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Black Wolf Bladerunner

Black Wolf Bladerunner

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Black Wolf 80/20 Bladerunner

I have had this for years and it has never failed..Impressed me that much I told my Team mates and they use them now..They get abused thru the airports and dragged thru mud n dirt and the wheels just keep on going..Big enough for all my gear yet smaller than the competition which means I can pack more gear as the weight isnt all Bag.

Blck Wold Bladerunner 80+20

My wife and I have had 8 of these over the years and we have never missed a beat. We have had to replace 4 due to airline handling damage, and the airline replaced them each time without an issue. We travel extensively and these bags have been sturdy, strong and problem free. The only reason I have replaced them (other than airline damage) is after lengthy time they get old - just like all of us. But we have never had wheel problems or anything else, and packing them is easy from the bottom up. One last useful tip is that we use TSA locks on the key sippers, and coloured plastic ties on the lesser ones. then it is easy to spot of anyone has tampered with the bags.

OK for short term

I have had two of these bags in the past 3 years. I travel a lot so the warranty really appealed and I rely on a reliable sturdy product. I have really given the product a fair go. When the first one failed after 6 months they replaced easily. The second time not interested in replacing. Mode failure the same in both cases - fabric falling apart and zipper breaking. Quite good function up until failure. Plenty of room and easy to pack. Easy to wheel, Not a product for serious travelling but maybe good for one trip per year,.

Great until the wheels fell apart

Purchased the 40+10 Bladerunner and it was great for a few trips, until the wheels started falling apart.
Blackwolf weren't interested in replacing in fact couldn't get anyone to repair/replace due to style of wheels (which have apparently been changed in later Bladrunner versions).
Lots of zippered pockets and different sections, but none of this is of any use if the wheels fall apart.

Be careful! Wheels are already busted

My husband and I are currently on a round the world trip for 11 months and left Sydney in May this year, feeling like Blackwolf advocates with our matching Blackwolf Bladerunner 80+20 and Tempo 40 backpacks. We have traversed many a terrain and I was actually going to write into Blackwolf about our adventures... Until just this week the wheel of my Bladerunner broke. It leans to its side and drags along the ground. It was not due to luggage handling as we had been in Portugal for 2 months and it hadn't been on the plane the entire time. We were simply rolling it down the street to our hire car.
My husband has looked at it carefully and it is still in place but somehow the inside axle has come loose. We think it may be an easy fix if we could just get access to the wheel... But upon inspection the whole thing is designed not to be able to access this part.
Reading the other reviews, it seems to be a common problem. My bag is not old and not damaged. The other wheel on my bag is starting to exhibit the same traits. There is enough evidence now to show that this is not simply wear and tear and is a complete design flaw that thus qualifies it for "product not performing as described" according to the fair trading website. The fact that we cannot fix it is also a design flaw.
I give it 1 star simply because this is a major fault. If a "rolling duffle" does not roll then this is a fault Blackwolf must address. Strengthen your axles! Someone from Blackwolf, please contact me via Private Message to discuss before I take the matter further. Thank you.

Almost perfect choice for luggage black wolf blade runner 60+20

Fabulous all-round, heavy duty. Only tip is keep what you put in the two compartments very segregated as if you want things from the bottom section first, the top section which in sort of the lid is heavy and awkward to lift. So always pack what you'll be needing either first, or what you would need overnight or first couple of days if on the move. Once I got the hang of just how to smartly pack it, it's the best luggage ever. I just use bits of string to hold all the zips together securely. They just cut little locks anyway! The numerous handles are a godsend. Great robust luggage, mine has just done 2 months solid all over the world.

Good Bag BIG Problem Wheel Construction

Done alot of domestic and international travel with my Bladerunner 80+20
Poor structural integrity with wheel design
Blackwolf will not accept warrenty claim on lifetime warrenty
Great service from my local supplier
Kimberley Camping Mngr Bruce
Poor response from Blackwolf
Its a good bag but wheel design is weak and cant survive luggage carrousels
Focus on a solution Blackwolf
My next bag will not be Blackwolf !

Quality construction

Purchased the black 60 litre plus 20 blackwolf Bladerunner duffle travel bag with wheels as an alternative to carry-on suitcase and large suitcase, as found these to be too small and too large for shorter trips where additional room required for shoes and jackets. This size would only be suitable as checked luggage on aircraft as it would be too large as a carry on luggage.

The design of the bag allows for items to be laid flat or folded and the roll out lining to seperate the wet pack from luggage in the bottom section of the bag is another good design feature. A small netted area with zipper is also in the top inside area of the bag. Several small external storage areas with zipper access and ability to place small padlocks to secure compartments if required.

The ability to either use as a carry duffle or use the two wheels and concealed handle to wheel the luggage is great. Expansion to 80 litre capacity if required is also good.

The real test on the durability of the design will come when it finds its way down the luggage belts and in and out of aircraft luggage hold.

Wheels are useless and cannot be replaced

We travelled with our Bladerunner 80 plus 20 bags and one wheel got damaged in transit. We asked Black Wolf rep to review re warrenty/replacement both requests were declined saying it was wear and tear not warranty. I have contacted Black Wolf customer service and spoken to marco a couple of times re my complaint and asked him to submit my request to his manager and advise. I have had no response. Very disappointed. Thank you. Joyce

Highly Recommend Black Wolf Bladerunner 60+20 & 80+20

Our family of 4 purchased 2 Black Wolf Bladerunner 80+20 bags in 2014 and added 2 Black Wolf Bladerunner 60+20 bags to our arsenal in 2015.

For overseas trips we take the 2 80+20 bags plus 4 Black Wolf Zeus day packs for our family of 4. This combo fits well in any medium to large car and the kids carry their own packs while mum and dad slide their packs over the handle on the Bladerunners for easy transit though airports and accommodation. The 60+20 Bladerunners get more domestic use, 1 per person for a week away and two fit comfortably in the boot of a small car. Both the 80+20 and 60+20 Bladerunners have been used by the kids for school camps, the size used determined by length of camp and amount of gear needed.

The Black Wolf Bladerunners have proven themselves to be tough and have handled everything the kids and baggage handlers have thrown at them. The zips are sturdy and the wheels heavy duty. There are easy to access and well considered pockets and compartments as well as the option of 2 separate compartments in the main body of the bag or one large space. An internal "bag" to separate dirty clothes from clean or store shoes is also a bonus. Along with the extendable transit handle there are another 3 handles placed around the bag which are handy when extracting them from airport baggage conveyors or out of car boots no matter which way they are positioned. The Bladerunners are also easily expanded, via a zip to create yet more space. We use packing cells which make packing and unpacking the Bladerunners super quick and help keep everything sorted when the kids go rummaging.

Highly recommend these tough and practical bags.

Bladerunner 80+20 first choice when I travel

I travel almost every week for work plus take a major trip every two years for holidays. I have gone through many bags so feel I know what's a good bag.

The bladerunner in my opinion would be my pick of a bag if I had to make a decision, why?

Easy to move whether on wheels or backpack
Expands to take more gear if required
Plenty of pockets so you don't rummage through looking for a ticket or charger for phone
Well built and will stand up to plenty of abuse with by airlines
Well priced.

I highly recommend these bags and in particular the 80/20 size not too big not too small for a few weeks of travel.

Black Wolf Bladerunner.

This is a great bag. A little more expensive than consumer grade but its built to stand up to baggage handler abuse. It will still be going when 3 of the cheaper ones are gone. Built strong and tough with very practical features. The wheels are really heavy duty.

Still going strong.

Travelled overseas 3 times (India, Alaska & Europe) 18 weeks in total. Also buses and four wheel drives in outback Australia. Bag has weathered all that has been dished up to it. So good I have purchased another 2 for other family members who now also rave about their bags.
Later addition to review.
Have clocked up another 16 weeks now through South America, also the Kimberley and Africa, (more four wheel drives) and still going STRONG.
Good looking, durable, durable, durable, many pockets. The material just wears and wears. Bag has been thrown around for nearly 5 years and does not appear worn, no stiching give way or wear and still has no tears.

Black Wolf Blade Runner 60+20

"Bladerunner 60+20"
This is an outstanding mid weight - mid sized travel bag. If you travel anywhere then this travel bag is the one ! I'm on my 2nd bag now, because my son (who plays in a rock band) has actually snatched my 1st one from me to use for all his spares for music / band. Its such outstanding quality as well. A lot of thought has gone into the BW range of travel gear.
I like the fact that it has tough utility pockets for all those small fiddly things that you carry with you. I also like the fact that it has a very strong spine & strong carry handle which extends just at the right height for wheeling behind you when your going through in the airport. Good quiet wheels as well. Overall, I'm stocked with the Black Wolf products. We also have 2 x of their large camping tents as well which I'm happy with. Excellent products IMHO.
Melbourne, VIC
versatile, reliable, good strong zips, extra carry handles where needed, great trolley handle & wheels
probably around 10-15% more expensive than say "Surf" Brands of same calibre, but hey, you get what you pay for in the end !!!

Great bag.

This bag has been around the world a couple of times and still looks like new. They are great value for money. I like the two main compartments, use one for winter clothes and one for summer if travelling south to north. Like the "dirty shoes" pocket, useful for dirty washing if your boots are not dirty. Expandable if needed, though I pack with the expansion open and then zip closed to compress the bag. Fully packed with arctic gear only weighs about 16Kg.
Tough. Many handy pockets. Handles on top, sides and ends for easy handling. Sturdy wheels, compact for small boot spaces. Easy to spot on the bag carousel.
Can't think of any problems except people asking where I got it from when OS

Sounds like just what I need. All the other brands I've looked at so far look a bit flimsy. what size do you have? Thanks IanHey Ian. Been OS fo a while with my trusty bladerunner. The size I have is a 60+20. My wife has a 60+20 and a 80+20 as well. This trip we both used the 60+20 and found them great with hire cars etc and easy to lug upstairs when needed as well. After quite a few flights the bag still looks great with no damage at all.Thanks Ken. I'm going to order one of the 60+20 bags.

Great bag, durable, and with many pockets

I really like my Bladerunner for many reasons - mostly because it is durable, it has many different pockets and compartments, and has an extender zip which gives you an extra few inches when unzipped - for when your bag is too full.
You can also create two complete sections inside the bag to make it more organised.
The wheels are strong, and it has a retractable pull handle so you can wheel it down the street.
The only downside is that my bag comes with backstraps, and when you are carrying 20kg +, the straps do not seems strong enough to hold the weight.
Would recommend to anyone who doesn't want to carry it on their bag. I paid about $170 for this bag, and it was worth it.
Sturdy, good compartments, easy to wheel around.
Difficult to carry on back with straps

Questions & Answers

I'm heading overseas for 8 weeks through Canada, US, Columbia & Galapagos Islands. Am not sure if it's the 80/20 or 110/30 I'm wanting to buy for this trip. What size do you suggest? Has anyone experience with both sizes?
1 answer
80/20 was fine for me for 5 weeks in South America. Best test is get your gear together and see how bulky it is and how big a bag you need.

What does the 60.20 or 80.20 mean?
4 answers
Its the capacity in litres....60 l expanding to 80Thank you, that's a start. Given that most holiday makers would be packing approximately 20 - 25kg of much the same clothing and a couple pairs of shoes, would that fit into a 60 + 20 size bag? Its no good me buying a bag that holds only about 15kg of clothing and meantime I can't relate 60+20 into kgs. Genuine buyer.I have a 60 + 20. Thats in litres I think. Anyway when packed and the expansion "closed", that is 60 litres it weighs about 16 or 17 kg. Thats with a spare pair of shoes. I learned long ago that packing light pays off. My wife has a 80 + 20 and its a much bigger bag, but she does not need the expansion to bring it to 100. Her bag tends to weigh about 21 to 22 kg. We have found that often domestic flights have a 20kg limit and we can usually get by OK. I think 60 + 20 would hold 21 to 22 kg if the expansion was open. Hope this helps.

We are hiring a car on our holiday and are not sure two large hardsided suitcases will fit in the boot. We are considering buying this duffel, with the hope that it might compress to fit in the footwell if need be. Does the Bladerunner compress to a smaller size if you take it's contents out or is it's frame too sturdy? Thank you!
2 answers
My wife and I have hired two cars in the UK on extended driving holidays. Both were VW golf diesel. The first time we had Bladerunners 60/20 and 80/20. It was a struggle to get both bags in the boot. The 60 fit in lengthways and the 80 was sort of diagonal in the space left, still OK when we figured it out. But a bit of a squeeze. The bags are a bit flexible as well. The second holiday we also hired a Golf and this trip we had 2 60/20 bladerunners. They fitted in side by side no problem, with enough room for smaller bags like a small backpack. We always bring a bit more home than we leave with so depending on your destination, pack light. e.g Clothes are usually cheaper OS than in Australia. There is always the expansion if needed as well.Thanks Ken, still deciding between the 60/20 and the 80/20

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