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BlackVue Single Camera DR650GW-1CH

BlackVue Single Camera DR650GW-1CH

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Paid premium but it failed to deliver

Purchased one about three years ago, and the sound recording failed after three weeks. I had the unit replaced as I refused to wait three weeks for it to be repaired. After 18 months of usage, the sound recording failed again. We got better value from a unit in my wife's car that was one third the price. Because of the cost and poor reliability, I can only give it two stars.

Hi Jarkko, we're very sorry to hear of your experience and are equally disappointed to receive a 2 star review. Have you contacted our support team for assistance? We may be able to repair this unit in house at no cost to you, but we need you to reach out to us, feel free to call us on 08 6267 5167. Thanks, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.Thank you for your reply and offer. I didn't bother to contact your support team as my previous dealing with Autobarn the retailer, was extremely frustrating, and wrongly assumed they were the contact for assistance. I will contact your support team to see if it can be repaired.Hi Jarkko, no worries, look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

An excellent quality basic dash cam

I have found that the quality of the video is 5-star during the day and 4-star at night - even the audio is good quality. It is quick and simple to set up, and is 12 Volt powered so there are not transformers to mount and / or possibly fail. It is a pretty basic unit - no screen / WiFi / bluetooth / GPS (optional extra) but the low price reflects this.

One thing I really love about it is the tiny size - it hides up behind my rear vision mirror and is almost invisible from inside unless you know where to look. Naturally, because of its small size, it does not have a screen - you have to remove the SD card to view the footage. This is a price I was prepared to pay for discreetness (although I believe the newer versions have WiFi to overcome this).

As others have mentioned, I sometimes get the 'Format SD Card' warning for what seems like no reason - if it happens, I unplug the power for that trip. On the next trip I will plug the power back in and the problem has generally gone away.

This dash cam is not all things to all people, but it certainly ticks boxes for a basic, front facing, excellent quality dash cam. If all you need is excellent quality video without all of the bells and whistles, at a good price, I would highly recommend it.

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Hi Andrew, Thanks for taking the time to leave your review, we're really glad to hear how happy you are. I will point out that he "Check SD Card" message normally means it has detected a bad sector on the card and should be formatted, but make sure to save any important footage first. Thanks again, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Have only used this one so it is hard to compare what it offers for it's price.

I have not compared other dash cams and don't know what they provide. At night on a road without street lights I think the picture quality is poor. During the day the picture quality is fine. I can see most number plates of the cars parked on the side or in front in the direction of travel. I certainly can not see clearly the number plate of the person on the other side of the road. As Is aid, not using any other dash cam it makes it hard for me know if what I am getting is standard or above the norm. When you pay over $300 for a camera you would hope it will be above the norm (cheaper ones). getting the SD card out is a pain in the back. The outer plate is only hanging on by a thin connection so I worry all the time that connection will brake and you need to have fingernails to eject the SD card. I do like the wifi. Whilst my wife was driving, we went through a radar and was just not 100% on what speed we were doing, so I was able to download and watch it immediately and that was good. Picture - daytime is good. Night Time - depends on surrounds.

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Hi AJN, Thank you for your review, we appreciate all your feedback and will definitely pass this onto the manufacturer. I can assure you that the SD card cover will not break off, while it looks weak, it is in fact quite durable. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Buy from Auto BlackBox online for a great camera brand

Have owned and used my Blackvue DR650GW for a couple of years now, never missed a beat. Auto BlackBox have been extremely helpful from the beginning to ownership and now when I wanted a larger SD card and an additional bracket, they have been first class in customer service. Can't believe my order from ordering late one arvo arrives the next morning at my work!! Great communication throughout with clear emails confirming everything was dispatched and had arrived and the purchase was complete. Highly recommended if you want no fuss prompt service to your doorstep, and great products too to buy and get support on. I can't wait to get the next camera just to use them again :) Thank you again James for making the above happen.

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Hi Robbo, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We also look forward to hearing from you again in the future. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions. Regards James Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd

Image quality considerably reduced in just over a year

Had this unit for over a year now along with a polarising filter . Started off very good quality recording. Slowly the right hand side became blurred then the left hand side. Now cannot even read a number plate of a car directly in front and very close. Don't think it can take the heat therefore unfortunately I cannot recommend this unit. Just ordered a Vicovation Opia 2.

Hi MikeM, I see you purchased this over a year ago? Can you confirm where you purchased the DR650S, as this model has only been out for about 8 months. If it is the DR650S as you say, please contact us for a replacement. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.Hello Tom The unit was purchased (for $429) on 4 August 2015 from Audio Precision Pty Ltd, Myaree. I was told the unit was the latest and had only just come out. The numbers on the unit are DR65GS1E5E00340. Regards MikeHi Mike, Thanks for letting me know. At the time of your purchase that was the latest, now the 'S' series is the latest. But for the most part, the units are almost identical. You are welcome to come by our shop in Osborne Park and we can take a look at your camera if you like? Thanks, Tom.

excellent dashcam

Very happy with this dashcam. Setup was super easy as was the installation. Play back is fast and simple with awesome HD detail even at night which is where most of my driving occurs. Small enough to be mounted in the center of the windscreen without impeding vision. Would definitely recommend this camera if you are serious about capturing all the details.

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Thanks for the great review!!

Best car cam out there

100*/* love this dash cam, work right out of the box, easy instructions.
I used the app to fine tune the angle for best view.
Easy to install by self, in under 20 mins.
Clear day/night video, 32 gb SD card is the smallest i would use.
Would encourage people to buy one.

These are perfect for our needs!

We have approximately 10 cameras in different vehicles and have used footage for insurance purposes, with some of the other road users on the road unaware of their surroundings it makes them more accountable for their stupidity! the footage that was have retrieved back off of our cameras, it is very clear and also footage from night time is reasonably clear also!! will definitely be purchasing more of them.

Excellent camera

Have had dash cams for about 4 years now and this by far is the best that I have owned. Wifi viewing without having to take out the sd card is the best feature.

Takes a bit of fiddling around to update the firmware and configure settings, but once you get the hang of it, it works out fine.

Excellant Dash Camera

I have recently upgraded my dash camera to a DR650GW-1CH. This is the third Blackvue I have purchased as they continually improve on previous models and has great picture qualities. The Camera comes with ample cable so you can place the excess cord behind the A pillar facade with elevates swinging cables in the driver sight. It is easily operated on both Apple Mac and Microsoft computers. The Blackvue is a compact camera which hides behind the rearview mirror.

Guardian Angel

I have just upgraded all three of my Blackvue DR500GW dash cams to the DR650GW-1CH, all hardwired using Power Magic Pro. The DR650 starts up faster than the DR500 and the picture quality is absolutely fantastic both day and night. The polariser filter helps reduce reflections and I personally think that this is a must-have accessory. The installation is very straightforward and the software is easy to use. My cars are always parked outside and even during the hottest summer days the dash cams are not impacted in any way by the heat. Not only do I feel safe driving with a dash cam installed knowing that it will help me support my claims in an accident, or to assist someone else as a witness to their accident, it has also helped me to be a better driver! This is an excellent dash cam and I highly recommend it.

Blackvue DR650GW-1CH for Rental Cars

Outstanding Dash Cam. I already own 2 x DR650GW-2CH for both my wife's car and mine, both are hard wired and give us a sense of security even when away from our car. The compact format of the camera allows it to be placed out of sight behind the mirror while still having a large viewing area on my iPad. I would recommend the Blackvue cameras to others and have purchased the DR650GW-1CH for taking on holidays to use in Rental Cars. I did a mod which allows it to be transferred from car to car with no hassle as it does not have to be fixed to the windscreen.

Very satisfied with the after sales service

We have had two BlackVue DR650GW-1CH cameras in our vehicles for quite awhile now, We are very happy to recommend them. As we have private carers drive our vehicles from time to time we feel very confident that the HD footage will be invaluable in case of an accident. We looked at many in car systems but came back to the BlackVue DR650GW-1CH system each time.

Excellent Camera

Quick delivery of the camera. I purchased this for my parents, was easy to install in the car. I setup the software on my parents PC and they are able to remove the SD card and watch on their PC. Great Picture

Very Happy with purchase, I would recommend this camera.

Great Camera

I purchased this to assist with writing reports for work.
vision is clear and steady.
Software for camera and computer was easy to install and use.
Wi fi, is an excellent feature, making the transferring of video from camera to phone a breeze.
I recommend this camera to anyone who uses the videos for there business.

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Thank you Brian for your review today!

DR650 dash cam

This is an excellent camera, very easy to install and set up. Delivery was overnight. The wifi feature is maybe the the best feature, allowing you to connect your smart phone or tab to view the video files or live camera. Very user friendly.I would recommend Blackvue to anyone wanting a quality dash cam.

Great product.

I am extremely happy with this camera. I was very impressed by the quick delivery. Installed within a couple of hours after removing my older model. Worked as it should with great picture quality. I can't fault anything with either the camera or the service provided. I strongly recommend this car camera.

Excellent Dashcam

I recently updated to this dashcam from an earlier model and I've been very impressed with it. The size of the dashcam fits perfectly behind your rear view mirror and it's easy to configure with the iOS or Android App. You also can use the same App to view the live feed or review recorded footage streamed direct from the dashcam via wifi. For those that are security conscience, the wifi can be turned off and on via a button on the size.

I use the CELLINK-B Battery pack charged by the cigarette lighter. The 40 minute drive to work is more than enough to keep this dashcam powered for the 9 hours that my car is parked and the 40 minute drive back home can power the dashcam for the night until I leave for work the next day. The DR650GW's parking mode has worked perfectly correctly recording movement when cars and people go past.

Great Product

Just purchased a DR650 accompanied with a CELLINK-B Battery pack, this was done after a lot of research through Google and You Tube.

DR650 – Delivery of product seamless and secure 5/5
Installation information with product. 5/5
Installation itself. 4/5
Reliability since installation. 5/5

CELLINK-B Battery pack – Great product to be accompanied with the DR650 unitising the Parking feature also protects you car battery as you have another source of battery power, also if you are a Long Term car parker like myself, you are covered with this feature for any unwanted bumps, break-ins or vandalism.
Installation can be hard-wired but I went with just using the cigarette lighter connection 5/5.

Best yet

This is the second BlackVue camera I've purchased , the first was a DR400 about five years ago and I found it an excellent piece of kit and it captured quite a number of near miss incidents including some criminal activity, now the DR650GW looks the goods, easy to install, it took approx 10 mins, runs a lot cooler has a lot more features than the DR400 ie: WiFi ,touch on off voice record ,speed alert, mapping also very good, being black it's almost hidden behind the rear view mirror ,picture quality is a lot better , I've also bought one for my partner's car. Very happy with the DR650 , wouldn't be without it...

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Questions & Answers

Where to buy around Adelaide. My post code is 5045. I am not too sure the difference between the W os the S model.
1 answer
Hi Squizzy, Firstly the "W" is now a discontinued model, so no worries there. They must have a newer version available. I live in Tassie and bought mine from NSW, this is the site : www.sparesbox.com.au. They were fantastic, great mob to deal with and very helpful. On top of that it was a quick delivery too. Some of the best "deals" are on the "net" so shop around and see what you can find. I got our 2 cars fitted by an Auto Electrician, hard-wired not plugged in, starts a couple of minutes after turning on the ignition, talks to you to tell you it's working :) Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Tassie Devil.

Hi. The dashcam does a great job at detecting an event. Is there any way to 'tell' the dashcam to save vision of an event that it cannot detect through impact - for example of an incident further up the road - that would make it easier for a user to find that specific incident when reviewing footage later on? Thanks
2 answers
Hi John, Glad you are enjoying your dash camera. The camera settings can be configured to trigger manual recordings using the proximity sensor on the opposite side of the camera to the cables. By default this sensor enables/disables the microphone however this can be changed to manual recording instead, a link explaining how to do this is below. https://helpcenter.blackvue.com/hc/en-us/articles/231693247-What-does-manual-recording-mean- You can then search for the manual recording using the N P E M filters in the search list (N = Normal P = Parking E = Event M = Manual) Feel free to get in touch if any other questions. Best Regards, James BlackVue AustraliaHi John, i am yet to use the option James mentioned above. I have on a couple of occasions witnessed accidents that the canera had not detected as an event. What i have done is noted the time. The way i do this is by taking a screenshot on my phone of the wallpaper

Hi, Just noticed my receipt says I bought a DR650S-1ch but the camera is a DR650GW-1ch, the box has both stickers on it. Why is this? I thought I was getting the latest camera. Colin
4 answers
Hi Colin, Can you tell me the serial number of your camera (located on the base of the camera) and where you purchased this from? Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.Hi Tom, The serial no. is D65GS1ECE00409. I got it at Malaga Auto one Cheers, ColinHi Colin, It seems the serial number you supplied does belong to a DR650GW-1CH. I suggest you contact Malaga Auto one regarding this sale, get in touch with me if you have any further issues. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.


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