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  • Stronger teeth enamel

  • Whiter teeth

  • Pleasant taste

  • Affordable


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KaySydney, NSW

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Overpriced toothpaste with doubtful efficiency


Much hyped expensive toothpaste. May be suitable for young healthy teeth, but after two tube usage, no demonstrative enamel strength improvement , whitening and or decreased sensitivity on my old fragile teeth and gums.
Very doubtful on positive efficiency claims made by commercially invested groups.

Purchased for $42.00.

Incentivised ReviewNo
Sensitivity ImprovementNo
Whitening ImprovementNo
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Les S.BioMin
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Could be dangerous.

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Les S.BioMin
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Hi so i started using biomin c yesterday. i was brushing over a metal filling and it hurt, is that bad? it kinda aches a little now too

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Les S.BioMin

Hi Bee,,

Sorry this has happened, this is very peculiar indeed . Can you please stop using incase there is some type of allergic reaction occuring. Can you please also email me at BioMinToothpaste [at] LAZARK.com.au I would like to obtain more details and get advice from the UK professors and clinical experts to comment on. I also need to officially log your reaction.

Thank you




How long does a 100g tube of BioMinF last just one adult? I emailed BioMin and was advised a tube lasts roughly one month, which means using roughly 1.6g of BioMinF for each brush twice daily!! Toothpaste has always lasted me much, much longer so I looked into it, and now see 1.6g each brush is a huge amount compared to the recommenced pea sized amount Dental Associations recommend which they state weighs around 0.25g. Usually a 100g tube of toothpaste does indeed last me around 6-7 months brushing twice daily so this seemed more in line with my experience. I was SO excited about replacing Neutrofluor toothpaste and Tooth Mousse with the apparently cheaper BioMinF regimen, but can't afford to buy a 100g BioMinF tube every single month (Neutrofluor and Tooth Mousse is much cheaper than that), so hoping other customers can let me know how long a 100g tube lasts one adult brushing twice daily (if you brush once daily I can double the figure), and one tube is lasting you much longer than just one month are you still seeing positive results? Thanks for your help. :)

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Hi there
Just found this when googling for GC tooth mousse and several reviewers preferred it
I was prescribed GCTooth mousse for Sjorgrens disease ( drys up everything in the body especially the mouth )
Do you know if this will stimulate saliva or help at all ? I don’t get to sleep much due to gasping for air in the night - (yes trying lots of different approaches ) as nothing lasts more than a few hours

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Les S.BioMin

The question is duplicate of below

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What is BioMin toothpaste?

BioMinF uses a unique patented mineral technology to reduce sensitivity, and remineralise teeth to help repair enamel and protect against tooth decay.

BioMinF is a toothpaste especially designed to prevent tooth decay and pain caused by sensitivity. It's enriched with low doses of bioavailable fluoride (550 ppm of fluoride compared to 1450 for other toothpastes), along with calcium and phosphate.

Together, these form a kind of armour for teeth that’s resistant to acid, the culprit that normally wears down enamel over the course of a regular day of eating and drinking.

BioMin is also designed to help treat the following conditions: early tooth decay, white spot lesion, demineralised teeth and transparent teeth.

It’s also a popular alternative to GC Tooth Mousse, an older product on the market which uses the same trifecta of active ingredients, but also includes a milk protein called Recaldent. BioMinF is vegan-friendly, as it doesn’t use any animal-derived ingredients and also isn’t tested on animals.

Points of Praise

  • Reviewers reported witnessing amazing results for both the condition and appearance of their teeth after using BioMinF.
  • Teeth often looked stronger, and parts of teeth that were translucent looked white again. Teeth also looked more polished, with a smoother surface.
  • Even reviewers who experience tooth decay noticed teeth looked stronger, and that enamel looked thicker.
  • The taste of this toothpaste was reported to be pleasant, and better than that of most store-bought toothpastes.
  • The price of BioMinF ($12.50) is satisfyingly affordable compared to similarly working products on the market.
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