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Black Hawk Original Range

Black Hawk Original Range

4.5 from 19 reviews

Black Hawk has everything my dog needs nutritionally ... my dog just loves the Black Hawk.

No adverse effects. My little bubble came to me one hell of a farting machine, different brands have not changed this ... advised this is an individual problem due to mixed breeding and it doesn’t matter what my dog is fed ... a minute or two walk in the yard clears any issues. Besides, the nightly fart is outweighed by the nutrition of Black Hawk.

Purchased in October 2017 at PetBarn for $83.00.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StagePuppy/Kitten
Side Effects No

Recommended by a family member who is a vet...but dogs won't touch these!!

Purchased on recommendation from our daughter a veterinarian. Sadly the dogs.. a pom and a moodle do not agree with her choice...can't get them to eat this no matter how much I try!!!

Purchased in January 2019 at PetBarn for $34.99.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StageAdult
Side Effects No

No more ear infection for my scotty dog on Blackhawk fish & potato

My 8yr old Archie loves Blackhawk fish & potato.
My vet said he’s in excellent health, spent $1000 on ear infections until I took him off all meat products, now just dry kibble, veggies, fruit, tuna & rice. Perfect weight for a scotty even though he loves his food and clean teeth thanks to a whole carrot each day.

2 sick Labradors

Thought I would try an Aussie all natural product, dogs loved the smell and the taste,
But after a couple of days I noticed them scratching my female lost a tonne of hair and all her skin was flaking poor girl it was horrible.
My male started eating grass and then vomiting also itching.
After a total of 9 days I took them off the food and back on to their original purina super coat and things are slowly getting back to normal.
So I would not recommend this food I have learnt a lesson if it works don’t change it.

My Mini Schnauzerz love it.

My dogs love these biscuits. As a dog owner I expect a holistic diet and the Black Hawk range provide wholesome biscuits with all natural ingrediants.

Great food for all dogs. You wont buy better

My German Shepherd loves it and is in perfect condition. Beautiful food. I just add a little MSM to complete the deal.

Find a better dog food. I'll wait

My German Shepherd x Husky eats a combination of Black Hawk Original Recipe (or grain free) with some pet mince from our butcher. He thrives on this food, he has a beautiful shiny coat and is very healthy. We occasionally babysit friends and families dogs, many of which bring mass produced supermarket brands. The dogs often arrive with average looking coats and often bad flatulence. 1-2 weeks on Black Hawk and they look healthier, the horrible flatulence is usually gone and they seem happier. I made another purchase today, 24x cans of canned food (first time buying) and a re-order of the grain free kangaroo. Aside from raw meat from the butcher, I won't feed my dog any other food after trialling many and finding this is far superior to all others. You get what you pay for.


i have 2 dogs, a bull arab x and a mastiff x ridgeback, my bull arab x has always been a fussy pup, never eating any other kibble i offered and flat out refuses tin foods. i figured all dog foods were the same and decided on raw food. i was spending around $80 a week and both dogs look like they could use more food, i was also getting stuffed around on service and quality.

recent events made it impossible to source good raw food, so i had to look at a kibble alternative. the price has always detered me from Blackhawk, but when i sat down and worked out how far a 20kg bag would last me, i realised it was approximately $40 a week! thats a 50% saving a week! it has NO wheat or cheap fillers in it, which both my dogs seemed to react to and get upset tummy's.

i purchased a 10kg bag to transition them and try them on it, both dogs have drastically improved, no longer seeming unhappy and are both very excited at dinner time! my fussy Bull arab actually follows me and waits for his dinner! he and my other dog have already shown a HUGE improvement and are happier and looking a little healthier. being that my Bull arab is a super active dog, the fat and protien in this is helping him gain some much needed weight. my other dog is also happier and both of my guys have a more settled tummy and better behaviour.

the only downside to Blackhawk Adult Lamb and Rice? i didn't buy it sooner.

My pups love it

For a treat I will give my dogs black hawk it’s great value money and my dogs just love it.

My veterinary surgeon yelled at me because of the state of my dogs teeth

I couldn't get my 2 year old dog to eat any of the other commercial dry foods,so I opted to just feeding her "My dog" canned food,until I took her for her annual check up & the vet noticed a black line on her teeth from Inadequate dental hygiene from not having dry food In her dietary regime.
I mentioned that to the vet that she's a fussy lil' basturd & that she refuses to eat the dry food I offer her.
I heeded the vets feedback though & found Black Hawk dry dog food at my local produce store.
Thankfully my dog loves both the fish & potato & the lamb & rice dry food & nowadays her teeth,body weight & coat all look fantastic

My doggies love it!

Currently using the puppy chicken, but next bag they will be on adult food. Both of my spoodles love it and eat it all! They love the size of the kibble compared to other brands we tried when they were younger! Will continue to use :)

Black Hawk is great and affordable!

We used Black Hawk for our puppy when she was getting tummy upsets and it fixed the issues quickly! We didn’t need to feed her as much as the cheaper stuff as it is a more nutritious dog good and it’s still very affordable! We have used some of the other flavours and even the grain free.
Our local Tucker’s store helps us with all her puppy needs and even loads the heavy 20kg Black Hawk dog food bags into the car! Amazing service. I think you can also buy online and have it delivered to your door www.tuckersstore.com.au
They always have so much Black Hawk feed available so delivery is very quick!
We love Black Hawk!

A necessity for your growing puppy!

My puppy loves the Black Hawk Puppy Lamb and Rice kibble. Great to know that it is Australian made with natural holistic ingredients. Her coat is so shiny and it is good for her teeth. My go to dry puppy food!

Black Hawk ideal for Mini Schnauzers

I own 2 Mini Schnauzers & have changed dog food products,especially in dry kibble. I was using the Royal Canin for quite a few years until I was told it wasn't Australian made. My Dog Club suggested to use the Black Hawk Dry Dog Food because they have great results in their dog's coat & health. I have tried the small bag first to see my 2 Mini's liked it first. Ever since then,the dog's health is much better & their weight is stable. Thank you Black Hawk for your great products.

Black Hawk Chicken & Rice Feline Biscuits

Switched from Royal Canin Kitten at 12 months old. No upset stomach and my ragdoll seems to love them more then royal canin. She has put on more weight and her coat is lovely and soft. Stools are firm as they were before. I can't fault them and the price is a lot better then royal canin. Black Hawk Feline Chicken and Rice is highly recommended by me.

Not so good

Was really happy with this food a couple of years ago not now! Had to change as it was giving them upset tummies!! Haven't had any further issues since changing they are alot happier on A La Carte which is cheaper & much better for them! Pet Super store Dural has a good supply of this for those who live in that area!

Dry puppy food that fussy dog loves - coat shiny and a very healthy puppy

Our mini foxie puppy started on Advance Puppy food. They are very small dry food pieces but he had trouble eating them and wasn't interested in them. He tended to itch/scratch himself often. I tried Canidae dry food and he wouldn't eat it at all. I got a free sample of this Black Hawk Lamb and Rice dry puppy food from Black Hawk. He loved it!! His coat is now so soft and shiny, he has no odours at all, pooh firmish and not much odour. He still is a bit fussy so we give him Black Hawk moist dog food, Nutro natural choice moist food, egg with the dry food, tuna, rib bones, etc for variety. But the staple of his diet is this Black Hawk dry puppy food and his is very happy, healthy and no scratching.

BlackHawk grainfree chicken, Aussie made

Both me and the MY cat loves the chicken grain free BH. This dry cat food is made from chicken meal cats need a high protein diet, sweet potato for fiber good choice n gluten free, peas more fiber n protein, chicken fat, verge oil, emu oil, whole linseed that's a handful of omega3 & 6 + ocean fish meal, fruits, vege, herbs, egg all good. Most cat food dominant ingredient is wheat& powdered cellulose that's 100% filler. I feel a lot better feeding my cat real food that is good for her health and comes from australia I feel it's fresher. My cat has a nice coat she is black n fuffy so lots of fur and you can see when she is not shiny, nice teeth, and health looking poo. I only feed dry food and have tried and looked into all the top brands this one is better and not over priced like most top brands. We like the dry dog food BlackHack for our dogs too.

November 22nd 2016 Update: Original Chicken & Rice

Both me and the MY dogs loves the chicken & rice BH I have a border collie n Chihuahua. This dry dog food is made from chicken meal high in iron, zinc & omega 3 & 6. Brown rice slow energy release, peppermint that is a digestive aid. My bc had really bad allergies, itching all the time poor thing was so uncomfortable I went to the vets trying many different meds and Changed all the stuff we gave him over & over hoping each time he would feel better. I picked up some great info like coconut is amazing. We did know that it was common for dry dog food could be a reason so we tried most of the top ones but the best, black Hawk change his life, it has no hormones, no additives or anything unnatural. We had a new dog now. A great Aussie brand.

Cheaper But Better Quality Premium Cat Food Which Is Aussie Made

My cat loves it and its fur is soft more than ever. I think it does vary from cat to cat but generally speaking, Black Hawk does not give those crap on package saying the food can treat certain problem. Since it is purchased by a Kiwi company this Aussie made brand is very popular. They have grain free range too but it is hard to get from chain store like Petbarn and Petstock. It has healthier ingredient than many of its competitors.

Questions & Answers

My 4 month old lab has been on black hawk puppy and has developed bad diarrhoea that just wont quit.. have had her back at the vet twice and when we stop feeding the black hawk puppy dry food it clears up so must be the food. Has anyone else had tgis problem?
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Hi, Same here. Our 4-month-old lab has a very upset tummy when he eats Black Hawk. We were advised by the breeder to go for it but poor puppy has been twice to see a vet and it is was prescribed with special food that soothes his tummy. Tried to put him back to Black Hawk and the problem comes back again. He is still on a special type of food and we are now thinking which one to use instead of Black Hawk. Any advice?Hi We have been using Royal Canin Hypoallergenic and the tummy problems have totally gone. We are going to try the blackhawk again after a full month on the RC and first sight of diarrohea returning it is going in the bin. I am going to try RC for labradors as my 2nd choice if the Blackhawk is a no.good. I am only trying it again as i have a $100 bag sitting there to use. RC have a guarantee to refund if food isn't suitable. We were using chicken flavour and vet did say that puppies can be allergic to chicken due to the amount of hormones added to it these days.but the can grow out of it.. Good luck as we know there is nothing worse than a puppy with diarrhoea especially if you are house training.

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