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Bissell Crosswave Professional Multi-Surface 1713F

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Looking to purchase the bissell crosswave however we have stick down vinyl plank flooring, I'm concerned it may effect the adhesive. Does anyone use the crosswave on similar flooring? I was told by the flooring manufacturer not to use a steam mop on it so I'm worried the crosswave may be a no go as well
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I personally wouldnt use it on stick down planks as it doesnt suck up all the water that comes out and that moisture could get under planks and affect the glue. The vacuum works ok...but the mop part is useless.I can't help you with that I have only used it on carpets and floor Tiles.We have vinyl floors in our guest room. But it is one big piece of viny wall to wall so water can’t seep underneath . If they recommend against steam mops due to the head affecting the adhesive I would only use Luke warm water in the cross wave. When set to hard floor mode it doesn’t really put down much water at all and I always have the trigger active so fresh solution is constantly being put down and sucked up. However You can be much more sparing and just pull the trigger enough to keep the brush head just wet and not saturated.

I want to purchase one and each store has a different one.What is the difference between the blue and green one?
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Not sure - You will need to ask them if they know or go to the web siteI do not know if there is a difference. I bought the green one. You could try the Bissell website - https://www.bissell.com.au/default.aspxThe blue one is blue, and the green one is more of a green colour.

Which roller is best for carpet?
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It only has one roller however, there is a button on the handle to select carpet or hard floor surface.MMM you are incorrect. Their are actually 3 different brushes. One just for carpet, one just for hardwood, then there is the multipurpose one that is the combination of the two. The multipurpose one comes with it, however the one for just carpet has much longer brush bristles for a deeper clean in the carpet.

Hi, I have a cross wave and I am not overly happy with the result I am getting on shiny porcelain tiles. It is leaving marks and no matter how many times I go over them it just seems to leave new marks. The brush roller seems to leave a scuff and the small black wheels leave a trail as well. I try and clean the rollers at regular intervals and there doesn't seem to be much I can do to fix it. Is there something I am doing wrong? Appreciate your thoughts.
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If you are not happy, take it back. Not helpful advice I know. Good luck.Not sure if you’ve read this already but I’ve been reading through the reviews with the view to purchase one of these. I read in one of the reviews another poster had the same problem as yourself. Bissell advised her she’s using too much cleaner. She was using the recommended amount. However when she cut it down substantially that resolved the problem. Good luck.Mobility scooters have white tyres so they won't mark floors, why can't they have white rubber wheels on the Cleaner?

I just bought one of these from Harvey Norman yesterday - was wondering how long everyone else use theirs for at a time, because after about 10minutes it tends to leave a bit of a dirt and splashes of dirty water?
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The first time I used mine I did my whole house, and I had no problems, did you stop and change the dirty water from the collection tank when it's full, maybe that's the problem the collection tank is too full of dirty water??We only have it on for about 10mins at a time but the first time we used it for around 30mins and it didn't do this. However it does sometimes leave behind some mess if you leave it sitting upright. Not an issue for us as we just vac it back up. The collection tank has an indicator when full it makes the vacuum squeal so it shouldn't overflow. Make sure you rinse the head and brush each time even if it is just in that tray it will smell.

Does it clean ceramic tile in the kitchen?
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Yes it dose.I only have ceramic tiles in the bathroom. However it did a great job on them even getting into the grout.It does great on tiles .:)

Where can i buy one and get the best deal as i am a pensioner?
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Billy guyatts $345 sign up and they will email you a $15 off coupon code plus they have a bonus offer through bissell that you get heaps of extras with which i missed out on by a few days which im annoyed about.

Is it good to clean up cat fur?
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Hi how are you Yes it will clean up what ever goes under it. Doesn't matter cat fur or dog hair. It has good suction plus moping power. You may have to use the mop plus scrub 2 in 1 brush which comes with it. But Best Buy ever. I haven't touched my 1000$ vacuum cleaner and 500$ carpet cleaner since I bought this. Don't think twice and waste time. Buy it now !! Best of luck

Hi Sir/Mdm, I am getting abit confused about which machine suits me better. 1)May I know what are the difference between Bissell Crosswave model 1713F (as above, orange in colour) and 1785A (green in colour) 2)I have tiled, wooden and carpet flooring at home. Besides, getting the machine for different type of flooring. There are few difficult stains on the carpet that I would like to get rid of. Which above stated model would you recommend? Thank you. Kind regards, Sharon
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Hi how are you I have seen only once crosswave yet. I have an orange colour. May be the green is an older version? I bidon't get it new and there is only one model on sale now. Both are good for tiles and wooden area. For carpet stain, I would recede the a Carpet cleaner as this is a daily use cleaner. It's 100% on wood and tile. I have a black carpet and I can't really say how good this is at removing stains on a carpet. You may need a professional clean first and then you will be fine with this device I reckonThank you very much.I rang Bissel and they assured me the only difference is the colour

what is the difference between the crosswave professional and the crosswave?
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hi Lorraine l don't really know the answer l purchased a so called Professional from H/NORMAN a good deal and they assured me the only difference is the colour , for what it's worth l LOVE mine! my floors have NEVER looked this good ..KenHi Lorraine, Been trying to find this out myself. Purchased an orange professional one from Harvey Norman today. Haven't used it yet. Planning on phoning Bissell tomorrow to ask them about the difference between the twop. The green one advertised by global shop appears to have a few extras but I haven't been able to find any specs on it to compare the actual machines. JillsieThey are all the same except the orange is suppose to have a better warranty, and the green one I think is suppose to come with all three brushes.

ls this machine suitable to clean polished concrete floors & do you have a suitable cleaning fluid that doesn't leave streaks? regards Ken
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Ken, I am not sure, you would have to ask BISSELL. I bought my cleaning fluid from Woolworths (Outside the checkouts) but if you buy one check out the prices on the Bissell outlet shop, they are cheaper direct from Bissell as you typically get them post free when purchased with the machine. If the floor is finely polished it may be no different to tiles. My wife ran the machine over 600x600 tiles, very large area and she was VERY IMPRESSED and that was after 20 years, they were white and the scrubbing made them WHITER.I only have tiles but the customer service is great give them a call.l purchased my unit from Harvey Norman & have only done a quick test run using the multi - surface sample supplied on my polished concrete floors, VERY IMPRESSED.. but will still see if they have a product especially for polished concrete, if not l'm sure the Multi- Surface will be fine ..

Am really interested in the Crosswave, but have slate floors in entrance, bathroom and toilet, and large kitchen/family room. The slate has always worn out other 'soft' mops and cleaners - has anyone had success with this type of flooring?
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I have uneven tiles and this is the first one that I don't have a problem with but to be sure give Bisssell a call they are very good. Plus they give you 90 days to check, if it is no good they will take it back. Hope this helps

Hello there. I'm interested in buying the Bissell Crosswave. Our house has a lot of tiles. We have two cats one of which has long hair. They shed a lot of fur, especially in summer. I dread doing the floors as it is such a big job. I have to vacuum first then mop. Because I bought one of those you beaut spinning mops the bucket is very heavy. I have to change the water about 6 or seven times to do the whole house. It hurts my wrists and elbows lifting the bucket in & out of the laundry tub. My whole body aches for days after doing the floors, so I dread doing them. It also takes me all day as I have to stop and rest often. Does the Bissell Crosswave get the dirt from up against the skirting boards on the floor. I understand I would probably still have to clean in corners and nooks and crannies myself, on hands and knees. Could someone advise me on this. Would it be worth my wile to buy one of these. Any advice will be much appreciated?
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Because of the width of the brushes, it doesn't clean up to the edge but I too have pets (dogs) and I am surprised at the amount of hair it picks up from my bamboo wood floor so this feature in itself far outweighs any doubts I would have about the edges (although it would be nice not to have to go over areas that are missed). If it's a big area you may need to change the dirty water tank but that's not too much effort. I would highly recommend watching any review videos on YouTube as I did beforehand so you get an idea of how it runs.Yes it would these are great machines I have a number of dogs plus cats my floors have never been so clean. I used to have to rinse the mop regularly under running water because the bucket would end up so dirty. My life is so much easier now. You can easily click out the roller and give it a rinse if needs be, I had to do that for an elderly relatives home because their floors were so dirty but at home I haven't had to worry about that.

Would this work on tiles outside - the tiles have a antislip finish? I find these tiles shred ordinary mops.
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I don't have this type tile to try the machine out on perhaps call Bissell and ask their customer service team, they might know the answer.

How close does this get to the edges - I'm needing something quick and easy just for my kitchen area and bathrooms - we have matai floors throughout and the dust gathers around the edge
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This machine as brilliant as it is does not get very close to the edge. I would love it more if it did but I would still not give the machine up because of that issue as my floors have never been cleaner. Bissell offer a 90 day money back deal suggest you give it ago you cant lose.Prior to purchasing my Crosswave I watched a video on YouTube that warned me that because of the size of the rollers, they will not clean up to the edge so I was aware of this beforehand. Knowing this, I still purchased this and I'm very happy with it.

I have had my Bissell Crosswave for about 6 months now. My floors are still streaking even after cutting back on the cleaning solution. It also leaves wheel marks. I was also under the impression it helped dry the floors as you cleaned ?..... Any advice? Im a pensioner and cannot afford to purchase anything else and unable to mop by hand.
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Do small areas at a time and then go over this area on vacuum only. I have high gloss porcelain tiles and it cleans them without streaks and dry in no time. Make sure you are not pressing the liquid dispenser button as you try to vacuum. What cleaning liquid are you using? GailloonDo small areas at a time and then go over this area on vacuum only. I have high gloss porcelain tiles and it cleans them without streaks and dry in no time. Make sure you are not pressing the liquid dispenser button as you try to vacuum. What cleaning liquid are you using? GailloonI'm using the recommended Bissell floor cleaner. I'll give it a go as you have recommended and are if it makes a difference. Thank you for your suggestion...

Would this work on puppy messes? I am a foster carer and am always cleaning up puppy messes. I understand it would not be hygenic to use elsewhere, but would it work as a dedicated machine to clean up puppy mess?
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Yes, providing faeces is scooped up with toilet paper. I would also soak up urine with toilet paper first. I had and incontinent Snr dog and accidentally went over one of its accidents with my bissel. Sure it sucked it up but there was a strong urine smell about after. Thereafter, I used toilet paper then went over the area with the bissel and it cleaned it well with no smell.Yes, providing faeces is scooped up with toilet paper. I would also soak up urine with toilet paper first. I had and incontinent Snr dog and accidentally went over one of its accidents with my bissel. Sure it sucked it up but there was a strong urine smell about after. Thereafter, I used toilet paper then went over the area with the bissel and it cleaned it well with no smell.I think it would be easier just to use a sponge and water for quick little messes as you have to clean the machine after you use it. It's better for big areas that would take too long on hands and knees.

I have bamboo planks. Does it leave streaks on them as majority of home is covered by them?
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Hi Cheryl...I'm not sure if it would leave streaks on bamboo planks...we have vinyl on our hard floors and it dries so quickly that it doesn't have time to streak. I know someone else on the reviews said that it left streaks on their tiles, but I couldn't be happier with it. It's been a game changer for me as I don't have to get hubby to mop the floors due to my shoulder injury. Sorry I couldn't be more help.I have a floating bamboo wood floor and it doesn't leave streaks on them.

How does this go on vacuuming up larger things? I always seem to have a lot of hair on my floors and the kids drop food bits etc. can this handle larger things or only good for dust/fine dirt etc?
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I don't think that it is particularly good for larger things. We use the crosswave to clean tiles and carpets to get out fine particles and clean off the haze that can build up on tiles. We use a normal dry vacuum for general cleaning up of larger things. The crosswave is best used as a wet vacuum (in my opinion) and does not replace the general purpose dry vacuum.I am retired and have 2 dogs , the house is tiled with flooring in bedrooms . I have a mat and a doggy bed on the side for the large dog and the mat comes up great no problems. I wish I had been able to buy this years ago instead of spending ages trying to vacuum hair off

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