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Great products, appalling customer service and warranty

I loved my blackwolf backpack. The small zip went after about 6 months and I continued to use it for another 2 years until I found out about the lifetime warranty. I was denied a replacement due to 'wear and tear'.

I emailed the company with a very detailed description of the life of my backpack and how much I enjoyed it, to the extent of being quite a fanboy, recommending the brand to friends.

The product managers response was a thanks but sorry.

I was in the process of buying the same backpack when I found out about the warranty, although after my interaction with the company I will avoid the brand at all costs.

Update to f ing thing hate it.

I must give credit where it is due. 2008 we bought our turbo light plus when I discharged from the Army and although it didn't get used a lot I wasn't sure how the life time warranty claim would stand when we took ours back to kangaroo tent city with receipt of purchase with a list of issues. Well today we went back to kangaroo tent city to pick up the new tent, It is the new version as well so very happy. Just hoping the old issues are fixed but the new awning and window changes should be a lot better.
Well done to kangaroo tent city and black wolf.

Great Cabin Tent

******Update November 2015.2.0: After sending a copy of my review to Tentworld, I received a call from the owner himself. Needless to say the fly was replaced immediately and all my other concerns are being looked into by the Blackwolf representative. So back to having an awesome tent and when it comes to back up service, I think sometimes you just need to ring head office and make sure that you get yourself heard. The squeaky wheel gets oiled first theory.

****Update November 2015: So after nearly six months of buying what I thought was an awesome tent (see below) my opinion has some what waned in regards to the Blackwolf Cabin Tent. We had some issues with the fly rubbing on the unique skeleton Blackwolf frame which I alerted Tentworld/Blackwolf about and apparently a new re-designed re-enforced fly was being produced and I would receive it in August-September. October came and went and we had our usual big annual beach camping trip with one night of 50km winds; the fly was well and truly "stuffed" by the end of the trip, it had rubbed cleaned through in several small area's. So I reconnected with Tentworld/Blackwolf, again asking about our the new re-enforced fly and how it was coming along, not produced yet! I also mentioned the slight bow in some of the frame poles and how the little lock in buttons jammed repeatedly. Blackwolf offered me a new tent and I was to contact Tentworld to organize the swap over. I quickly and delightfully rang the local outlet who advised me that it would be a one to two week wait - it has now been five weeks and my warranty has been downgraded to just a new fly with **NO** re-enforcing. Come Monday, I will ask for my money back. What a shame good brands and so called good local business's do not stand behind the goods that they sell. No wonder BCF with there extremely poor service is going so well. So much for dealing with the "family business" for better service.

**July 2015: After much research we finally decided to purchase a new tent, we decided Blackwolf had the best design of all the quick pitch tents but we were not sold on the 2014 designs. In 2015 Blackwolf launched the Cabin tent design in Australia which had all the quick pitch features but was larger and spacious like other cabin tents. IMO Blackwolf has great features like the window covers, the HD zips, the roof vents and the rain proof bucket floor design as standard; now add in the click-in fly feature with the full front awning and you get the best cabin tent money can buy. We have had it up a few times now and have even erected it in the dark, it is awesome. We believe it is great value at $1300.00.

The only drawback it that is a TWO person job to erect the tent.

Beware: Lifetime Warranty is a Marketing Myth

I have bought a range of Blackwolf bags and in fact like them a lot.
One recently broke, so I rang the manufacturer to ask about gtting it fixed under it's lifetime warranty
Well it turns out the warranty is a crock
a) it only covers original manufacturing faults asessed by the manufacturer. i was told the backbone sapping internally was unlikey to be covered as it must have been broken by the airline...
b) They said they will only cover something if the bag does not look to worn, well how does a bag last a lifet and NOT look worn!
c) The procedure for claiming a warranty is long and complicated, drop it back at shop, wait till rep takes a look, rep makes a personal judgement on whether they feel like covering it or not.
d) I MUst have proof of purchase for something i bought 3-4 years ago ! who does that really... i mean no body else makes it, i clearly own it, its covered for life, so how exactly could I cheat on this.

Finally I went back to my supplier who no longer stocks the product...
In their words because the suppier is so hard to deal with and offers such poor support.

Great bags, crap management.
I have owned many victorianox bags, and was amazed, anything that broke... they fixed it... full stop... thats a warranty. Blackwolfs is just marketing nonsense

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