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Bioré Revitalise 4-in-1 Self Foaming Cleanser

Bioré Revitalise 4-in-1 Self Foaming Cleanser

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Great product

I have recently decided to completely change my skincare routine, as the company I was using discontinued my favorite product.

I was very impressed with the performance of this product - especially considering I was accustomed to using more expensive products! I really enjoy the foaming action, and how clean my skin feels after using it.

My skin feels much less oily, and much more clean.
Inexpensive, enjoy the foaming action, effective,

Pretty Good so far, just started using it

So, i bought this stuff last week and have already noticed that my skin is improving a little. I was using neutrogena acne wash before that had sacylic acid in it, but it was really irratating my skin and causing it to become red. This product is alot more gentle on my skin, which is what i need right now, the redness on my skin has already gone down which is good.

When you first put it on your skin it has a slight cooling sensation, which i don't mind, it smells great also.
I don't know if it will get rid of my acne, but it is a nice gentle cleanser and will do for now.
The only let down may be the price if your going to buy the cleanser, moisturiser and a facial scrub.
Smells good, easy to wash off, gentle on skin


I brought this with the daily scrub and the moisturizer, its a perfect set and quick and easy to use in the shower, its an added plus to have it as a make up remover.
Price is value for money - its easy to use and quick. I use it after the daily scrub and i can feel the toning and tightening of my face, and it has helped my skin look less blotchy and smoother
The smell, its like the daily scrub has an odd smell

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Revitalise 4-in-1 Self Foaming Cleanser
Skin TypeAll
Release dateApr 2009

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