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Order # 32330120 - I just googled to see if any other customers had had issues with Biovea deliveries. Oh NO!! UPS tracking says my parcel has been delivered - last week - but it has not. I've emailed Biovea to ask where it is but no reply. What is going on? It does not build trust in a brand when people are asking where things have disappeared to.
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The company has now refunded my money in full. This concludes the business transaction I had with Biovea. I will look for the product elsewhere, but I did get my money back. Nic

is Biovea Beta-Glucan you market good for boosting the immune system and killing cancer cells
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Prior to taking any supplement or alternative medication, you need to read as much research as you can. Especially possible side effects and, contra indications when taking other medications. Become your own expert before putting anything in your body. Be very careful.

I'm curious how many of these reviews would be negative if people interpreted the web address differently before purchase? biovea.com/au <- that's a redirect from a parent site. That doesn't mean it's Australian or that the products are coming from Australia and from what I can see on their page, I would have naturally assumed it was American (lot of American lingo). I assumed from the web address that they're a larger company with pages geared to various other countries to make purchase easier. I'm not a customer (yet), I'm just doing my research and I'm only commenting because no one here seems to be talking about the actual products, which I'm genuinely curious about. Does anyone have anything to say about their experience with the vitamins? I would love more info on that.
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beeshu, I can't help you with a review of the quality of the products. My product was never delivered. Most of the other consumers also complain about the service. The vitamins they sell may be of good quality, but if they never reach your house... you loose your money anyway!That's what I was worried about, I was hoping someone here would have received their order (finally) by now and might have some updates. I'll keep looking for acai, seems biovea may not be for me. ***This was actually ordered for me and it has arrived, I'm pleasantly surprised, I reviewed accordingly. I hope you all have some luck and I'm hoping for a positive outcome for everyone else here.Biovea products are fantastic. I have been getting all different kind of stuff from them. They can be a bit slack answering phone calls and emails from customers and it can get very frustrating at the times but products are magnificent. I hope this helps!!!

I really need to know if melatonin is kosher, I am thinking of buying this product, but as it is medication and not made in the UK (where I am) I need good reassurance that I'm buying what it says it is, and I will not die after taking it??
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Hello, thank you for your message. Could you kindly contact us at support-au@biovea.com? We will be happy to answer your questions. Thank you again and we look forward to speaking with you!I purchased Melatonin and was extremely disappointed. It made me very edgy, dry mouth and very restless. I tried the Biovea 10mg slow release from USA and the effect reminded me of a Stillnox..I took it twice to make sure. Both times I was awake at 2am for water again at 4 am unable to go back to sleep. Not feeling rested at all the next day. These tabs are nothing like the Melatonin prescription only meds in Australia, these are a soft tab that can be absorbed under the tongue. Having used these previously and found they gave me a great sleep and used them only as needed, not daily. I will be giving the Biovea to the garbage bin and going to my doctor for a script for the real deal. Until then I will using natural relaxing methods. Chamomile tea .

Hi boivea I have order seven thing from you and I hasn't got them yet I orded them on the 31/8/2015 and still hasn't come I'm just asking how long will it take to ship to my address and boivea plz reply and I want to know when my product will arrive thanks from mya(:
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Hi mya, That's only 4 days ago ? I don't think any company can deliver that soon ,I have always received my orders from Biovea in 7 or 8 days , which I think is great! ,,, there are some other companies that take 2 to 4 weeks, I hope this helps you? valerie

my order number is 25557925 ...i hae not received my product yet..when will i receive it?
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I'm sorry but I don't work for Biovea. I ordered something once - but didn't receive it. Apparently it was out of stock and nobody bothered to tell me. I am not able to help you with your question.

I ordered melatonin from this company a few months ago ("Eurovital fast dissolve Melatonin, 3mg, 50 tablets"). I didn't have any problems with delivery etc, the product arrived within about 10 days or so of me ordering it. But I have noticed that while the label says "made in the USA", the product was posted from India. This makes me a little suspicious about the origins of the product.. it may be that it just came from a distribution centre in India, but on the other hand I am quite wary about using this product in case it's not what it says it is. Has anyone else had a similar experience, and did the product turn out to be ok?
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I have 10mg Melatonin, and on the label it does say "Made in USA" and all appears fine. I have taken several since delivery a couple of months ago. Mine were sent from USA, when I expected them to come from Australia (the country I ordered them in). I have done some searches on Biovea and can't find anything wrong. They probably have distribution centers around the world. I did email Biovea and they assured me that the medication is kept in temperature controlled facilities at all times, even when being sent from Overseas. Hope this helps. Regards, Bev.

I like to know if the quality of the ingredients of BIOVEA products is as good as they say? Who can give me an information about the quality of they products? Does they really work, or are they only starch-filled capsules? You can reach me to felix@samera.com. Thanks in advance fo your help! Félix.
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I didn't purchase biovea's branded products so I don't know the quality. I have purchased products from them a couple of times because their prices were good, and when I needed help with an order they were very helpful through the live chat function. Both times I ordered, packages arrived in a couple of days. Also there are 2 websites for biovea, one in Australia and another which is not, make sure you are ordering through the australian website, you can use live chat to ask them if not sure. They don't seem to be a joke company to me, if your worried just pay with paypal so if for some reason you don't get your order you can get your money back.Yes they are high quality products. Glad I got to know about them and intend to use them on an ongoing basis.

Dear Sir, I am seeing my order status fully shipping, but till now I have not received the product, can you please help me when I receive this product. Order Number: 16516699 Date of Purchase: November 12, 2013 I am not able to track my shipment without any update or status, also you people not provided any tracking numbers to track the shipment.. Whenever I send email to customer care I am seeing only one replay saying that your shipment will reach in 8 to 15 day. I need exact info for my shipment when I am going to receive in my hand. Also let me know from which post it has been delivered in india.. Also I tried so many times to call "1 800 772 017" this no totally not connecting Thanks, Mahesh
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Dear Sir, Could you please help me for my above post, till now I am waiting for my ordered product. It is highly appreciated. Thanks, MaheshDon't bother asking. This site takes way longer than you expected for delivering. My order arrived 27 days after I placed it. And although there is an email informing dispatching, nothing happened three weeks after that email.

Where are your products manufactured?
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hi shirley i believe they are made in the usa and canada.they are only distributed from india.

Pls anyone can tell me that where can I buy D-ribose in Tamilnadu?
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Biovea has it and they have an outlet in Chennai and post from there.Could you pls tell me that How much does it cost for 1kg Quality D-ribose powder?and Delivery duration in Tamilnadu . Thank you!

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