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Blanco BRSS602RSS

Blanco BRSS602RSS

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Bought a dishwasher, wall oven and gas top package from Domain Kotara Newcsatle, told by the sales person that , QUOTE Blanco products, in fact have Miele internals, UNQUOTE,
So with that information we committed.
Three years down the track the dishwasher has a catastrophic failure, made a few enquiries to discover the dish washer was not worth repairing, at this point i discover Blanco do not have Miele internals. Thinking this, just bad luck and kicked the machine to the kerb. Gas cook top is still working however the indicator marks on the front surface are no longer legible. Not to many moving parts in a cook top, maybe thats why it is still working.
Blanco wall oven, Heats to what ever temperature it wants and refuses to cook property. One very early morning trying to get comfortable in bed i could hear the oven beeping, thinking very odd went to investigate, discovered the oven had turned inself on and heated to 180deg c .WHAT THE.
I have replaced the dishwasher with LG, the wall oven is next before it burns down my house.
Will never bye another Blanco product again. When you pay the best part of $3500.00 FOR THE COMPLETE package, Maybe they should stick to making sinks.

Date PurchasedJun 2010

Plastic brackets broke

Like everyone else, the plastic brackets broke. Noisy fan. Difficult to clean. Slide out action wasn't easy. Blanco is supposed to be a good brand, but this is rubbish. Best use of this product is to use it for ground fill at the dump. Replacement won't be a Blanco. Horrible!


I think the fact that considering this was supposedly a superior product (name and price) it has only lasted 3 yrs and my mothers cheap "robin hood is still going strong after 20+yrs says it all!

plastic.. first one support bracket broke which was impossible to fix ended up stringing some alum under it to support it. then the other side just crumbled to bits.Very noisy on highest fan level.


We were very gentle with it, but the plastic brackets still broke. It had 5 years of very occasional use. When the first plastic piece broke (about 3am when we were asleep) a metal side piece bent under the weight and we awoke to find the range hood hanging crookedly out of its cavity. 2nd plastic bracket broke 2 days later. I resent having to write off an expensive appliance after so little use.
Neat appearance. Retractable.
Plastic brackets at front broke. Couldn't find spare parts.
Difficult to clean anything other than the filters.


I am a design engineer. I have seen many poor designs. This one is pathetic. It is amazing it got beyond the FEA (finite element analysis). It is amazing it got beyond the QA (quality assurance). Most likely, neither were done properly or at all. One would think a supplier would themselves check the product before installing them. Most likely they purchased them cheap in bulk expecting to make a killing - but that's the problem with management, always numbers - never will to actually pay attention to what they are selling. This pile of plastic crap is not worth the price tag it has. Vacuum cleaners are similar devices that last for years and cost nowhere near as much. I rent the property with this appliance. It has broken twice. The supplier "Robinhood- email: enquiries@robinhood.co.nz" takes forever to arrange a replacement and today they have not arrived as they stated they would. During my two years renting, it has been broken 80% of the time. Their contact told me that it was not a common problem. Basically, avoid this model and all similar models. Also, avoid Robinhood. Even if the model they sell appears brilliant, if it breaks you will be waiting months for a service. Perhaps their CEO should return his bonus and replace all these crap rangehoods.

Design is pathetic.


The machine is mostly made out of metal and overall most of the quality is bearably. However there are two hinges near the front of the machine that holds the rails in place and they are made out of plastic, what a stupid idea!! As the fan slides out all of the weight is placed on these hinges, not to mention the heat from the cook top making the plastic brittle cumulating to the hinges breaking in just six months of use. DON’T BUY ONE!!!

The desing


When we moved into our rental apartment, the rangehood was broken. They replaced it with the same model, and it broke again within a couple of months. Now the model has been superseded, we are moving out but sharing the cost with the landlord. Will see if the new one still has plastic brackets !
Nothing good.
Like the previous comments. The plastic brackets on this unit are useless.


Blanco should recall all of these rangehoods sold as they are all faulty. I have been through two know and they do not want to know about it!
Absolutely Nothing at all
The cheap plastic used that breaks easily!

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