamin E as it is inexpensive and hopefully I will get some good results! Hopefully I find a good treatment one day!
There is one?
Expensive for a product that doesn't work, no visible improvement, no prevention

I used palmers butter and I look like I have a map on my stomach. .. I used it 2 to 3 times a day

MimiPerth, WA2 posts
squirrlejuntaAU2 posts
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NinaJaySouth East Queensland, QLD108 posts
vkeeNSW, 21523 posts
pinkyySydney134 posts


I've been using Bio-oil for years and can say that it is a fabulous product. It's effective in moisturising skin and works particularly well, just after a shower. Bio-oil is also great for reducing the sight of unpleasant stretch marks. After 4 weeks of using bio-oil twice a day, my stretch marks had reduced significantly. Being an oil, it's easy to rub in and soaks into your skin instantly. You can find Bio oil at most supermarkets and chemists, in a cylinder shaped bottle.
It has a pleasant aroma, helps reduce scars and stretch marks
glockenpopAU30 posts

Well worth trying

I am currently pregnant and started using Bio Oil in my second trimester from the fear of developing stretch marks. Well I still got the stretch marks, but I am still using this on my body on a daily basis in the hope it will help fade them a little bit over time. I also use this every other night as a night moisturiser after a shower.
Lovely smell, absorbs quickly
Pricey. For the amount I use on a daily basis I need to buy the larger bottles.

Itchy Oil!

I used Bio Oil for stretch marks from the start of my pregnancy religiously twice a day untill about my 6th month. All I got was oily skin which went dry as anything by the end of the day and an itch that is indescribable! I thought the itch was just a normal pregnancy thing but after one day of swapping to a differant Mrs Palmers product it has gone!

Can't beleive I put up with that living hell all that time thinking I was doing the right thing. Just for the record I don't normally have sensitive skin either...

Itchy, expensive, drying


Favorite product!!!

I started using bio oil on my face to help my skin tone and pimple scars. Within weeks my skin was softer. It doesn't prevent the pimples however normally my pimple marks stay for months now there gone within days!!!! I had tried everything and nothing has worked as good as bio-oil. My favorite product by far!!!!
Inexpensive and impressive results
yummymommy_0966 posts


I bought this when I had my baby to eliminate stretch marks from the pregnancy. It's easy to apply though you can accidentally put to much as the tip doesn't come with a flip top as other liquid products do. Well, the stretch marks didn't fade even if I have used it rigorously for quite a while. I also don't like the oily feeling it left on my skin. Have stopped using it ever since.
Doesn't smell, easy to apply
Doesn't work as fast and as good as it's supposed to, a bit expensive, leave skin oily

Does NOT help prevent stretchmarks!

I used bio oil during my pregnancy from day 1. I used it religiously 3 times a day and still got horrific stretch marks! I have since been told by a dermatologist that NO topical cream will prevent stretchmarks and it is mostly your genes that determine your likelihood of getting them.
As a basic moisturiser it was light and easy to apply
Claims regarding stretchmark prevention/treatment are untrue
beautyqueenvic, 3824228 posts


overall i do like the bio oil, makes my skin feel so soft and smooth, would be good if it came with a dropper or a pump would be even better to avoid too much coming out and making a mess and wasting it so quickly
bio oil is great, its quickly absorbed into the skin, helps with scars reducing the appearance of them, help improve skins texture and uneven skin tone, smells nice, i like the look of the packaging
can be quite expensive, comes out to quick out of the bottle resulting in getting too much and making a bit of a mess
katty123Victoria37 posts


bio oil is great to use on scars, and cuts it really does work, but dont expect results over night it is one of those things that does take alot of time to work.

it definantly doesnt work on stretch marks, well it didnt for me, i used it for months and no result of it being any better.

the price is expensive but then again it does last ages so maybe it is resonable?

it does come out of the bottle really quickly and alot of it at once! so do be careful!

i dont like the greasy feeling thought but hence the name i guess.

BUT really recommend it for scars :)
works great on scars, really does clear them right up
the price, doesnt work on stretch marks and other things it says.

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kaf2358 posts


I was reccomended this product by a friend for mild scarring and it worked. I had a few scars from chicken pox on my body, only mild but noticable for me, and i have been pleasantly suprised that it worked. It is really cost effective as the bottle lasts a long time - a little goes a long way and it is quite a good price. I like the scent which is important to me and it is at most chemists so it is easy to obtain.
Great smell and the results to match
Nothing - i love this product and use it all the time.
taniaberman51 posts


i bought this product for skin pigmantation and use a tiny bit everyday on my face, have been using for close to 3 months now and nothing has changed. it may be a good product for stretch marks but not for skin pigmentation. it is oily but you only need a small amount so a bottle does last a while, very hydrating. i still use the product for the feeling of hydrating my skin but know not to expect miricles. it did not deliver what is promised and once this bottle is finished i will not be purchasing again . a no go for pigmentation
didnt deliver


bio oil is the best thing since sliced bread.try it on every thing it is the greatest product i have found and keep in my first aid box
it is not only good for scars and skin my 6 year old granddaughter gets boils a little bio oil after bath every night and they clear up in no time also any cuts and minor infections helps heal them quickley
nothing nill zero
SuziiWA, 605644 posts

Not My Top Choice

I've nearly used my first bottle of bio oil. I'm not overly impressed by it. I certainly haven't seen any noticable changes in the condition of my skin. It leaves the skin feeling very moisturised, but I felt it left too much of an oily residue compared to cheaper brands. The packaging seems to leak, or has a lot of product that gets stuck around the lid which I found myself cleaning up quite a lot. If it had better packaging, there would be less waste of the product. One good thing is that it's pretty much available in most supermarkets and chemists etc. Not my favourite product though.
Expensive Price, Little Too Oily

You say other products are better yet you don't state what these products are and after checking your page I see you haven't reviewed any other skin creams.

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