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Black Wolf Monashee 40

Black Wolf Monashee 40

1.5 from 2 reviews

Older style (2011) was well designed but performance is poor

Great storage options, (although current style contains an organizer in the main compartment instead of the front compartment)
waterproofing on zippers has failed more than once. (I have owned three of these bags)
Zipper on front compartment broke.

Although I love this bag, it's performance is very poor. If you are in a dry climate, or only wish to use it as a uni/work bag it will be fine. It is not suitable for camping and 'less than ideal' conditions.

Its just a canvas bag

I bought this for my daughter for Scout hiking. After 12 months, I'd have to say its performance is poor. Yeh its got pockets, yeh hydration options, its durable too. But it hangs like a wet blanket and it's gotten worse with time, she complains and it looks bad on her back. We're doing Milford Track soon and I can't take this with us. Meanwhile I got a great pack for my son - if you're buying for children shop around, don't buy the label "great for Scouts" cos its not.
heavy, durable
No back support for kids. Hangs like a wet blanket.

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your cons are it looks bad on her back? you have made more pros than cons and you have given it a one star rating. pathetic. tell your daughter to build her core and back muscles.

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