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BioChef MyCook

BioChef MyCook

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A good machine that compares with the best

This biochef mycook is excellent value for money compared with the overpriced Thermomix and cheaper alternatives like the Bellini. I paid only $798 from vitality4life. I love induction cooking on the stove so I’m glad the Biochef is induction as well. Online recipes from other mixers have adapted well in general. It’s been a great investment for me. My only negative feedback would be that I haven’t yet figured out if/how the blades can be easily reversed a lot of thermo recipes are set to reverse. I’ve just been using the mixing insert or using speed 1 and it’s worked out ok. Very happy customer!

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Thank you for your feedback manda , we love to hear that you are making the most of your new MyCook, the reasons you mentioned were exactly why we introduced the machine to our range. In relation to the reverse option the mixing insert is best to perform this function, you can use the kneading function for an action that will not break up the ingredients if that was the intention but speed 1 would be another alternative. Thank you again for your feedback and enjoy the My Cook !

Very Good Machine

This is a great all round machine. It is robust and doesn't miss a beat. Recipes from other like products are easy to transfer to this one and I have had success with most of them, first time. It is quieter and more powerful than the Bellini I replaced this with.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
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Hi Sue, We are so glad you are enjoying your MyCook and you are having some fun experimenting with recipes also. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. If you need anything in future in regards to more recipes or hints and tips we have some great videos on our Biochef You Tube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdBdUT1ht3xeXIoOIKdtKaA/search?query=MyCook or feel free to give us a call on our Toll Free number on 1800 802 924 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Regards, Biochef and The Vitality 4 Life Team.

I am happy with most recipes I have tried.

However, I haven't used it as much as I thought. Perhaps in winter I will make more soups and caseroles. Cleaning. Even when I remove the blade I have to check no food is caught in the stem part, otherwise the jug is easy to clean. Would like a better selection of recipes. I have adapted a few from other machines. In fact making some steamed pork and mushroom balls tonight which I have made before and were delicious.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Hi Raylee, thanks for your review. The steamed pork and mushroom balls sound delicious! If you would like any further tips on how to use your MyCook the Biochef You Tube channel has a few more hints you might find useful especially for steaming: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdBdUT1ht3xeXIoOIKdtKaA/search?query=MyCook We have found that most All In One kitchen recipes can be easily adapted to the MyCook with little fuss however I will pass on your request for more recipes to be made available. If you need any further tips we are happy to help via email at support@vitality4life.com or via our Toll Free number 1800 802 924 Mon -Fri AEDT. With thanks, Biochef and The Vitality 4 Life Team.

Has some good applications

I only gave it a 3 star as I find the lid difficult to press on, in fact I have to place it on the floor to allow enough pressure to press on, the same with the steamer. I followed the recipes out of the recipe book, but found things were burning on the bottom. I rang Vitality4life and they suggested different heat settings and times which helped. I also find the recipes use very large quantities of oil. Now for some positives, its great it has the scales for weighing. I like steaming vegetables, rice cooks well, makes great hollandaise. My real suggestion that would love, is for a better recipe book or an alternative source for some recipes.

Date PurchasedAug 2016
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Hi Laurel Baines, Thank you for your review. We are delighted to hear that you love some aspects of the MyCook and have been honest with your feedback. For more recipes ideas and hints and tips please visit our BioChef YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdBdUT1ht3xeXIoOIKdtKaA/search?query=MyCook If we can be of any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact us on 1800 802 924 or via support@vitality4life.com Kind Regards, Vitality 4 Life


I've really enjoyed my Bio! It's easy to use with comparable function of the competitors at a fraction of the cost. Even has a superior heating element and stainless steel steamer. It clear a easily and does all I need-grind spices, mill almonds, cook, steam and knead etc.

The machine can be noisy at high speeds like similar products and I don't love the scales for weighing things like flour. They can skip and jump especially if u knock the jug whilst weighing. I also prefer to make cakes in my stand mixer as larger quantities can become gluggy in the Bio. Still do all my prep in it though

Very happy for price point

Date PurchasedJul 2016
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Hi Kristie Van Beem, Thank you for your review. We are delighted to hear that you are happy with your BioChef MyCook. Thank you for your feedback about the scales and mixing function, we value all customer feedback and use this to continually evolve our products and company. If there is anything else we can assist with please don't hesitate to contact us on 1800 802 924 or via support@vitality4life.com Kind Regards, Vitality 4 Life

Best All-in-one cooking machine ever.

I used to be the worlds worst cook. I was that bad, I could burn water. With the MyCook I can't go wrong. Cooking by numbers and following the cook book is so easy and the food tastes amazing. I would pay double what I paid off The Home website.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
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Hi Paulv, Thank you for your review. We are delighted that you happy with the BioChef MyCook, we hope hope you continue to enjoy your own delicious cooking. If we can be of any assistance please don't hesitate to contact our support team. Kind Regards, Vitality 4 Life

I love my MyCook

I have tried other thermomachines and they are great but the MyCook is even better... I finally made a mayo that just worked with the MyCook. The recipe book is easy to follow. I love the stainless steel rice basket and steaming tray. I love that it makes a beautiful spaghetti bol without having to cook the mince in the rice basket. Its a hard working quality product.

Hi Judelbugs, Thank you for your review. we are delighted to hear that you have found success with some of your favorite dishes and we hope you continue to. If we can be of any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact our support team. Kind Regards, Vitality 4 LifeJust like to say... every thermomachine I have ever used has burnt things in the beginning... tips I learnt were to keep the measuring beaker in while cooking. If the lid is hard to get on it may be that your seal is in upside down. That's the only time I've ever had difficulty getting it on... remember the writing faces the lid and the smooth side faces you.

The perfect all in one. I can not live without!

The Biochef Mycook, is the perfect all in one machine.
It is so simple to use, quick and easy.
I love that it measures with the scales & I have used it so much, I find I don't need recipes & can make up my own.
Even though I absolutely love to cook & create in the kitchen, being a new mum & not having the time on my hands like I used to, this has been a godsend.
Now if only I can make it precook by itself before I'm home from work.

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Hi Sarah Jade, Thank you for your review. we are excited to that you love your BioChef MyCook and that you have been creating your own recipes, please feel free to share by adding on our BioChef website via http://www.biochef.com.au/recipes/ or email them through to support@vitality4life.com and we could add them to our Blog. If you require any assistance don't hesitate to contact our support team. Kind Regards, Vitality 4 Life

Perfect risotto every time

I am so pleased with the my cook. It really is as simple as making the recipe as per the instructions. It cooks a perfect risotto every time. Not only that, but I've learnt how to use mine so well that I swap ingredients and have started doing my own recipes. I just follow the base guide and off I go! Such a time saver.

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Hi Bec C, Thank you for your review. We are delighted to hear the you are having such great success with your BioChef MyCook with creation of your own recipes. please feel free to share by adding on our BioChef website via http://www.biochef.com.au/recipes/ or email them through to support@vitality4life.com and we could add them to our Blog. If you require any assistance don't hesitate to contact our support team. Kind Regards, Vitality 4 Life

Questions & Answers

I’ve heard have a new model called mycook touch available in UK. I was wondering will also available to buy in syd as well? Also where I can see the product I. Syd? Thank you
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Hi Phoenix, thanks for your question. At this point we only have the BioChef MyCook 'All in One' Kitchen Machine available for purchase. You can view and purchase through the link I have provided below with free postage Australia wide. We are predominantly an online retailer, but do have stockists Australia wide. If you pop your postal code in the website it will find the stockists within your area. I would recommend calling to find out the products individual stockists have in stock. Please call us on 1800 802 924 Mon-Fri AEST or email support@vitality4life.com for any further queries . https://www.vitality4life.com.au/mycook/ Regards, Sarah | Vitality 4 Life

I love the Biochef, however, I would love it even more if there were simple day to day recipes available for it, while there are many tasty recipes, it's the simple day to day ones that are missing. For an idea have a look at what Thermomix offer. The Biochef is certainly a better machine mechanically but sadly the recipe range is quite limited when compared to the competition and there is not a single conversion calculator online to make conversion between the 100W Thermomix recipes compatible with the 120W Biochef. If not better recipe support, how about just a switch so that users can select 100W rather than 120W and at least in that way one setting would be compatible with the much more popular Thermomix. Now I know how Pepsi feels chasing Coke.
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There is another one called Optimum Thermocook which is very similar to the Biochef. I downloaded their recipe book online free, there are over 100 recipes and I found it fairly easy to work out the process and timing. I agree that the selection of recipes is extremely poor. It is called another name overseas (can't remember the name) and I found a few other sites with recipes. I haven't used mine for a while but come winter it will be.Thank you Raylee. Your advice is great and I thank you for the time you have spent writing it. Sadly it's the same problem, while BioChef has some very fancy recipes in their book and online PDF recipe book they are hardly the day to day food that people live on, at least not working class people who have better or at least more important things to do than cook a gourmet meal. The only weakness in this fine machine is that almost everything in the cookbook can be cooked quicker using traditional cooking methods and many require the use of an oven. All I want are some simple recipes for day to day cooking, simple curries, chicken dishes, things to go with rice or mashed potatoes. Sadly it looks like an issue I will have to work out myself. What a pity I did not spend an extra thousand dollars for a Thermomix and their brilliant support network. Nar, I'll keep the grand and just put the effort in working out how to use the BioChef in a Thermomix world.I completely agree Chris B. It’s like they haven’t bothered to try and compare to Thermomix. The basic recipe book provided is useful somewhat but I make almost all recipes up myself or I use thermomix online community. A majority of my recipes have adapted very well. I have only had a couple of hiccups. I often think I could sell this machine for bio chef in WA and publish my recipes as there is very little support for owners.

Is this item still available for purchase, preferably in Brisbane?
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Hi Katlen, Sorry for the delayed response! The BioChef Mycook 'all in one' kitchen machine is available for purchase through our website below: https://www.vitality4life.com.au/mycook/ I am also able to put through an order for you over the phone if this is a more convenient option. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance or you have any questions that need answering. Our Customer Support Team are also available Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm to provide support on our toll free number 1800 802 924. Regards, Sarah | Vitality 4 Life


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