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BioRevive Prospan

BioRevive Prospan

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Hate it! But no choice.


I'm not a fan of this cough medicine. My second time using it and my baby is 10months, it did nothing! Vomit, chesty cough still there! and has gotten worse over days.... The only thing this medicine gave me was a baby with diareeha, as this medicine has laxative in it and says on bottle may cause diarrhoea!
I have no choice but to use it! No other medicines on the shelf for infants under one!
The only thing I liked..... The tatse is absolutely beautiful. Your child will love the taste. Smells like green tea lollies and tastes even better!

Purchased in January 2019 at The CPAP Clinic Physical store for $15.99.

Side Effects Mild side effects
Symptom ReliefSignificant Improvement
Preventative MeasureNo
Used for ChildrenYes
Symptoms RelievedCongestion, Sneezing and Watery Eyes
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Anthony95South East Queensland, QLD

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I always use at the first sign of a cough. because my son has asthma we can have problems with long lasting coughs. with prospan it can almost half the amount of time the cough last for.

Purchased in February 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $17.49.

Value for Money
Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefSignificant Improvement
Preventative MeasureNo
Used for ChildrenYes
Symptoms RelievedCongestion
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No effect


I bought it 5 days ago and I used it every day. 7 ml x 3 times a day. Didn't helped to much. I'm still coughing and I can't see any improvement in my case. Definitely I don't recommend this product.



What a great medication


Prospan's pleasant cherry taste made it very easy for the kids to take. It is our first choice for cough relief and chest pain especially in winter to get rid of phlegm

bio Revive Prospan Lozenges


Where can I buy these lozenges from in Australia Victoria? I have used these lozenges before & found them to be very good for relieving mucous congestion. I would like to try them again, but the chemist I purchased them from don't stock them anymore.


Chris.WGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Top of the line


I love this cough medicine. I have used it for many years and I am so happy to know that my daughter now buys the Prospan for Children for my granddaughter.
I waited to see how much my 1 year old grandbaby liked it, and was so pleased to hear that she took it with ease!
Most cough medicines tastes like "cough medicine", but this "Natural" cough medicine tastes like "tea" and is very palatable. Even a 1 year old likes it!
Definitely first choice in mine and both my daughter's households.

perfect product for couch


perfect medicine for chesty cough. I used it for both of my kids and trust me when nothing works this drops worked as a miracle for them. Pharmacist suggested me about prospan drop and has no as such side effects.


kimbopumpkinSydney, NSW

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Great for coughs


Our little 2yo was having an ongoing lingering chesty cough last year despite ridding herself of the cold a while ago and a relative suggested this product. Within a few days of taking it, her cough completely disappeared! More recently she has had another cold with a cough and straight away we started this on her but it hasn't worked quite as fast as before, although I've also had the same cold and this cough is taking ages to settle as well... Overall I have no hesitation using the product as there is reportedly no harm in continuing to take it according to the pharmacist.



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2nd of taking it & I feel so much better!


I like it that its herbal & it's already working for me!!! I would give this to my children too when needed.

Miss e

Miss eGold coast, QLD

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It works!


As soon as my little one gets sick she gets the dreaded cough.. Now a toddler I was open to trying something to soothe it but still preferred something natural. I saw an ad for this which said it was suitable even for babies and thought I'd give it a go. Firstly my 2 year old loved the taste and slurped it down herself! And I found the cough was gone within a few days when it used to stick around for weeks sometimes. She now asks for it when she has a cough, even she knows it works. Very happy :)
Natural, cheap, toddler was happy with taste



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This cough syrup is excellent


My 16 months old daughter has a chesty cold at the moment and has been coughing and unable to sleep at night. My workmate advised me to try this cough syrup and last night, she slept through the night. This syrup really works! I like the fact that it is natural so even under 2 year olds can use this safely.
It really works!
My daughter did not like the taste but she is quite fussy

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Becky Chic
Becky Chic



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Finally a product that does what it is intended to do.


Prospan Cough Syrup actually works. It eases a cough.. in fact it stops a cough! My son woke up a few days a go with a very nasty cough and I gave him the recommended drops (which he finds so fun) and his cough was gone after 10 mins. He did not cough for the rest of the day or night.
Every household needs this in their medicine cabinet. Well done on a high quality product.
Fast working and reliable everytime



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Prospan Cough Syrup


Prospan cough medicine works really well for nasty chesty coughs and can be used in toddlers/children as well as adults. I've found that time and time again it helps relieve our coughs and both my kids (20mth and 3 year old) always have a much easier night's sleep just because they aren't coughing all night long. They also love the taste and think it's a real treat. I've often caught them faking a little cough just so they can have some! Haha! The pharmacist who recommended it said it is a safe, proven and natural treatment particularly for children's coughs.
good value for money, works very well and tastes good



cough relief


I love this product - it's alcohol-free which is a huge bonus and it really helps to clear the built up mucus from the chest which reduces coughing. I originally bought it from the chemist for my children but also used it myself and I was surprised how quickly it worked!
alcohol free, non-drowsy, no colourings, fast working, inexpensive

Questions & Answers

Nadine B.

Nadine B.asked

My cough has not improved and my nasal congestion is worse. I have been on prospan for 6 days now taking 7.5ml 3 times daily. I also am struggling to breathe through my nose. The mucus on my chest has not dislodged.
Should I stop taking the med?

No answers



Can g6pd child use this cough syrup?

1 answer

Hi Ingyin,
If your child has G6PD deficiency, or any other type of illness / condition that they may be needing extra treatment/ care for, then the best person to ask if this cough syrup would be ok would be your treating doctor.
This is a natural product, but as a parent /grandparent myself, I would always make sure from my treating doctor first if my child has some type of deficiency or the like before I made the purchase.
Even giving children (or adults) vitamins without knowing if they actually need that particular vitamin can be toxic to them.
Your pharmacist is a good person to ask for some knowledge on the product as well.
That would be my recommendation.

Thara Harry

Thara Harryasked

My son is 4 year old and he is coughing with mucus. How many days I can give this medicine?

1 answer
Albert Prospan
Albert Prospan

Every day until he is 58

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