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BlackVue DR650GW / DR650S Single Camera

BlackVue DR650GW / DR650S Single Camera

DR650S-1CH and DR650GW-1CH
4.6 from 43 reviews

Paid premium but it failed to deliver

Purchased one about three years ago, and the sound recording failed after three weeks. I had the unit replaced as I refused to wait three weeks for it to be repaired. After 18 months of usage, the sound recording failed again. We got better value from a unit in my wife's car that was one third the price. Because of the cost and poor reliability, I can only give it two stars.

Hi Jarkko, we're very sorry to hear of your experience and are equally disappointed to receive a 2 star review. Have you contacted our support team for assistance? We may be able to repair this unit in house at no cost to you, but we need you to reach out to us, feel free to call us on 08 6267 5167. Thanks, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.Thank you for your reply and offer. I didn't bother to contact your support team as my previous dealing with Autobarn the retailer, was extremely frustrating, and wrongly assumed they were the contact for assistance. I will contact your support team to see if it can be repaired.Hi Jarkko, no worries, look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Fantastic After Sales Service

Bought 2 Dash Cams for our cars and had them "hard wired" by an Auto Electrician, the only way to go! Both were very easy to set up once fitted, I did this on our computer (don't have a "so-called" smart phone) with ease, right global location and the settings we wanted. One camera worked perfectly on play-back but the other had a "Script Error" message that blocked the viewing screen.We contacted the main supplier's support team for help. Within less than 24 hours we received a reply and a site on how to fix it. Not being totally computer savvy, I rang the support number and the guy guided me through the update procedure which worked great. The "new" update has much clearer display and viewing and is just like you are driving the vehicle for real! The service we have received has been excellent

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Hi Tassie Devil, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We hope you enjoy the security of your new dash cams. Please feel free to get in touch should you have any other questions. Best Regards BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167

Rubbish-didn’t even last 2 years.

Considering this camera wasn’t cheap it is very disappointing that it lasted 1 year and 10 months! And the salt in the wounds is that 6 months after I bought it the warranty went from 1 year to two years. My local electronics shop now refuses to stock them because of the failure rate and how painful BlackVue Australia are to deal with. Will never buy another BlackVue.

Hi Mish, we have certain special case warranty programs in place which means you may still be covered by us at BlackVue Australia. Yes you are correct we do offer 2 years warranty on BlackVue products now, we do this through BlackVue Australia and are one of the very few dash cam brands to offer this. If the units can be repaired there are usually only minor repair costs to have the unit fixed up as well, rather than having to go and purchase a whole new dash cam system. Are you interested in getting support from BlackVue Australia, and if so can you please respond to us here or by private message? We hope we have a chance to turn this 1 star experience into a 5 star for you. :) Thank you BlackVue Australia Team.Hi Mish, just following up and checking if you have had a chance to read our reply and private messages? Thank you,Hi-would be interested to see if it can be fixed. How do I go about this? I would rather have a working BlackVue than to have to rip all the hardwired power cable setup out of my car and get another brand.

Very poor app

The app is not user friendly. Compared to much less expensive cameras this is not a good one. Camera quality is good, but if you need info from the app ie how to change passwords etc, forget about it. Mine is sitting in a draw, and I went and bought another cheaper one. much easier to use. Overall very disappointed in this camera.

Hi Luko, Sorry to hear you have been having troubles with your BlackVue Dash Camera. As the leading dash camera brand in Australia we take pride in ensuring all our customers are able to use the camera successfully. To change the password on the WiFi is a simple process, you are welcome to contact our full time support team to guide you through this. I have also included the instructions on the link below if you prefer. https://helpcenter.blackvue.com/hc/en-us/articles/222403147-How-to-change-reset-the-dashcam-s-Wi-Fi-SSID-password- Alternatively your retailer should be able to facilitate if your are struggling to use the camera. Feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions. Best Regards, James BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167Hi Luko, Just touching base to see if you have had chance to reset your password? We are here full time to help with any questions you might have. Best Regards, BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167

An excellent quality basic dash cam

I have found that the quality of the video is 5-star during the day and 4-star at night - even the audio is good quality. It is quick and simple to set up, and is 12 Volt powered so there are not transformers to mount and / or possibly fail. It is a pretty basic unit - no screen / WiFi / bluetooth / GPS (optional extra) but the low price reflects this.

One thing I really love about it is the tiny size - it hides up behind my rear vision mirror and is almost invisible from inside unless you know where to look. Naturally, because of its small size, it does not have a screen - you have to remove the SD card to view the footage. This is a price I was prepared to pay for discreetness (although I believe the newer versions have WiFi to overcome this).

As others have mentioned, I sometimes get the 'Format SD Card' warning for what seems like no reason - if it happens, I unplug the power for that trip. On the next trip I will plug the power back in and the problem has generally gone away.

This dash cam is not all things to all people, but it certainly ticks boxes for a basic, front facing, excellent quality dash cam. If all you need is excellent quality video without all of the bells and whistles, at a good price, I would highly recommend it.

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Hi Andrew, Thanks for taking the time to leave your review, we're really glad to hear how happy you are. I will point out that he "Check SD Card" message normally means it has detected a bad sector on the card and should be formatted, but make sure to save any important footage first. Thanks again, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.


Good resolution and clear. Do not have overheating problem and connection are good. Wide angle. However, need to purchase it together with power magic so that things will be working very well.

Will strongly recommend this car camera to anyone who is looking for car camera, anywhere in the world

the cam for car

this is a great camera for the car in its own right, but the beauty comes alive when you combine the internet capabilities. easy to install and just as easy to attach a mobile sim router to connect to the web. know where your car is and what its doing.
great buy.. just wish i had got the 2 channel so i could record the rear.

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Hi Neil, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. It's great to hear you are using the cloud platform to take advantage of all the cameras features. Best Regards, James Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd

Great camera but dont waste your money on the genuine sd card

The camera is fantastic with great resolution and features. It is well worth spending a few bucks on the polarising filter to cut glare both at night and in the day. The only thing I suggest is that you do not waste you money buying the genuine Blackvue sd card. It is more expensive than the same standard on the general market and after the first time I formatted mine the camera refused to recognise it. Just buy a top grade generic brand card and enjoy your great camera

Hi Gavin, Thanks for your feedback, we will definitely pass this onto the manufacturer. If your SD card has failed, we can replace this under warranty for you. As for the use of 3rd party SD cards, please be aware we have undertaken 1000's of hours of testing and found that after several months, sometimes even weeks, particularly when it is hot, most 3rd party SD cards will fail. This is due to the high bitrate and continuous loop recording that dash cams use. When SD cards get hot, the write speed is drastially reduced, leaving you with poor quality recordings. Read/Write speeds are just one very small factor when deciding what SD cards to use. The most important factor is the heat/endurance rating, this will allow a continuous high bitrate recording to be written to the SD card without losing quality. Thanks again for your review. Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.Hi Tom, I did speak to you at the time but for some reason the reply box wasnt available here. It turned out that it wasnt the card that failed, it was a glitch in the software. I downloaded the Blackvue software again, reformatted the card and it worked fine. The camera continues to perform excellent to this day. Regards Gavin

Have only used this one so it is hard to compare what it offers for it's price.

I have not compared other dash cams and don't know what they provide. At night on a road without street lights I think the picture quality is poor. During the day the picture quality is fine. I can see most number plates of the cars parked on the side or in front in the direction of travel. I certainly can not see clearly the number plate of the person on the other side of the road. As Is aid, not using any other dash cam it makes it hard for me know if what I am getting is standard or above the norm. When you pay over $300 for a camera you would hope it will be above the norm (cheaper ones). getting the SD card out is a pain in the back. The outer plate is only hanging on by a thin connection so I worry all the time that connection will brake and you need to have fingernails to eject the SD card. I do like the wifi. Whilst my wife was driving, we went through a radar and was just not 100% on what speed we were doing, so I was able to download and watch it immediately and that was good. Picture - daytime is good. Night Time - depends on surrounds.

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Hi AJN, Thank you for your review, we appreciate all your feedback and will definitely pass this onto the manufacturer. I can assure you that the SD card cover will not break off, while it looks weak, it is in fact quite durable. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Great camera.

Purchased the blackvue 650. It replaced a 450 as the 659 had wifi. Have used for about 3 weeks and had no problems at all. Would thoroughly recommend this dashcam. I am looking at purchasing the 112 battery pack as well so I can run the camera in park mode as well. Again great product and great service from Sportsgps from where I brought it from. Thanks for a great product.

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Hi Steven, Glad to hear that you are happy with your new BlackVue, please get in contact with us before purchasing the battery pack and we may be able to help you out on price. Cheers, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Buy from Auto BlackBox online for a great camera brand

Have owned and used my Blackvue DR650GW for a couple of years now, never missed a beat. Auto BlackBox have been extremely helpful from the beginning to ownership and now when I wanted a larger SD card and an additional bracket, they have been first class in customer service. Can't believe my order from ordering late one arvo arrives the next morning at my work!! Great communication throughout with clear emails confirming everything was dispatched and had arrived and the purchase was complete. Highly recommended if you want no fuss prompt service to your doorstep, and great products too to buy and get support on. I can't wait to get the next camera just to use them again :) Thank you again James for making the above happen.

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Hi Robbo, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We also look forward to hearing from you again in the future. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions. Regards James Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd

Fantastic unit

A nice small unit which replaced an existing dashcam in my car. Its so easy to use and the size means that it sits nicely behind the mirror and doesn't obscure the view. Easy to connect to it via wifi to view live and recorded footage (and download if required) and i love the voice announcements it makes. Excellent quality video also. Highly recommended.

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Hi Kristen, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. If you have any questions about how some of the features work, feel free to get in touch. Best regards, James Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd

BlackVue dashcams are AWESOME

A friend of mine has one of these dash cams. It is AMAZING. Wifi works so well. The picture quality is the best I have seen. I don't have one yet but I will have one when mine doesn't work any more. I don't think it will be too long.

Hi Dereck, Thanks for leaving a review. When you are ready to purchase your new BlackVue, you can find your nearest dealer on the dealer locator page. https://www.blackvue.com.au/dealer-locator/ Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Best regards James Auto BlackBox Pty LtdI will. Thank you.

Lifetime of protected motoring

I've had the DR650S installed in my car for 3 weeks now.. I've since had 3 weeks of reliable, protected motoring. Actually turns out to be 3 weeks longer than I've had before and I've had a dashcam installed in my car for over 18 months. The Power Magic Pro Kit works wonderfully well with parking mode and is a cinch to install (if you're somewhat technically minded). Set up is easy on the phone with the wifi connection option. I purchased the optional tamper proof case which fits well; except wifi can't be easily turned on and off with it installed. Not a big issue however. I would 100% recommend one of their products to anyone.. I just wish I could've seen into the future with my previous purchase.

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Hi SCM, Thanks for leaving a great review. It's great to hear your enjoying the benefits of the new tamer proof bracket. FYI it is possible to set the WiFi to automatically power on with the camera, this can be done through the camera settings either on the smart phone app or the PC player. Thanks again, James. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

The Blackvue Dash Cameras only get better

This is the fourth BLACKVUE dash camera I've purchased over the past three years. I have them in all of my vehicles now and the quality of the image, the storage capacity and the app have improved over that time. When you install the Power Magic Pro, which allows recording when the ignition is off, it gives you piece of mind that if you car is damaged while its parked you'll be able to identify the vehicle or person who has damaged it.....and will save you money with the insurance excess when making a claim.

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Hi JJT, Thanks for leaving a review. Great to hear your using the cameras in all of your vehicles. Cheers James Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd

Excellent product

Very happy with this dash cam purchased it today fantastic though I'm not sure about the distance viewing in the front maybe I'm not use to it yet I viewed it from my iPhone and struggled to read the number plate apart from that this product is the best on the market

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Hi Steve, Thanks for leaving a review. When viewing the footage through the BlackVue player you should be able to zoom in by scrolling on the mouse wheel. This should help to read any licence plates. Regards James Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd

Image quality considerably reduced in just over a year

Had this unit for over a year now along with a polarising filter . Started off very good quality recording. Slowly the right hand side became blurred then the left hand side. Now cannot even read a number plate of a car directly in front and very close. Don't think it can take the heat therefore unfortunately I cannot recommend this unit. Just ordered a Vicovation Opia 2.

Hi MikeM, I see you purchased this over a year ago? Can you confirm where you purchased the DR650S, as this model has only been out for about 8 months. If it is the DR650S as you say, please contact us for a replacement. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.Hello Tom The unit was purchased (for $429) on 4 August 2015 from Audio Precision Pty Ltd, Myaree. I was told the unit was the latest and had only just come out. The numbers on the unit are DR65GS1E5E00340. Regards MikeHi Mike, Thanks for letting me know. At the time of your purchase that was the latest, now the 'S' series is the latest. But for the most part, the units are almost identical. You are welcome to come by our shop in Osborne Park and we can take a look at your camera if you like? Thanks, Tom.

Satisfied Customer

I have recently purchased a BLACKVUE DR650S-CH. This is the third BLACKVUE Camera I have purchased. I have two vehicles and updated to a later model BLACKVUE in one of my vehicles. The replaced camera is not High Definition. I am completely satisfied with this product. I have recommended the BLACKVUE Camera to others who have also purchased this product.

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Hi Paul, Thanks for your review!! Really appreciate you recommending BlackVue to your family and friends. Thanks again, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Blackbox recorder

We have now bought 4 cameras for all our cars and cannot fault them. Simple to install and then forget about...until you need it. Recording quality is extremely good with great software for playback. Although not what I intended using it for I have taken footage of extremely dangerous driving to the Police who managed to freeze frame a car number plate, this was only due to the quality of the recording. Would recommend BlackVue to anyone who is considering buying a dash cam.

Hi Waiirri, Thank you very much for your review. It's always great to hear positive feedback from our customers. Hopefully you took advantage of the Xmas promotion and received your FREE Power Magic Pro. Thanks, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.Certainly did, thankyou. I'll come and see you in the new year about a rear camera.Great!! See you then :)

Great Camera with Plenty of Features!

Purchased the Blackvue DR650S-1CH and Power Magic Pro after a carpark incident and I could not be happier with it! Installed it myself and it was straightforward (Power Magic Pro took a little while to power up after being hard-wired in to the cars wiring loom, I had to toggle the adjustment switches before the power LED activated) and set up was very simple using the Blackvue app on my smartphone. Picture quality is great, easy to pick numberplates during daytime recording even on my phone screen. The sensor on the side of the unit to switch audio recording on/off is great too, was an unexpected surprise. It's a feature packed and high quality camera and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another!

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Hi P.D, Great to hear you're enjoying you new camera. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. Cheers James Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd

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Questions & Answers

Coming up to 3 years. No complaints, even when switching phones. I am disappointed though with it apparently not being able to utilise the cloud. The 2ch and above models apparently do, but if the 1ch does... I haven’t been able to get it to work. :(
2 answers
Hi Kamagloire, Thanks for your questions. Both 1Ch and 2Ch DR650S models are cloud compatible. Please feel free to get in touch with our full time support team to assist with setting up your cloud connection. 9-5 Mon-Fri AWST BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167Ok, I’ll give that a go. Thanks. Gave it a go. Some nice chap 2 hours in the past (AWST) solved it clearly within 5 minutes. Now it’s time to buy a BlackVue battery. - smiley face

hello I bought a camera BLACKVUE DR650S-1ch I can not register it on a cloud serial number is D65SS1FBE02360 cloud number 5LMWNJ2B5D4VJ4 each time shows exceeded time limit or that the camera is already registered - and her application can not see if you can help me thank you
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Hi Pawel, best thing to do is email the manufacturer who controls the BlackVue Cloud Service, they can be reached on cs@pittasoft.com and they will be able to check the registration details for you. Thanks, Tom.

Where to buy around Adelaide. My post code is 5045. I am not too sure the difference between the W os the S model.
1 answer
Hi Squizzy, Firstly the "W" is now a discontinued model, so no worries there. They must have a newer version available. I live in Tassie and bought mine from NSW, this is the site : www.sparesbox.com.au. They were fantastic, great mob to deal with and very helpful. On top of that it was a quick delivery too. Some of the best "deals" are on the "net" so shop around and see what you can find. I got our 2 cars fitted by an Auto Electrician, hard-wired not plugged in, starts a couple of minutes after turning on the ignition, talks to you to tell you it's working :) Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Tassie Devil.


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