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Blanco BWC9BX

Blanco BWC9BX

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We have had this one for two years. Looks great. The suction is ok. One day I used oil to deep fry, and it stop working. Called the Blanco service people, and the service is terrible. The call out charge is $88, and $1.50 for each minute he spends. Costed us $110 for him to come and told us that he has never seen the model before and the fan is stuck and the oil stops it from rotating. He said it cannot be cleaned, and had to be replaced. Promised to cal us back with the price to replace the fan, buthas not heard from him. The fan now sometimes works but sometimes does not. It is a bad design to place the fan i. Aplace where it cannot be cleaned, onlycan be replaced, but the technician said he has never seen this model, and does not know how to get to thefan. That is probably why he have not heard from him. Now I am looking for another one to replace this probably a Schweigen which is theone we wanted to buy originally.
Looks great.
Poor service, bad design, not robust.


easy to clean lift up panel job done , removes all steam no problems , get the ducted system, not noisy for such a powerfully motor
looks sleek and sophisticated

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Price (RRP)$2399
Release dateAug 2007

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