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Birde Console BC800

Birde Console BC800

BC800BAU (Blue) and BC800PAU (Purple)
5.0 from 20 reviews

Wonderful media player for children!

Purchased the Birde for my sons second birthday present. He picked up how to use it instantly and loved listening and dancing to music. Great for creating calm moments where he keeps himself occupied on his own too. Love it!

My toddler loves it!

My two year old loves this! We got it when he was around 20 months old, and he worked out how to use it straight away. He is very independent, and loves the fact that he can be in control of playing his music himself. It's very cute watching him carry it around the house

I love that it's sturdy and washable - I don't have to worry about peanut butter fingers touching this. I also love the selection of music that's available, all of our favourites are on there.

My only negative is that the TV integration doesn't work as well as I'd like. You can't initiate videos directly from the Birde without first going into the app on the TV and then waiting for the speaker to pair (by which point my toddler has gotten frustrated that it's not coming on).

Purchased in February 2019.

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Hi Sarah B, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are so happy to hear your little one loves his Birde. We also appreciate the feedback regarding the TV integration and will pass this onto the Birde development team. Kind regards, The Birde Team

Best item for independent little ones!

My 3yr old loves his Birdie, being able to change the seeds independently every minute like his heart desires.
As a parent it’s so good knowing I don’t need to worry if he drops it or gets it wet!
Been a great addition to our family but also to our little guys love for music.

Purchased in August 2019 at Birdie for $199.00.

Simple and fun gadget!

I received the Birde as a Christmas gift for my 4&1yo. They LOVE it! So simple to use. Perfect for nighttime lullabies and meditation for the kids! The durable design means I’m not worried to leave them alone with it and I can hear them dancing and singing in the toy room.

Purchased in December 2017 for $299.00.

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Hi Meagan, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We really appreciate it. It sounds like you are getting full use out of your Birde with the singing and dancing and then also the quiet time advantages to Birde also! Kind regards, The Birde Team

Little one loves it!

Birde is a great product! My daughter loves listening to all the songs, she now has stopped using the IPad! We have also taken it with us on holidays and it has kept her entertained. Highly recommended!

My child loves it!

My toddler loves to listen to music and this is perfect! It’s a great substitution of iPad/phone hence we could reduce her screen time. She’d bring it with her anywhere she goes. It’s easy to use, and she loves to tap on the console to switch it on/change songs etc. And I love it as it’s durable and most importantly water proof hence easy to clean.

It’d be better if it’s slightly light weighted & less bulky so that it could be brought out easily for trips etc.
Also I have yet to learn how to repeat a certain song/rewind.

Purchased at Birdie.com..

Great for the kids

Purchased for our son for his second birthday and he absolutely loves it. Easy to use - we only use the audio function and it keeps him away from demanding the tv. Very durable also

Purchased in August 2019 at Birde for $299.00.

Absolutely love this product!

My 2 year old absolutely loves listening to music - this has given her the ability to listen to whatever songs she wants, on her own! She takes Birde with her everywhere. She also loves taking it to bed and listening to an Audiobook or the Dinosnores. Fantastic product! :)

Wonderful device

My 4yo and almost 1yo both love the Birde! Even my little one has the idea of putting the seeds on to make it play. Simple to use and fantastically durable.

Purchased in July 2019 at Birde for $199.00.

Perfect for the kids to control own music

My daughter loves her Birde, she plays it in the bath and at bed time and anytime she can. she loves that she knows how to change it herself and that she 'can do it' herself too! Best invention!!!

Fantastic media unit!

We got our birde for my youngest's 1st birthday. It is absolutely loved and well used. One of now 17mo's first words was "birde". He loves dancing and "singing" along.

Purchased in March 2019 at Birde.

Best toddler toy ever!

We've had the Birde music player for about a month and absolutely love it. I saw it at a friend's house on a play date and watched with surprise as the 2 toddlers, who normally run around like crazy, actually sat still and listened to a story. As soon as the music started they were up and dancing for an hour - it's the first uninterrupted coffee I've had in a long time. Then they got food on it and my friend just washed it under the tap - I couldn't believe it!
This toy is different to anything else we have and has been a life saver during Winter when we couldn't get out. Usually the TV and iPad is our go-to, which means my son just sits there and it's hard to get him up and moving indoors.
We haven't linked it up to the TV yet but it can be done - I'm just enjoying watching him 'listen' and dance for now and it has really cut our screen time down.
The other bonus is that I can move it around the house with us as I do the chores, can't do that with the TV, so I can really keep up with what's going on.
It's a total win in my eyes, exercise and music, without a screen, 10/10 :)

Purchased in July 2019 at www.birde.co for $299.00.

Great multimedia player for all ages!

"I like that it plays songs" Miss E, 5.
"I like listening to stories on the birde at bedtime", Miss C, 7.
The birde has been a great addition to the household. It is easy for the kids to use and they take it with them around the house or in the yard while they play. We look forward to adding to our 'seed' collection and taking it with us when we travel.

Purchased in July 2019.

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Hi Jacqui, Thanks for the great review from you and also Miss E and Miss C! We also love that they can take it outside and play and it doesn't matter if it gets dirty because you can just wash it! Enjoy from The Birde Team

VERY happy Grandparents!

We purchased 2 Birde consoles one blue and one purple, one as a gift and the other to keep in our home for when the grandchildren visit. Birde is a big hit in both homes.
The grandchildren aged from 1 to 7 years go straight to the console when they visit. It's wonderful seeing them playing together singing, dancing and enjoying the audio books.
We took Birde on our recent camping trip with some of the grandchildren, it was amazing. It was used everyday.
Thank you Birde you are a WINNER!

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You sound like the best Opa and Nanette ever! Thank you so much for also taking the time to write a wonderful review about your flock of Birde's! Kind regards, The Birde Team

Used everyday!

Our 2 year old uses her Birde daily. If she's not listening to an audiobook while playing, she's dancing & singing along to her favourite music. It also helps her to drift off to sleep.

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Hi Stuart, Thank you so much for writing a review on Birde. We really appreciate it! Kind regards, The Birde Team

Best investment - saved us on our first long road trip!

Birde has been amazing - the design is so clever and intuitive that my 18-month old picked it up straight away. As a paediatric Occupational Therapist I've been avoiding screens for her and this is such a game changer to get the benefits of child-led play, a bit of respite to get my work done (I work from home) and holding her interest without the detriments other interactive technology has. It really came in handy on our first long road trip this past weekend, usually I can't get more than 5 minutes before I have to sing every nursery rhyme I know to keep her from crying. Birde helped us drive non-stop for 2 hours and I'm actually entertaining the idea of more family holidays now that we have this as a tool to help make the journey easier. I'm recommending to all of my toddler parent friends and clients - and I love that the seeds are perfectly priced for birthday presents and stocking stuffers.

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Hi Mamas Writing, Thanks for taking the time to write a review for your Birde! Isn't it great that you can take Birde with you and it stays charged for ages! Glad you love it as much as we do! The Birde Team

Kids loved it more than I thought. A big success!

When we first brought the Birde home I was a bit worried it would struggle to compete with the iPad to gain the attention of the kids. My kids, (age 8, 6 and 4) like a lot of kids, are addicted to Apple devices and were getting far too much screen time. With Birde they're taking it to their rooms, playing together while listening to songs and stories, and I can see their creativity and imaginations developing. No more of those brain dead zombie looks or crankiness after a YouTube or iPad gaming session!

The kids use it with the TV some times but the best benefit we've found is as an interactive speaker that keeps their minds and bodies active. With a 4 year old like ours, the water proof and washability is amazing!! And the interactivity of the content poker chips engages them so much more than a Google Assistant, Alexa or an iPad.

It really stimulates kids in a different way and is the perfect blend of exposing them to technology but at the same time keeping a sense of creativity and connection to the real world. Thanks Birde! Highly recommend...

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Hi Scott, Thank you for your review! We are so happy the kids love it! Isn't it great that the kids can go from music to stories to learning all by themselves, and you don't have to worry about any unwanted content that they may access from voice activated speakers or an ipad. Stay chirpy! The Birde Team

Love this product!

My one year old loves singing and dancing, so when I saw this product, I had to have it.

It's portable, so my daughter takes it to whichever room I'm in if she wants to listen to music. She even takes it to her Grandparents when we stay with them over the weekend!

I love that she's in control - what she wants to play, when she wants to play it. The 'seeds' (which are what they call the content disks) are easy to pick up, colourful and actually have become a play-thing in themselves. My daughter picked up on how to use the player really quickly, just tap and off she goes. She even knows that she needs to tap again to skip to the next track.

There is so much content to choose from and from a lot of the big guns too like The Wiggles and Play School. We also discovered some unknowns (to us) such as Storybots which has become a family favourite.

Love this product and it's flexibility.

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Thanks for taking the time to write a review on your Birde. We love hearing what people are enjoying most about Birde! We keep adding new Birde Seeds all the time so don't forget to go into your App to see all the new, wonderful content! Enjoy, from The Birde Team

Best present for my grandchildren!

My grandkids are loving their Birde !! ... also their parents and me are all enjoying watching them having fun with it .. one of the best things is being able to take it outside .. dancing and singing , not confined to indoors . . It’s pretty much indestructible .. I also like the fact they listen and focus on the audio books without the distraction of a tv screen .
The concept is great ,with being able to get all sorts of new programmes on the ‘seeds’. .. both audio and visual ,and connecting to the smart tv screen when parents (+me )choose the time that suits.
Thanks Birde .. great product ..

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Best. Grandmother. Ever! Thanks for the great review Louise. We are so glad that your grandchildren (and their parents) are enjoying Birde. We agree that to reduce screen time is a great thing to do and Birde makes it so easy! Thanks again, The Birde Team

Perfect thing for small children!

My mother bought Birde for my young children for a birthday present. We are loving it! We love the fact that they can listen to music and audio books on their own using these little 'seeds' (that's what they call the little player chips). They can go inside and outside which is great.
It's great that there's so much content that is educational from the ABC too. We just bought a smart tv and so we can hook up Birde to the tv when we want as there is video to play too. I like the fact that the kids are not on the internet and they don't even notice.
Because they can take it anywhere and use it they play and dance around more rather than sitting down glued to a screen.
My mum is on my family account so when she babysits she can also access everything and add to our collection. love it!!!

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Hi happy mum! Haven't you got a great mum! Thanks for the wonderful review too! We love that grandparents are finding Birde is a great gift for the grand kids. The fact that they can continue to expand their Birde library with music, audio books and video makes it such an easy gift idea! Enjoy! The Birde Team

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