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Blanco BRU5G / BRU7G

Blanco BRU5G / BRU7G

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This product is fine in operation

I purchased this rang hood in September 2016, this range hood works fine and help blow out the oil and steam. However, the range hood has big noise when working for a while. As I expected previously, this range hood should be as quiet as possible to provide a conversation atmosphere.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

2 year lifespan

BRU5G was built in to the apartment complex when we moved in, 2 years later it blew. Since the cabinets were exactly cut to only fit this model, I purchased another one which blew after another 2 years, almost as if on cue.

Poor suction, very noisy and a hassle to deal with. If I could have replaced it with another one without paying for a cabinet maker to refit the whole kitchen area I would.

Save your time and money, buy another model


Very noisy but a poor sucking device. Invest more $ and buy something else. Crappy appliance but unfortunately for us it was the only size that would fit our cabinet.
Quite concealable and out of site.
Very noisy and cannot hear the TV when on. Pretty poor suction unless on max setting, but then gets quite deafening. Left hand light bulb gets very heated and has burned and partially melted its surrounds, but the bulb still worked!(just out of warranty when we discovered it) Waiting to see if the whole thing catches fire! in the meantime we avoid using the lights.

BTW, we are very light users, and probably turn on this rangehood less than once a fortnight.


This rangehood was part of the package through our builder and did not investigate to upgrade. this was a mistake. The day of our handover it failed and was left to ring Blanco to arrange service. The lady hadling service for Blance should be in the warehouse. Customer seem to be an inconvenience. Two weeks later we had the unit replaced but failed again another week later. We bit the bullet and replaced it with another brand.
Concealed and out of the way.
Noisy, unreliable, support from Blanco absoloutley discraceful.

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