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Blanco BRU53X / BRU70X

Blanco BRU53X / BRU70X

BRU53X and BRU70X
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Flimsy filter

The aluminum filter has only 2 protruding parts while the body of the rangehood has 4 slots. The protruding parts are made out of the very thin aluminum frame, which breaks very easily, for me just after 2 washes. You can easily break that protruding parts by just looking at it. It's of inferior quality. I am sure it's not up to the industry standard. It's so fragile that if you accidentally push the protruding part, it may fold then it breaks.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

love the flashing light for cleaning

I have had this product since October 2013, love the flashing light telling me when to clean panels also great to set fan on after for fifteen minutes, also have ducted outside, not going into roof space to make it greasy up there. Found the fan speed was acceptable for use .

Useless exhaust fan Blanco BRU70X

BRU70X thought we were paying for quality exhaust fan, as was recommended by sales person, only to find it is the most useless piece of junk we have ever purchased. Even on full fan the condensation drops from the filters back into the food on the stove. Would not recommend to anyone!!!!
Hidden from view
Not at all efficient

Am happy with this product

First rangehood I have ever had, and it seems fine to me.
There are 3 fan settings and I tend to use the highest one, the lower 2 are not as effective. The highest setting is, however, fairly loud - the next one down is a lot quieter, if you are after less noise.
The rangehood can hardly be seen, being set into the bottom of the cupboard above the cooktop, which is what I wanted.
The buttons for operation are easy to use, and the lights are a big help when cooking, too.
I don't have it ducted, the filtered air comes out the top of the cupboard above - the filtering seems to be effective as the expelled air is clear and has not yet marked the ceiling above the exit point (but have only had it in for a month).
Nicely concealed, easy to use, effective

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My builder has just installed my BRU53X and I'm worried about what the expelled air will do to the inside of the cupboard or, if I flue it to come out at the top, to the top surface of the cupboard ie. will they be coated with grease? Do you have any more feedback since August please?

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My question is to renovator. Have you contacted Blanco to check it out? I have exactly the same problem with BRu53X. My father's $150 unit from bunnings works 10 times better. I called Blanco and they said they can send someone to check it out but I don't want to waste my time if they're going to tell me it does what it's meant to do. You are right, it is absolutely useless. I can't cook a pasta without literally getting a bathroom towel to wipe the cupboards and that's while it's on speed 3. I'm sure I paid over $500 so I really should do something about it while it's still under warranty.
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As mine was still under warranty I had the local service guy have a look. He checked the air flow & flue to see if there was any obstruction and said it was working as it should. I did not contact the manufacturer, but probably should have. I feel I received the wrong advice when we purchased and probably should have got a different type of exhaust. Not too sure where this one would actually work the way you would expect it to, as really is totally useless!That's exactly what I'm worried they'll say. I Should follow it up with them and see what happens. I bought mine from Harvey Norman. 2 out of my 4 kitchen appliances were duds. The other one was the Samsung dual oven.


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Release dateJul 2006Jul 2006

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