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Blanco BRCS90X

Blanco BRCS90X

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I brought this rangehood new, 3 years later the bearing in motor is so noisy its unbearable to use. Through out the whole time i have had it the motor has leaked oil into the carbon filters and i had to keep wiping the oil up, possibly why the bearing is now noisy if they are pre-oiled from the factory. Either way, you would expect it to last longer then what it has.

Date PurchasedSep 2013


The performance is not ideal in term of its power of 1200 capacity. Noise is unacceptable when it is run in maximum speed. Carbon filter is too expensive to replace and it is a must to keep the motor clean though it is said to be optional.
Stainless steel style
Too noisy when in maximum speed. Carbon filter is too expensive. Although it is to be optional but you do need it to keep the motor clean.

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