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Bissell Professional Special Edition 52326

Bissell Professional Special Edition 52326

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Is this really a Bissell???

Is this really Bissell? The Bissell Sweepers I knew of were actually bigger and had better quality brushes.
The Special edition of The classic sweeper is not what it seems. .The last Bissell I used was so much more wider than this one, It also has rubber tabs on the wheels (its the only way i could explain it) and not the original brush like wheels that actually pick up dirt, It fills up very quckly and the rubber tabs seem to spread the dirt more so then pick it up..
Small, Lightweight, Can see what it does pick up, storability
To compact (Not wide enough), Rubber Tabs instead of actual brushes on the wheel???

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Professional Special Edition 52326
Price (RRP)135.45
Release dateFeb 2013

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