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Blanco BWC6X / BWC9X / BWCE6X / BWCE9X

Blanco BWC6X / BWC9X / BWCE6X / BWCE9X

2.5 from 8 reviews

Never recommend this product to anyone who cooks

If you dont cook and you have this range hood for good looks only, then the product is fine. If you cook every day then you are in for a big disappointment. The grease trap constantly drops oil every single day. When it is cleaned, it drops oil that same day. My house now smells every time I cook as the range hood is not doing its job. I have had someone come and look at it as I thought it may have been blocked when the builders had installed it- but everything is "okay". I have had a really cheap range hood before and it never gave me the problems that this product does. At least one of the he lights under the canopy blows up every 6 months. The product is less than satisfactory. It was not a cheap product to buy and it is truly not worth the money. I will now be replacing it with another product.

Date PurchasedOct 2013

Total garbage. Blanco should have recalled this product. They don't support what they sell

I've just had the 3rd control module blow up. The first time it happened was just out of warranty. We've been stuck with this damn thing as the flu cover has been cut into the cornices in the kitchen to integrate it. Blanco show no support. We are considering moving soon and possibly building a new home. Blanco is at the absolute bottom of the list for any appliances should we go down that path. They've lost a customer for life.

Date PurchasedSep 2010

Average extraction, noisy and oil drips a day later down from motor

I installed the Blanco BWC9X 900mm rangehood about a year ago. I was ducted to extract the fume outside of the house using a flexible 150mm duct. The duct is not straight up to the ceiling to the roof because my house is 2 stories and have a concrete ceiling so I had the ceiling dropped in my kitchen area by 170mm so I can install additional downlights and put in the duct. The duct goes out to the side of the house and up into the service cavity and out into the 150mm flue.

This rangehood has low, med, high fan settings. At low setting it's pretty much useless at extraction, possibly due to a couple bends in the duct which could be limiting the extraction. So usually we would use medium fan setting for simmering and light cooking and majority of the time we use high fan settings. At high setting the extraction is pretty good for medium to heavy cooking and stir frying and would normally extract most of the odors and fumes but the kitchen and the lounge and kitty would still smell of food a bit. The noise would also be really loud and usually my partner and I can't talk in the kitchen without shouting over the noise.

We usually wash all 3 grease trap grills after every medium to heavy cooking at the end of the night along with the gas cook top so it'll be spotless. The next day there will be oil drips on the grease trap in the middle one and a few drops of oil on the cook top that has settled back down over night. Not happy at all with the extraction and the noise it makes and I am not certain if 900m3 extraction max is even a true rating and what is causing the oil droplets.

If someone could confirm if this is normal with my type of installation or is it a fault with the extraction. I also want to mention the rangehood is 700mm height above the cooktop which is minimum clearance for my gas cook top.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Nice and works well!

I needed a powerful range hood that did not sound like a jet engine. This does it! I clean the filters weekly because of all the cooking and have this thing on full blast! Works well, looks good. It's easy to clean too! I'm happy I did not spend $2000 on a silent rangehood when people complain they are still noisy.

Date PurchasedApr 2016


I had previously had a Blanco rangehood that I thought was excellent, this one is not as good. It keeps turning itself on... I was starting to think we were haunted... I would come inside and it would be roaring its head off... last resort was when it kept turning itself on then going up to full bore, I turned it off about 8 times in the end I had to disconnect the power to it. It is only a few months old and they are going to fix it.
The price, it was heavily reduced..... now I know why.
turns itself on.

Poor product

Had a Blanco BWCE6X ducted rangehood installed two and a half years ago for a total cost of $1500. The central light switch died a year later and fixed under warranty. Happened again just out of warranty and cost over $250 to fix have not bothered.The motor suction is pathetic.This is a totally useless product .Will not touch BLANCO product again!

does not do the job it is supposed to do.

Great Extraction for Curries

We have a BWCE9X and it works a treat. We cook with a lot of spices including curry and rely heavily on the rangehood to remove these odours and the power of this unit is awesome. I must strongly disagree with km94 and possibly the problem he or she is experiencing is the foam packaging problem that my sis-in-law had where the installer forgot to remove this. This caused hers to make a bit more noise and slowed the extraction. Hers works as well as ours now although a different model from Blanco but looks similar. Yes thumbs up to the BWCE9X works great
Awesome Suction

No suction power at all - waste of time and money

I have the BWCE9X installed in my new kitchen and the motor is so small that on the highest setting, the suction even doesn't hold up a sheet of paper. It just doesn't serve the purpose it is supposed to. Don't waste your money. I will never buy any Blanco again.

Useless, not of merchandable quality. I am going to try and get this one replaced with one that actually works.

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Maybe the problem you are experiencing is the foam packaging problem that my sis-in-law had where the installer forgot to remove this. This caused hers to make a bit more noise and slowed the extraction. Hers works so much better now this is sorted.

Questions & Answers

letter "F" appears on the range hood indicator. what does it mean?
No answers

my blanco rangehood light & fan do not work i need a new board that sits behind the switched, but am unable to find one. Any help? Heino
2 answers
Go to http://www.agw.com.au It is not just a new board. The replacement unit contains the lightbulb fittings and the switchboard (it is all one unit). You will need the exact model number but but before you go and buy it, remember that it will cost you $150 dollars and IT WILL inevitably blow up again. Also, the job to change it is dirty and difficult for one person. My advice would be to get a new rangehood and avoid Blanco at all costs. This is a fault which Blanco fail to acknowledge. For a premium brand, they have the worst support and I will never buy their products again. Good luck.at the moment am unable to get the part still hoping

How much is a new light switch for a blanco bwce9x cooker hood
1 answer
My Rangehood is the 6x and the switch mechanism was about $250 the guarantee on this was about6 mths. I decided not to throw good money after bad and did not get it fixed.


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