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Bissell Crosswave Professional Multi-Surface 1713F

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Made cleaning so much easier!

The crosswave has made cleaning my floors so much quicker. No longer having to vacuum them mop has cut my cleaning time in half. It's easy to use and does a great job. It's perfect for cleaning up after 4 young kids. Highly recommend this product and I would definitely by again.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Not so perfect as coed is too small

Hi, I just bought this recently as I have a 2 year old at home and it’s easy as it mops n vaccumes at the same time but unfortunately the cord was so small it was not covering even 1/4 if our living room and we don’t have enough PowerPoints to cover foot path and other parts of living area and as we bought it online we dint know how to use it and it was leaking all dirty water after some time then we went to store for demonstration but even then we were not happy as the main purpose is to clean our white tiles it was not useful for us so trying to give it back unfortunately.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Cleans the floor but poor cleaning under things

This vacuume cleaner dose a great job on the carpet but is extremely difficult if you want to do under things as it dose not go low enough. The sucktion is good and cleans up even dirt but just sucks around and under things. The cord also is a tad short

Date PurchasedApr 2016


It works great in the middle of your floors. If that's all you want clean. Doesn't go around furniture, doesn't go under furniture, and doesn't get around edges. It sucks. It does pick up and do area rugs. That's about all it's good for. Use your vacuum and buy a Ocedar Spin Mop. Then you can get all the dirt.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Does a GREAT job, Significant time saver.

Have used the Crosswave on our Tiled Kitchen and Bathroom Floors GREAT job. Also polished timer floors, what a time saver. The only issues are (1) the machine is a bit noisy but is not of great concern. Also does not clean right up to the edge of walls and Cupboards this task has to be done with a mop but considering the area cleaned the edges are insignificant. Great cleaning job and easy to clean brushes and change for varying floor types. Saves double handling with Vacuum then clean with Buckets etc. VERY HAPPY with this appliance SO FAR.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Makes life easy

This machine is the best thing I have ever purchased, I use it nearly every day, no buckets no mops, doesn't make the floor to wet and makes the timber floor very shinny wouldn't be without it, it keeps my floor and carpet very clean and is very easy to use, very happy customer

Date PurchasedJul 2017


I’m in love with it! I moved into a new home, this machine does carpets in the bedrooms perfectly
which I dreaded as I hate carpets then I just keep going over the tiles, then over the wooden floors. It’s a miracle. The floors a beautiful and clean. Then the rest of the week I just give a quick sweep until I am ready to give another wash of the floors.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great Product!

It saves so much time, I don't need to vacuum and then mop. The only negative is that it does not go right to the edges, which at times you need to wipe the edges. I use it everyday over tiles and rugs. There is not a lot of water left on the floor and it is ready to walk on in minutes, which is another plus.

Date PurchasedApr 2018


This product performs brilliantly it has fantastic suction, easy to maneuver. I did an area of approx 100 sq mtrs on about 2 fills of water bottle. I purchased it yesterday & have used it twice already both on tiled floor & our rugs. We have 2 German Shepherds who wander in & out as they please with red muddy feet & shed hair daily so you can imagine the mess. The crosswave cleaned it all up perfectly in one easy go usually I have to vacuum then mop this is just so easy thanks Bissell

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Game changer!

Used it once and I’m pretty sure this is a game changer! I did a very quick pre-vac but realised quickly it really wasn’t necessary. Suction is great, floors come up squeaky clean, plus it could pick up things my stick vac couldn’t (like sequins.) Once you’ve read the instructions once everything is straightforward and simple. Cleaning is easy and not as yuck as I might have anticipated. Machine can dry out amply so there’s is no residual damp smell.

It has a few drawbacks in my opinion: you need to carry the cord because it gets in the way, it missed about an inch around the walls, you can’t get under things as well as you might like (although no problem getting under something like a dining table) and it’s loud. Plus, the Bissell solution that you have to use to keep your warranty is really expensive for how quickly you’d go through it. I’m just going to use hot water though and am confident that will suffice most of the time. None of these drawbacks are significant I think. For anyone who has trouble finding the time to vac then mop, and for anyone with pets or young kids, I think the Crosswave serves its purpose really well.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Crosswave review

I love that I purchased this machine. Had it a few months and my carpet and floors have never stayed so clean. I have used it on my carpets and tile floors. Also have used it on my buddies hardwood floors and rugs. He had a rug outside that had been stained for years. Took me a couple times to go over it, but the stains were pretty much all gone. The stains didn't come out 100%, but you had to truly stare at it to realize any were there. And these stains that you could see was from mud that had been on the rug for years. The only issue I have found is how often you have to change the water and empty out the dirt and water trap. I haven't dealt with any streak issues like some have stated. And the fact that I can shampoo the carpets every couple weeks has kept my carpet soft and fluffy.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Cleaning spectacular

This is one of the best cleaners I've ever had did not no my clean floors were so dirty.the shine on tiles I've never seen before.Easy to use & clean.A GREAT machine. The only thing wrong with this item is that the cleaning parts & cleaners for it are so expensive thats why i give it a 4 star . Otherwise I would have given it a 5 star

Date PurchasedApr 2018


I’m in love, where has this machine been all of my life. I moved into a new home, this machine does carpets in the bedrooms which I dreaded as I hate carpets then I just keep going over the tiles, then over the wooden floors. It’s a miracle. The floors a beautiful and clean. Then the rest of the week I just give a quick sweep until I am ready to give another wash of the floors.

Date PurchasedOct 2017


The performance of this crosswise is exceptional, if you think you have clean wooden floors, think again! This machine certainly works hard, and is one of the best floor cleaners I have ever used. You will never use a mop and bucket again. We use it on our tiles under the pergola, on our carpets and in the tiled areas of the bathrooms.
I have wooden floors, ceramic tiles and carpet and my house is huge.
It is easy to use, light and extremely functional.
Very very happy with this crosswise, and I am sure you will be too when you purchase it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Marvellous Product

Stop press, don't buy any steam or floor cleaner before you check out the Bissell Crosswave it is the best invention for a floor cleaner it just makes work so easy and the floor so shiny from the first time and I can't fault any of its performances either on the hard floor or on rugs ... but be careful not to use it on carpets ... I found that you can do so if you buy the brush only attachment and clean the dirty water tank twice while cleaning 3 bedrooms

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Perfect product for my requirements

I had read a lot of positive reviews about the Bissel Crosswave, made the leap and purchased one. It was simple to assemble and my package included 3 types of cleaners and spare rug and floor brushes. It works a treat, is easy to use and manoeuvre. It would be great to have a bigger tank but given how compact it is having bigger tanks would have made it heavier. It is as noisy as a vacuum cleaner.

The beauty of the system is the vacuum and wash in one step - the post use cleanup is not onerous. I was surprised at how dirty my floors were and how clean they now are. Before the Bissel when I wiped up a spill it was clear that the floor wasn't as clean is it could be. This doesn't happen after using the Bissel.

I used it on vinyl flooring, rugs and freshening the carpet (although it is not apparently meant for carpet cleaning).
Revolutionises floor cleaning.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

I love my bissel cross wave

Since purchasing this last year the floors have never been cleaner. It’s amazing to look at how dirty the collected water is after washing a seemingly clean floor.
I was convinced it was the perfect machine for me after seeing video reviews of it sucking up a broken egg. It really can handle just about any situation on a hard floor.
The unit is designed to clean mainly hard floors and low pile area rugs. The two settings on the handle are rug and hardfloor, the only difference being that it pumps more cleaning solution out when you have it set in rug mode and less solution when set on hard floor.
I use the machine every week for a full clean of the house. We have 3 dogs and 2 inside/outside cats so there is usually always some hair balls around. While the cross wave can cope with sucking up some hair I have found it is better to give the floor a quick vacuum first as it gives a better cleaning result.
The cleaning solution reservoir is about 400-500mL and is enough to do 1 bed room and a medium kitchen and living room if used on hardfloor mode. However I like to use the rug setting and always have the solution trigger activated, so it usually takes 3 full tanks to clean the whole house, I think this gives a better clean.
Unfortunately the dirty water bin is smaller only holding 200-300 mL and cuts out before the clean tank is empty. The float stop mechanism is effective and it has never failed. I would of liked the two tanks to be balanced so that the clean tank is empty at the same time the dirty tank is full.
The only other drawbacks are that is can’t go very low to the ground without the floor head lifting up, which means you can’t clean under beds or benches very well or at all. The power cord also very frequently gets in the way of cleaning, so you usually have to hold it up with your other hand.
For the next generation of this device I would like to have the ability to turn the suction off and be able to put solution down on the floor to soak and soften hardened spills, also the water capacity could be larger and the inability to clean under beds is the only other minor issues.

In summary I liked it so much I bought one for a friend. I could never go back to a mop and bucket now.

Where have you been all my life

The best $350 I have spent in a long time. Works as advertised, vaccums and mops all in one handy machine. I have small children and spills happen - a lot, this unit makes easy work of spilt cereal and milk and a sticky floor quickly becomes sparkling clean. Love the fact I can run it over the floor rugs and they come up nice and fresh too. The only downside is I wish the dirty water reservoir was larger but it's pretty simple and quick to empty out. Love it!

Time saver

After great consideration I ordered the Crosswave and couldn't be happier in that it saves me time as I can to the vacuuming and mopping in one. I have tiles(bathrooms), hardwood floors and then carpets in the bedrooms and it works wonderfully on all surfaces. For the carpeted areas I use the rug function and have had not probels at all. It isnt what I would call quiet but it is light to use although in tight spaces it can be a bit clusy. You do need to fill the water dispenser twice to clean a 5 bedroom house but I do it when I am emptying the dirty water container. The biggest challenge for me was and is to not go over the cord.

Great for bad backs

Really does what they say and very easy to use. I love that the clean and dirty water are separate and a full tank goes such a long way! I have a back injury and regular mopping can be very painful, but with the Crosswave there's really no effort at all.

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Questions & Answers

does it leave streaks on high closs (very shiny) tiles?
2 answers
I haven’t used it on shiny tiles. My experience is that it doesn’t leave streaks if you don’t put in too much cleaning solution and you refill the reservoir with fresh water and solution before it is completely empty. The key is using the right amount of an appropriate cleaning solution.thank you, will keep that in mind if i get one (soon)

Can I use other wood floor cleaning products with the crosswave?
3 answers
Hi Libby, The User Guide clearly has a warning NOT to use any other cleaning products. Regards.The reputable seller of my Crosswave didn't have Bissell solution so they sold me an alternative with the instruction not to use it on carpets, only hard floors (which is what I had so that was ok and it's been fine). I understand why manufacturers stipulate that only their products should be used but it's sometimes not all that helpful. In my opinion, it would not damage the machine to use another floor cleaning solution as long as it was not a harsh detergent. And I'd go for something low-sudsing. If you followed their directions for dilution, I don't see how this would cause a problem. I'm quite happy to try other things including a home-made concoction, but then, I'm a cowgirl. I would, of course, avoid powerful solvents like kero or meths as those might well damage the machine.The Bissell solution is very low foaming, whereas if you use a detergent that foams it can damage the machine and/or clog it up over time.

Can I buy pet attachment and cleaner for my cross wave professional? Linda
No answers


Crosswave Professional Multi-Surface 1713F
Price (RRP)$399
Bin Capacity0.43L
HEPA Filter No
Cord Length7.6m

  • GTIN12: 011120229806

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