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Bissell Crosswave Professional Multi-Surface 1713F

Bissell Crosswave Professional Multi-Surface 1713F Questions & Answers

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does it leave streaks on high closs (very shiny) tiles?
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I haven’t used it on shiny tiles. My experience is that it doesn’t leave streaks if you don’t put in too much cleaning solution and you refill the reservoir with fresh water and solution before it is completely empty. The key is using the right amount of an appropriate cleaning solution.thank you, will keep that in mind if i get one (soon)

Can I use other wood floor cleaning products with the crosswave?
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Hi Libby, The User Guide clearly has a warning NOT to use any other cleaning products. Regards.The reputable seller of my Crosswave didn't have Bissell solution so they sold me an alternative with the instruction not to use it on carpets, only hard floors (which is what I had so that was ok and it's been fine). I understand why manufacturers stipulate that only their products should be used but it's sometimes not all that helpful. In my opinion, it would not damage the machine to use another floor cleaning solution as long as it was not a harsh detergent. And I'd go for something low-sudsing. If you followed their directions for dilution, I don't see how this would cause a problem. I'm quite happy to try other things including a home-made concoction, but then, I'm a cowgirl. I would, of course, avoid powerful solvents like kero or meths as those might well damage the machine.The Bissell solution is very low foaming, whereas if you use a detergent that foams it can damage the machine and/or clog it up over time.

Can I buy pet attachment and cleaner for my cross wave professional? Linda
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What is the difference between Boswell 1713 and. 1785?
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I bought the Bissell 1713F. I don't know the other model.

Hi, i have floating engineered bamboo floors. Im concerned the cut sections (cut ends of planks) may take up the water as the floor is not sealed entirely...can anyone advise on their experience?
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Can you use the crosswave pro on vinyl plank flooring?
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Don't know. Have you asked Bissell?

Mine is leaving dirty water all the time I have changed water, and head etc. It's driving me nuts. Any ideas?
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To be honest mine blew up after 3 weeks usage I had to go to consumer protection docep to get a refund after looking at further reviews it seems it's a dodgy modelThat’s awful. My husband uses the machine, with spraying detergent mode on for 2 or 3 wipes over a section then switches to vacuum only mode for another 2 or 3 wipes. We’ve had no problem with dirty water being left behind. As soon as the machine makes the ‘noise ‘ that alerts you to dirty water container being full, we immediately empty and rinse out. We use each month, no problems. Floors clean and the detergent leaves a fresh smell.

Will the Bissell Crosswave work effectively on uneven sandstone as well as woollen carpet?
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Hi Mimi. We've only used the Bissell Crosswave on our engineered timber floors, tiled bathrooms and tiled deck/balcony. Have you looked at any youtube videos for this product? That's how I made my choice between this machine and the K'archer hard floor cleaner.Its not designed for sandstone at all.

Can I use the Crosswave on bamboo flooring?
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My Bissell luves dry dirty water marks on my bamboo floor after dry. Why this is happening. Very unhappy. Is it something I do wrong?
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When this happens it’s the sign that you need to empty the dirty water tank. Empty it, give it a quick rince, dry it and keep going. You may also need to refill the clean water or top it up. It then cleans up the dirty water and continues to clean.You're not cleaning out the machine properly

Would this machine work on uneven slate?
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Yes it would it has a roller on it so it does hard floors I have even cleaned my verandah with it

Can I use this on laminate floating floors? They say not to use too much water on them as it can “swell” but has anyone successfully used this with no damage to their laminate floor? :)
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I want to know also if the Bissell Crosswave can clean sealed slate? Only ever see demos with tile and hardwood and laminate floors....although you claim all hard floors.
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Can you use it on vinyl floating floor boards. They say you can't use a steam mop or detergent onthe floors. Still a nit sceptical about using it on my floors . Your commment would be greatful xxx
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Yes you can use it on any type of floors

I would like to know if the Crosswave works successfully on sealed slate?
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there are 3 different colours green orange and purple, what is the difference?
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The green @ the orange are the same .Ive never seen the purple one. The orange was the fist crosswave.the green is the latest crosswave. I have the green.its greatThe purple will be out in August. It will be the new Pet Pro modelThe purple will be out in August. It will be the new Pet Pro model

Can you use bleach in it?
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Anything other than water and Bissell solution voids the warranty apparently. I’m not sure what bleach could do to the inside of the machine sorry.You could use it, but I would only use a cap full per bottle and as they stated above it does void the warranty.

What the difference between the green and the orange
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No difference, green was put out by TVSN, and BISSELL, ORANGE WAS PUT OUT BY HARVEY NORMAN. HARVEY NORMAN told me that they were the first to put it out which I found hard to swallow, if you find the orange one uncomfortable I would wait until Bissell are open and ask them for their opinion. I have a green one and that was what I originally saw when they first came out. Good luckThere is nothing .one was put out earlier than the other.ive got the green one .ive never seen the orange one but the are the same and they use the same meconiums.Orange was the Crosswave Professional. That's the one Harvey Norman originally sold. The Bissell website now just lists 2 models, Crosswave pet, and Crosswave Pet Professional (both purple) https://bissell.com.au/product-category/steam-and-hard-floor/

Can it work on laminate?
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Yes, it can be used on laminate, sealed wood, tiles and rugged areasNot very well at all. Actually...mine has just stopped suction altogether after only a few months of use. Im goung to return mine. The mop part is terrible...leaves dirt streaks everywhere instead of sucking up dirt. Dont waste your money.Mine works on laminates and I have been using it for 6 months tiles also not a problem.

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