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85 reviews



85 reviews
LilaMelbourne3 posts


For a year now we’ve been trying to conceive. Honestly as a female in her early 20’s I thought something was wrong with me. So I figured it was about time I added vitamins to my diet. I asked my sister in law about these conceive Virginians and she actually told me she took these and is now 8 months pregnant. So here I am now, a month and half into taking these I’m PREGNANT! I remember reading these reviews thinking “what If its all a lie” nope! These are amazing and I recommend them to every single women who’s trying to get pregnant! Good Faith ladies!

Sarah.A3 posts

Late period!

I have used 1 and half packets and i havent got my period. I get it ever 28 days so i am 5 days late and i got no idea if i am going to get it. I was previously on elevate for 4 months and no problem but now i am worried it might have wrecked my cycle. If i dont get my period in the next 2 days then i will stop using this product. Anyone had the same experience


Conceived on 2nd Month

I used to drink blackmores folate since december but then i saw this on sale 3 for $99 here in singapore, i conceived on the first month of our TTC but ended up chemical, but ended up pregnant on 2nd month. Currently 5 weeks.

The meds smells bad but i think overall its a good choice if you're trying to get pregnant.

And now im using Blackmores Pregnancy.

Kathleen M
Kathleen MMelbourne

Noticed a difference after only 1 month

I have always had irregular periods and so decided to give Blackmores Conceive Well Gold a try. While I’m not trying to conceive now, my partner and I would like to try in the next year and so I thought I’d get a head start on taking regular vitamins to support healthy ovulation and pregnancy. Within a month of taking these vitamins daily I very obviously ovulated and got my period exactly 2 weeks later. This is truly abnormal for me. I’m so happy that a natural supplement has been the answer to my irregularities as I am very anti-hormonal birth control. I would definitely recommend theee to anyone looking to regulate their period as well as conceive.

Bernadette L
Bernadette LGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC5 posts

Feel nauseous within 2 minutes of taking them

After being on another more expensive brand for the past few months I thought I’d try Blackmores. For the past two days I’ve been nauseous after taking them, I’ve followed the instructions and still they make me feel sick. I won’t be using them again and will return to the other brand.

Kate2 posts

Not too sure if it is good yet

I took this for a month. The weird thing is that while most people who had issues with it had later periods, but mine came about 3 days early! Instead of a 32-day cycle, my cycle this month became 29 days. I don't understand what happened. And I agree that the pink tablet is smelly, but I have kinda got used to it. Some days after taking them I felt nauseous, some days I'm fine.


2months in, late periods and messes up cycle

I've been taking these for two months and both months my period was late. I was regular to the day every month, 27-28 days. First month I was 6 days late, second month I had a 40 day cycle!!! Then when it finally came I had some spotting then disappeared for two days and then back again w really heavy bleeding. Now I have no idea when I'll ovulate. I think I'll switch to elevate once the box is done! Any one else had this? Seems like a common side affect from the reviews...

Tanayanay3 posts

First Month A Success!

We had been trying for a baby for 18 months with no such luck. I was losing hope so thought we would give Conceive Well Gold a go as well as my partner tried Conceive Well Men and surprise surprise! I am 5 weeks pregnant. First month trying this product and it was a success. I cannot recommend Conceive Well enough!

Ang2 posts

Will see

I have been trying for three months decided to take these on top of it to help, I also have been tracking my period and noticed my cycles are all over the place .. I don't like the pink tablet it smells terrible and makes ur urine smell like a urinal ... I think it can only help ...but it's all about timing in the end



I had been having unprotected intercourse for around 3 years and having no luck falling pregnant within 2 months of taking these i was pregnant with my daughter who's now almost 2 I've just started taking them again to try again will update if and when i fall pregnant , i also recommended these to a few friends who all fell pregnant quite quickly on these :)


Terrible. Do not use

I have been TTC for about 12 months now. I have been tracking my cycles and each cycle ranges between 27 - 32 days. About halfway through this cycle, I started taking blackmores conceive well gold. I ended up being 5 days late for my period (day 37 of cycle). I had never been that late so thought for sure that I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I ended up researching blackmores because it was the only thing I did different this cycle. A few people said it made their period late. I stopped taking it that day and got my period the next day (day 38 of cycle). I am so annoyed that I tried this product because it has now messed up my cycle.

EJ1991Wide Bay-Burnett, QLD15 posts

Perfect tine for conceiving

I started taking this last year of August 2016 and on February 2017, I fell pregnant :) Do not loose hope, it is more of having heaps of patience and keep trying as well and eat a balanced diet. Avoid caffeine and smoking then conceive well will do the rest. Of course doing it during your fertile period will increase the chance. Again, don't forget to see your GP and specialists to make sure everything is checked and alright. Goodluck ladies! :)

natashaHunter Region, NSW22 posts

Only just started

Iv only just started using these and I will update my review on how they go far I have been experiencing mood swings although I'm not sure if these tablets have anything to do with that or not just is not like me at all. The smell and taste arnt that bad


I actually had to stop taking these and once I did what I had experience above completely stopped tho my sister has been using these and she has had no problems so this is just my personal experience I'm not going to go on them again


I'm abit confused, I've been talking mine only for less then s month I'm know nausea headache littl

I've been taking these tablets for just under a month I can't be pregnant and already having nausea little bit of cramping for a few days only and small headache.. can I?? Or is this weird side effort I need help I'm so confused with what is happening I'm 19 years old

MekSydney, NSW4 posts
Emma G
Emma G3 posts

Worked! Even though I was skeptical

I have irregular periods and thought I'd give this a try out of desperation, even though I'm very skeptical.

I took it right after dinner so I didn't get sick, which worked well.

Lo & behold, I got pregnant on my first box! Now 12 wks & 4 days and going well!

From a serious skeptic who had very little faith in this product... at least give it a go!

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Happy bee
Happy bee

Amazing buy! Well worth it

Luckily I had no side effects at all as described on the box, and within 2 months of using this product I have just found out I am pregnant. Highly recommend this along with the Conceive Well for Men, also with some careful calculation of my ovulation timelines it certainly worked well for us.

KACSydney, NSW3 posts

Not that great!

Have been taking this for about 2 months and at first it was fine. However there were a couple side affects such as constipation and nausea (if I didn't take it right when I was eating).

But! After reading some of the reviews I've come to the realisation that I also did have some pregnancy symptoms when my period was 2 weeks late! I couldn't put it down to anything, so it must be these tablets. ? - Been TTC for about 5 months now and still not pg :(

I'm going to finish the packet and see how I go and if it happens again then I won't be taking them anymore.

Biancas Adventures
Biancas AdventuresCentral Queensland, QLD4 posts


Ive been using concieve well gold plus for 2 months now, ive had nothing but pregnancy symptoms! Tender breasts, tight stomach, sleepy, hungry, more trips to the toilet... but no good news. Two of my friends have fallen pregnant on their second box of concieve well so if it doesnt work there going in the rubbish bin!

marloosydney4 posts

All preg symptoms but negative

I have been taking these for a month, I felt good on them but then halfway through I got a lot of pregnancy symptoms. My always regular 28 day cycle was late and I thought for sure I was pregnant. My breasts are still in agony 4 days after period supposed to start. I have never had this before. I got my period finally on day 31. I don't know if I will take this next month and why I had all the symptoms but not pregnant. Confused and disappointed


Started out great

I started taking Conceive well my sex drive went sky high and my energy levels were great, but then I started getting all the signs I was pregnant I was so excited did a pregnancy test it was negative. I keep taking them and I'm being nauseous, late period, tender nipples and breasts moody super teary omg! It has created havoc in my body hormonal imbalances. I was so disappointed I thought I was %100 pregnant.

Mummy Of Two Boys
Mummy Of Two BoysDunedin5 posts

Just started taking these

I dont like the smell of them when taken out of the packet and they leave me with a funny smell in my breathe, quiet strong smelling tablets but willing to give it a shot to see if these really do work for me. So far I've read good things about this product.


Pregnant after 6 years of TTC

My daughter is now 5 and we did IVF and other treatments for 6 years before trying these and 1 month later at our 2nd IVF attempt we were pregnant. I think the tablets helped a lot as we had done the treatments before but without the use of vitamins.

Pip A
Pip ABrisbane2 posts

Day 1

I have literally just taken the first pills in hopes that this will help us to fall pregnant. We have been TTC for a few years now and nothing. We haven't gone to the docs yet in fear that we're 'broken'. We understand that these pills cannot guarantee success but we're going to give them a good go before we face our fear. I have my fingers and toes crossed.

BabySouth East Queensland, QLD17 posts

Bad reaction

They made me sick with terrible heartburn and indigestion. After taking it for a month I started having bad constipation. I switched to folic acid supplement and i feel so much better now.

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karenn.elizabethPerth, WA35 posts

Gave it ago!

Hearing such good reviews on it, I have been on Blackmores Conceive Well Gold for 6 months now.

It made me feel great but made me ovulate late very late in my cycles & giving me short LP compared to what i have before taking them. Maybe it's just not for me.

Consumer2 posts

Didn't help

Took this product for about four month hoping it helps with chance to conceive and didn't feel any different. When I went for blood test the doctor found problem with my liver function. After stop taking it, my liver went back to normal. I wouldn't recommend this product. The doctor only recommends folate and iodine so they did not think it necessary to take Conceive well Gold.
Expensive and difficult to swallow
Caused problem with my liver function

Conceived one month in!

Excellent product, started taking roughly one month before conceiving. High energy levels and increased optimism. Buyer be warned, i was one of the lucky ladies that experienced constipation sooner after taking these for well over a month and the only other negative side effect experienced was when taken on an empty stomach - insane stomach upset and dizziness.

The above being said, I'm 7 wks pregnant!

Good luck ladies!
Reliable, inexpensive, easy to swallow, energy boost, general wellbeing
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GeorgieNowra2 posts


I have found these to be so awesome! The first week I started taking these I started ovulating properly and I feel amazing! I would recommend this to my friends & family and anyone who is trying for a baby. It is defiantly worth the money if you can afford it
Reliable and energy efficient
Bit expensive

Super vitamins!

I got pregnant within one month of taking these vitamins! They made me feel fantastic - I had so much energy all the time. I did have nausea if I didn't take them with food and once I actually threw up, but as long as I was careful to take them at meal times everything was fine.
Got pregnant within one month.
Had to be taken with food, otherwise I had nausea.
LuandlilSydney2 posts

Just vitamins!!!

I think that these vitamins prepare you for healthy conception. They are not magic vitamins which make you conceive. Yes, they give you energy but not necessarily a baby. I have been taking them for 5 months now and apart from energy....nothing yet. I would like to believe that they will assist me in falling pregnant but at the end of the day, they are just vitamins....not miracle workers!!
Increased energy
Does not make you conceive any faster
melc144Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC3 posts

really works

started taking them 4 months before we started trying I always had problem with my periods taking these made me feel so much better and made my periods more regular and a lot less cramping and I got pregnant in the first month we actually tried. The only down side is if I didn't have a full stomach when taking them I would feel very sick.
horrible taste made me sick if I had an empty stomach. A bit expensive
Alexandra29MELBOURNE3 posts

OK but

These are good tablets, however, I have been taking them for nearly half-a-year and had two miscarriages even on these vitamins. I think, they have slightly too high dose of vitamin E (recommended dose for pregnant women is around 15mg), which slows down ovulation, however this is very individual. Amount of Folic acid is 500mg whereas doctors recommend up to 1000mg, and other vitamins for conception have up to 800mg. However, amounts of many other vitamins and minerals is up to 10 times higher than in other brands.
A lot of vitamins in one pill, makes you feel better and healthier.
Expensive, however you can look for discounted price ($20) in some pharmacies. Vitamin E - too high, folic acid - too low.
MsdancingQueen73SOUTH BRISBANE3 posts

Started taking it 2 weeks ago.. wish me luck!!

I think this product is extremely smart as a preconception, and then obviusly to change once you are pregnant. I started taking it two weeks ago, and take it every morning after breakfast. I have found that I am feeling good and with good energy. You can't taste it.

I miscarried my first pregnancy in February this year (I'm 39 years old) and have been TTC since then. Wish me luck for my BFP!!!
Reliable, felt good - its brilliant!!!
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ashtonsmum34 posts


We were trying to conceive for 25 months before we started taking these. Although my cycles were not too bad prior to taking these, once I started taking these I had two proper 28 day cycles and fell pregnant. I know of others that have fallen pregnant within a few months of taking them.
this product was recommended to me by some friends from a parents group. I was glad I could purchase them from our local supermarket and not have to drive around trying to find them
the price is quite high for a months supply. It would be good if they were sold in more than a single months supply.
beckers2 posts
mumma of 3!
mumma of 3!Bendigo9 posts

Really works!!!

This vitamin really works I started taking it just as my lmp started 3rd march since then I have had more energy to play with my to children and walk further than I have previously I just felt better on it and well second day into the last sheet I found out I am pregnant not even a month with this product! Wooooo!! I have now switched to blackmores pregnancy and breast feeding gold it also is fantastic !! Hope all you ladies get your big fat positive as soon as I did!!! Also cheap at chemist wear house !!
It really truly dose work!!! It's cheap too
It tastes foul and gives you smelly fart breath  Show 2 replies

Perfect i love, it .... Works soo good!

Was pregnant twice before and unfortunately miscarried.. . Was trying for about a year without this product and had

No luck so i gave it a go didn't even finish the pack i was half way threw and i was pregnant n have a bouncing baby boy now im trying to have another one hopefully a girl this time and have just started today with the tablets fingers cross ..... I will let u all know on how we are going xxxx
Got pregnant right away and have a healthy baby.
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