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Biore Pore Strips

Biore Pore Strips

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First time using this product and I was pretty happy with it. Did remove most blackheads leaving my skin feeling smooth. Will definitely be using these strips again and do recommend it to others.

Pretty satisfying

I used the charcoal pore strips once a week. They worked pretty well and there's no denying that the process is very satisfying but I saw no long term improvement. Don't forget to wet the area before hand and use no more than once a week.

I hated it...

It really hurts taking it off... And it leaves your skin red and irritated all day... It doesn't even work :( I am never using it again! I do not recommend it to anyone.

Better than expected

For best results use immediately after hot shower where your skin is softened and pores opened.
Apply as instructed. Your nose must be wet. Leave on for recommended time. Remove gently and be prepared for all the yuck comes with it.

Works great

Ivebeen using biores range for years and have horrible acne and sensitivity but can use their range pain free and without complication. When used correctly its great and so satisfying.

Very painful

I used these strips for the first time tonight. Followed all instructions exactly but did not at all imagine how painful it would be to remove.. I am no baby when it comes to pain but my eyes were watering like crazy. Yes it took my blackheads out - along with a layer of my skin and leaving a bright red stinging nose! Unbelievably crappy product and I would be seriously worried about the effects long term use would have on delicate skin on faces.

Don't use

I have used this product alot using the same routine on my face as normal. When today i decided to take it off (after 10 min) i was taking it off slowly as it says to do then it starts to get very painful. The strip had taken a layer of my skin off and was stuck to the strip! If you use these be very cateful because i used once a week for the last 3 months and this happened i will not be using them again.

Not happy with it !!

I have used this product a few times, it does get blackheads out however it hurts a lot! I used one last night, it took me around 10 minutes to remove only for it to have turned the bridge of my nose red and still hasn't gone down 24 hours later. Not happy as I look ridiculous.

strips made me break out!

I asked my mum if I could buy these pore strips for my skin and she said I could. When I got them, before bed I used the face and nose strips as instructed on the box and once I tore it off my skin was very red, I assumed it was normal so I washed my face and went to bed. When I woke up, my face was still red and there were pimples on my face that weren't there the night before! Maybe my skin reacted in an unusual way, but I do not recommend this product.

Face and Nose Strips - OK

I have been using Biorè strips for a while. I have tried other brands, but this seems to work better.
Having said that, these pore strips cannot be compared to a real professional facial, but they are still able to remove some blackheads.
Personally, I noticed that the strips remove blackheads from my chin and from my nose. Unfortunately they don't seem to work well on the ones on my nostrils which, after removing the strips, stay red for a while.
So, not too bad, but I will keep on trying different brands as well.

Horrifyingly BAD Results.

This product at first was okay. I looked at how to do it on the box and I did as said. Heres a little background on my face-- Very oily, lots of blackheads, few pimples on nose. After I took the strip off, face was red, then later on broke my face out. I am a teen in school so this is extremely embarrassing, I emailed biore and if I get a dumb reply, I sweaaaaRrrr to god. They are right in the trash, by the way. Thanks, Biore.

Perfect if used correctly!

I use these strips every couple of weeks. At first I would just wet my face and apply the strip and it would remove a few black heads from various spots on my nose. I then used a warm face cloth to wet my face and then apply, again only minimal results.
I then applied once I got out of the shower (I have hot showers). Hot water help open your pores, so as soon as I hop out of the shower, face still wet, I apply the strips and leave for the 15min. Once peeled off slowly, nearly the whole strip is covered in little wormy looking blackheads. most satisfying feeling ever! Everyone has different skin types but this way works best for me as I have very tight pores, hope this helps for all future users!

Used better

Its of gets some stuff out, I have used better. It tends to only get the stuff on the side of the noes and not adhere to the bridge leaving that area still clogged.

It works

Its not perfect but it does work. Got out some really deep black heads. I didn't find it to be painful when removing the strips. Yes a bit uncomfortable but nothing major. Even used it on my chin and still came out with some results. I placed the strips just after hot shower so pores were open. Overall ill use it again.

Love them!

I have found them to be excellent. I have terrible blackheads, and this has been the first product to make a difference on my skin (nose)! After the first use, i have notice a complete difference.

Ripped skin off nose, causes scarring

Like the previous reviews my partner experienced issues with the product. It has ripped the skin off his face causing bleeding and scarring. Attempted to speak to them but they tried to insinuate it was our fault for not wetting the product before taking it off. Seriously?

Pain & gain?

This product hurts like heck to remove correctly!
If you have had black heads for a long time then this product may remove some or none.
I found it was effective in helping to 'draw' the black heads closer to the surface. However because they were still there and I saw that the product didn't remove any, I then used a comedone extractor (has a pin one end and loop the other end) to easily pop them out.
Then your pores are left open so it's important to use witch hazel or toner to close the pores back up.
I believe that if my black heads had not been there as long that it would have worked without me having to use the extractor afterwards.
All in all if you can stand the terrible pain of removing it and then the stinging after then give it a go.

Worst Product Ever!!!

It sucks when you try to take it off and excruciatingly painful! And if you put water on it then it leaves all the stickiness on your nose. So it's either go through all the pain or wet it and take it off then it doesn't take off the blackheads. Worst product in the history of products!! Such a waste of my money! Throwing them all out because no one I know will take the rest of them! Biore pore strips suck do not buy them!! Suck suck suck.

Good for those noticable blackheads!!!

I used this on my nose for the first time and as soon as I peeled it off, I could see the blackheads on the strip although it doesn't get it all. Nothing is going to work immediately. I wet my face, put it on and then after I remove it I use a blackhead scrub by Biore too which leaves my skin soft. I am hoping for good results but if not it still helps a little bit then not doing anything for it.

Only problem is it gets really sticky and afterwards.

Can damage skin

Did nothing, excruciatingly painful to remove (took me 5 mins and made my eyes water) and skin is now red and stinging/sore. Don't bother with this, not worth the risk. Rest of the pack is in the rubbish.

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Questions & Answers

I have white heads on my nose as well as black heads. Is it okay to use this product on my nose?
1 answer
On the Biorè package it says that it removes blackheads, but doesn't mention white heads. To be honest, I wouldn't use this product on whiteheads; it might remove them, but it could also leave you with a scar. I wouldn't ris

Hi! I have a big mole on my nose and I really want to use this product to get rid of my blackheads, is it ok to use this?
1 answer
Yes it should be ok because it only takes blackheads not moles so it won't do any harm


Biore Pore Strips
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