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Black Wolf Jardine

Black Wolf Jardine

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Boasts a feature that doesn't work!

My wife and I have had and used the Jardine Jumbo for the last 2 years on all of our camping trips. They are warm and lightweight and seem well designed. The worst feature of them is what Black Wolf claim to be the best - the "anti-bite" zipper guard. This trumpeted feature does NOT work at all - in fact this is the worst sleeping bag I have owned for jamming. Quite frustrating for a 'hot' sleeper like me who prefers to leave it unzipped for most of the night, but in the wee hours of the morning needs to zip up to keep warm. I have on many a chilly 3am morning been sitting in the tent with my torch fighting with a bag that would neither go up or down without a massive amount of force! To see what i mean just try one in the shop before you buy.
Apart from that it is fine. I like the storage bag.
The storage bag, weight and feel of the inner material.
That darn "anti bite" zipper thingy - which isnt.

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