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BlackVue Single Camera DR650GW-1CH

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Where to buy around Adelaide. My post code is 5045. I am not too sure the difference between the W os the S model.
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Hi Squizzy, Firstly the "W" is now a discontinued model, so no worries there. They must have a newer version available. I live in Tassie and bought mine from NSW, this is the site : www.sparesbox.com.au. They were fantastic, great mob to deal with and very helpful. On top of that it was a quick delivery too. Some of the best "deals" are on the "net" so shop around and see what you can find. I got our 2 cars fitted by an Auto Electrician, hard-wired not plugged in, starts a couple of minutes after turning on the ignition, talks to you to tell you it's working :) Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Tassie Devil.

Hi. The dashcam does a great job at detecting an event. Is there any way to 'tell' the dashcam to save vision of an event that it cannot detect through impact - for example of an incident further up the road - that would make it easier for a user to find that specific incident when reviewing footage later on? Thanks
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Hi John, Glad you are enjoying your dash camera. The camera settings can be configured to trigger manual recordings using the proximity sensor on the opposite side of the camera to the cables. By default this sensor enables/disables the microphone however this can be changed to manual recording instead, a link explaining how to do this is below. https://helpcenter.blackvue.com/hc/en-us/articles/231693247-What-does-manual-recording-mean- You can then search for the manual recording using the N P E M filters in the search list (N = Normal P = Parking E = Event M = Manual) Feel free to get in touch if any other questions. Best Regards, James BlackVue AustraliaHi John, i am yet to use the option James mentioned above. I have on a couple of occasions witnessed accidents that the canera had not detected as an event. What i have done is noted the time. The way i do this is by taking a screenshot on my phone of the wallpaper

Hi, Just noticed my receipt says I bought a DR650S-1ch but the camera is a DR650GW-1ch, the box has both stickers on it. Why is this? I thought I was getting the latest camera. Colin
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Hi Colin, Can you tell me the serial number of your camera (located on the base of the camera) and where you purchased this from? Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.Hi Tom, The serial no. is D65GS1ECE00409. I got it at Malaga Auto one Cheers, ColinHi Colin, It seems the serial number you supplied does belong to a DR650GW-1CH. I suggest you contact Malaga Auto one regarding this sale, get in touch with me if you have any further issues. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Hi I have the Dr650gw 1ch. It's out of warranty. There is no power going to the unit. I have tried other cig lighters and a new power cable with no luck I have also updated the firmware prior to it not turning on. Any suggestions? Cheers josh
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Hi Josh, Sorry to hear your camera has stopped working. Although the camera is out of warranty we can still help. Please send the camera back to our office for inspection - we may be able to organise a repair. Please follow the link to our returns page follow the instructions. Look forward to hearing from you James Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd

My Black Vue is making a hissing noise and the verbal instructions coming from it are distorted. Any idea why?
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Hi MJPF, Sorry, not a clue. You might want to contact Auto Black Box Pty Ltd on (08) 62675167. Cheers, PeteHi MJPF, Sounds like it may be a faulty speaker. This is an easy fix though. Just send the camera back to us following our RMA procedure: https://www.blackvue.com.au/support/warranty-return/ Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

My camera keeps beeping almost continuously. Any ideas?
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Hi Debbie, Have you got Audio Beep enabled for Events? This is usually the cause of the Beeps. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

I can't video on my phone anymore. Blackvue voice on boot up still happens as well as park mode. Is it recording? What should I look for to fix it?
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To check if it is recording simply remove the SD card and view the contents on a computer. If it isn't recording you should be able to tell, try updating the firmware and resetting the device. Beyond that... this isn't really a tech. support website and you'd probably be better contacting Blackvue directly.

Hi. I have a dr650-s 1ch. At least that's what it says on the back of the box. Is this the same as the dr650gw-1ch ? I changed the password but now it says it's incorrect. If I have entered it wrong in the first place, how can I change or reset it ?
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Hi Albaby, You can change or reset the password by accessing the firmware settings directly on the SD card by using the BlackVue player on your PC or Mac. Simply put the SD card into your computer and open the BlackVue player, select the setting icon and then the WiFi tab, then you can change the password by re-entering a new one. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox.Thanks Tom. That worked a treat.

I own a Mercedes b200d 2.1 auto on a late 2015 reg plate. This car has a built in satnav gps system displayed on a fixed screen. My concern is that the gps from dr650gw 1ch will conflict - your dash cam if purchased will be hard wired. Your comments would be appreciated. Many thanks!
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I have a satnav built in GPS - NON ISSUE / my dr650gw 1ch was not HW, instead purchased a CELLINK-B BATTERY PACK and used the existing cigarette lighter connection in the car.Hi SLD, thanks a million for speedy reply. The cam unit in question looks and fits the bill in almost all aspects, hence I wanted to eliminate any potential problems pre purchase rather than resolve after. I now intend to purchase forthwith. Should any issues arise I will report back to aid all concerned.Hi lordg I have two separate cameras set up in my Izusu D-Max with two separate GPS and I hav'nt had a problem with them, the GPS works fine...

Can I have this hard wired into the car? What would be the reasons for and against?
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You could. What i do in my utes and trucks is I splice a new female accessory socket into the existing dash socket. (splice behind the dash so it all looks original from the front) and then just plug the cam into that and tape the plug and socket together so it doesn't come out. That way you don't void the warranty by cutting the power cord and it also goes on and off with the key. Also if you sell your car you can easily undo the tape and just unplug it and take it with you. It's worked well for my two, 4 year old Blackvues in trucks that do a lot of gravel road (rough) driving.Thank you for your help. Much appreciTed

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