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Black Wolf Turbo Air

Black Wolf Turbo Air

Plus and Twin
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Fantastic quality and SUPER user friendly

I was tossing up between an instant up turbo 300 and this one, in the end this model went on sale and I couldn't pass the price.
It was a great decision. As my partner isn't a fan of camping I often take our two young girls with friends. I needed something I could set up on my own, and something decent quality, I didn't want to be replacing it right away.
This is extremely easy to set up (even for a girl), more so than they lead me to believe. My friends and I were all amazed. Now they want one! The pump is great quality and it needed very few pumps to be inflated. I was wary the poles were going to pop or be easily puntured, after all whose heard of a blow up tent? These poles are very durable and once inflated very strong. Felt as strong as all the others. I was amazed how it just popped up after a few pumps and then I just had to peg the fly, which comes all attached. Easily up there with the 30 second tents and even quicker to deflate! It also fit very easily back into the bag! I did pay attention to how it came out of the bag and packed it the same. Although a big bag (approx 90x 50cms) it fits in my car where as the instant 300 (with poles) would not, meaning I also needed to invest in some roof racks!
Also have to mention great space inside and at 220cms high it doesn't feel claustrophobic in the slightest, large side windows let alot of airflow through too.
If I had to fault it, it would be that the awning doesn't have full sides, nor do I believe they are available to buy, and the other models don't fit it.
I plan on somehow fixing a tarp to one side to act as a wind break and shelter. If I am wrong and side pieces are available for this model I'd love to hear!

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recently purchased one of these tents. I found it took quite a while to erect, despite the air pole frame, but it was the first and only time I have erected one and I was on my own. The space is awesome, like really awesome! The quality seems pretty good at this stage. My one disappointment is that the internal windows are mesh only. There is ripstop blinnd and mesh main door, and the same on all the fly windows, but nothing on the two side and one rear internal windows?? WT?! So even on a summer night, things get pretty breezy inside there. There are large vent panels in the roof, so wind comes under the fly, in through the internal windows and thn those vents act like a chimney, quickly echanging air inside the tent. Which of course would be amazing in a tropical setting, but it sucks in an alpine setting I can tell you. Im not sure what they were thinking with this one. Just put the ripstop on the internal windows and give people the option!
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For some years we’ve been using a Blackwolf Turbo Lite 240 for our car based camping and it has given excellent service on our grey nomad adventures. The quicker erection time and less bulk (and larger floor area) of Black Wolf Turbo Air Plus Tent caught my attention as it is on sale. My question relates to reliability of air pole system. Does it lose pressure - say in cooler temperatures overnight - causing tent to sag? If you were camped for say a few days would you need to top up the air poles daily? With air mattresses we’ve found they lose pressure overnight because of cooler temperatures.
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I need to update my Q above of 6 Nov 2017, I went ahead and purchased BW Turbo Air Plus on 7 Nov. This was on basis of info from suppliers, my previous experience with BW tents and attractive sale price. Erected it in our backyard and it’s structurally sound after 2 nights in open with 4-25 deg temp range. So far the air pole system is impressive in terms of ease of erection and stability. It’s very similar to well-known BW Turbo Lite series – about same floorplan as TL 300 and with very good headroom, but there are some differences. I’ll post a full product review following field tests.My poles have repeatedly failed and am sick of replacing them. Thankfully they appear to have discontinued airpoles from their range. I hope you hadn’t made the same mistake I did in purchasing before they discontinued.Recently sold Turbo Air Plus but had not experienced any air pole problems. The air poles held up well for 3-4 days but I usually topped them up at the 2 day mark. The pockets for the fly ropes were a bit on small side and fiddly compared with the pockets on our BW Turbo Lite 240. For car touring we have reverted to our excellent BW Turbo Lite 240 (4yo) . It has proven more versatile in that we can erect in either of three modes: (1) without fly for a quick over-nighter (5min), (2) with standard "eyebrow" fly if weather iffy or (3) with excellent basecamp fly (no longer available) eg for 2 days of more and which effectively provides an enclosed vestibule for outdoor kitchen. With the Turbo Air Plus it is all or nothing because of the integrated fly. Only problem with Turbo Lite 240 is that package is 1.2m long because of internal pole structure which requires a bigger roof rack on our Forester.


Turbo Air PlusTurbo Air Twin
Room TypeMulti-RoomMulti-Room
Price (RRP)$1299$1550
Sleeping Capacity810+

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