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Black Wolf Woody 30

Black Wolf Woody 30

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Sturdy and reliable

Had this bag over 5 years, used every day, as i ride to work,big enough for boots and uniform,many pockets to keep stuff inside,pretty water resistant,the only reason i bought another was the zip snagged,u can also fit 30 cans of beer in it an d ride home. very strong and durable

December 5th 2016 Update: great bag

second reveiw of the wood.y still got one cant complain. well worth getting one as they last,second bag in like10 years so the story is true they last and last
Had this bag over 5 years, used every day.

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still got one use it every day no probs,got the light blue one so gets a little dirty,chuck in wash, good as gold

Questions & Answers

I just bought one to take overseas with me, but cannot find the safety whistle that is supposed to be on this bag. What does it look like and where on the bag is it?
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soz I don't think it has oneIt's forms part of the chest clip

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