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Black Wolf Tsunami 35

Black Wolf Tsunami 35

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Nice bag for the price.

I bought this bag around 2 months ago. I was using the Blackwolf Monashee before that.
Size is 35 litres so bit smaller than the 40 litre Monashee but there are plenty of ways to add items externally.
I'm new to the air harness that this bag has which basically holds pack off your back through a mesh material.
It also has a metal exposed frame which holds bag upright. That irritated my shoulder but the back straps are adjustable so that was sorted.I bought bag so I could run on beach after catching bus but haven't had a chance to try that.
Material is somewhat waterproof without the in-built raincover over bag. I got drenched by a wave on a breakwall and nothing was wet inside.
Bag is comfy to wear and I feel workmanship is pretty good. Would be happy if it lasts 1 year though it's in the salt air everyday.
I purchased online for $99 Inc. delivery.

good for cycling

I have had this backpack for 6 month and was in the medium price range for backpacks of this size. I have found it to be a good size for carrying most items, it has wide straps which are very comfy. It is fitted with the trampoline construction that keeps the back pack off your back for good cooling. It also comes with a hydration access although not the best design. It has a number of pockets which are good for organising although I don't mind the one hole bags, as it is not a issue with the smaller cycling bags. It comes with a built in raincoat that is of a durable construction. The raincoat does appear to be on the smaller side making it hard to fit over the top of the bag, it tends to ride down allowing the top of the bag to get wet. To be honest it is hard to fault this bag for my application. I use it in the cooler months when you need extra space to put lots of clothes associated with the colder mornings, then you need to store them for the ride home. It always seems to have some little spot to shovel items. I would say fully ladened it would be at the limit of comfortable riding with a back pack. So I would class it in the bigger end of cycling back packs. Only small critcism is it is a little on the heavy side due to the well designed compartments.
comfy, trampoline cooling feature, lots of organise compartments
a little heavy compared to top end packs, rain cover doesn't fit that well at the top

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