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Black Wolf Grand Tour

Black Wolf Grand Tour

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Not built to last.

Took my brand new Grand Tour backpack on a 3 month tour of Europe. I would actually have preferred my good old suitcase. It was hard to manouvre, the handle would not stay in the half way position which was quite dangerous when it would just pop out when you are hurrying through an airport with a full bag and an airline ripped the whole small pack off (luckily it came out on the baggage carousel hanging on by a thread). So much for lasting for a lifetime and now I find the "lifetime warranty" doesn't cover accidental damage or damage caused by airlines!

Bag materials do not last long

We've used Grand Tour 85 (we bought it 3 years ago) on 5 overseas trips and all plastic deteriorated. Firstly the piece in between the wheels broke off, but now the internal shell has broken into small pieces alltogether. The plastic is a very poor quality. It is useless now. We would never buy it again.
Has straps.
Very poor materials, unreliable, expensive.


Not as good as my mates Caribee Fast Track wheel travel pack. Weight quality and design are not up to scratch.
It has wheels and a trolley
The pack was pretty heavy and the harness dug in to my back


Clearly the limited lifetime warranty doesn't amount to much. I have never seen straps just break down before. Not much use having a pack without straps. I wouldn't buy another one.
Good size and my wheels are still operating fine
The straps on the zip off daypack perished and began to disintegrate. Blackwolf put this down to "excessive use" - I probably used it a dozen times. The manufacturer has now offered to replace it but I'm yet to see it.


It could be better and the manufacturer could be more speedy in assessing, fixing and returning items. I would suggest buying the North Face version of this bag instead.
Its a practucal design, and light weight.
Both my partner and I bought them, and the casing shell broke on both bags after only one trip each. We returned them, but the manufacturer took months to return them, and only got them back to us (just in time for our next trips by a few days) after excessive nagging.

Questions & Answers

I have just bought a second hand grand wolf tourer 85 l on ebay. It looks different to my husband's grand wolf tourer 85l which he bought in 2014. Mine is chunkier than his and has hard plastic sides. Was there an earlier version of the black wolf grand tour 85l? And have i bought it? Bag seems to be in good condition.
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Hi, I have no idea. We don't have black wolf any more. And I can't remember how it loked like. Sorry.Early blackwolf bags were very hardy and both zippers and bags were of very good quality. The newer range models ie wheeled and lower cost non-wheeled, are in my opinion of lesser quality. The cellular plastic walls in one of our new bags (which only saw 1 trip) shattered on 2 corners and in walls maybe with handling, but in my opinion the cellular plastic was of poor quality. A replacement bag appeared to be a newer model with harder solid plastic (guesstimate 2-3mm thick) was good but arrived damaged on its first outing. The exterior moulded hard plastic grab handle located on the bottom of the bag was broken into two sections. I am still a blackwolf fan but will not be buying a wheeled model until I see evidence of better quality. We will continue to use 2 our old bombproof grand tetons, and have bought a cheaper new model High Sierra 80 litre wheeled backpack which on visuals looks ok. 6 weeks in Europe will tell us more! Hope this helps.