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Blanco BWGG90X / BWCG90X

Blanco BWGG90X / BWCG90X

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Nice looking and big suction power

Purchase the unit about 3 months ago as Mrs. love the contemporary look. My experience with this Blanco rangehood has been great. Nice looking glass top and very powerful suction even with regular deep frying cooking. Easy to clean too as I normally just take out the filter and dump straight into the dishwasher and the glass surroundings can be wipe cleaned.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Not worth paying money for

I have a Blanco BWCG90X and it does not have the capacity to extract smoke from a cigarette placed underneath it, I cannot see how any company could offer up such rubbish to the general public- the unfortunate aspect is that to rate this item I must at least give it one star which gives this item some credit
looks stylish
Does not exract anything at all and way over priced

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Price (RRP)$1618$2059
Release dateAug 2007Aug 2007

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