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Exploded glass

Glass exploded during normal use. Lucky noone got injured during the event. I got Offered a glass replacement but declined after reading the reviews that other people left regarding the glass exploding again after glass replacement. Its just not worth the risk so I'm definitely not trusting this particular cooktop.

Date PurchasedDec 2012

Exploded and shattered glass

Our builder installed the Blanco in our brand new house in Oct 2012. This morning while we were cooking, it exploded loudly and the glass were splashed all over the kitchen area and shattered glasses. Luckily no one got hurt. After reading so many reviews on other websites about Blanco glass stove top, I feel unsafe for using so now I stopped replacing the same brand and switch to order another brand that is reputable and reliable and safe using. Advice as the company has to fix the problem otherwise customer will withdraw using the brand.

Date PurchasedOct 2012

Exploded glass again

We've had this since 2013 and thought it was great, in fact far better than our previous top of the line ilve- didn't know about the exploding glass until it happened to us this week. Big Bang, glass everywhere, very upset daughter who was cooking dinner at the time! Waiting to hear back from blanco- I assume they will replace it...

Date PurchasedAug 2013

Great To Cook On, Easy To Clean

I have had this cook top for 8 months and have had absolutely no problems. I love using the wok burner which maintains a high temperature and find the layout of the burners perfect for fitting different sized pots. Good strong trivets and very easy to keep clean. I was assured that any initial faults had been rectified. Would recommend.

Shattered Again!

We installed the Blanco in our brand new house in Nov 2013, it looks great, easy to clean etc. In May 2014 whilst cooking with the wok burner on low the glass top exploded sending shards of glass every where. After arguments with Blanco who blamed the installer it was replaced over a month later. Today the 01 November 2015 whilst cooking with the wok burner on low again it again exploded. Am awaiting Blanco's response on this latest event...

Works flawlessly

Rang Blanco and was assured the exploding glass issue is fixed. Purchased the cooktop in May and it has been great. Looks fabulous, works well but the major drawback for us is the time and effort required to get the cooktop sparkling clean after each use. We are sticklers for cleanliness and this process really does make life difficult. We had a stainless steel cooktop previously and find ourselves looking to replace this one with the stainless steel model from Blanco


We had this installed as part of the new build and the whole thing shattered into small fragments the first time we used the wok burner. glass all over the kitchen. The cook top looked very sleek when installed. Due to Christmas new year break, haven't been able to contact Blanco yet.

Exploding stove top

Just moved into our new house 10 weeks ago, so stove is brand new. Loved my stove top, until I was cooking dinner 2 nights ago. Only had the wok burner on and the whole thing exploded!! Huge bang and glass everywhere (including all over the food). Just thankful I (or anyone) wasn't hurt. Am 8 months pregnant and keep thinking, it could have been a lot worse. Having seen someone else has had the same issue, will not be getting it replaced for the same type. Taking it as a warning.


Bought this through the builder and used it for 5 months and today it just all shattered. Only the wok burner was on and it was on the lowest settings 1 and it blew. Lucky nobody was around. Think we need to sue blanco! I have little children too. There is just glass everywhere.

Don't buy

At first when installed I was excited about how sleek and modern it looked- until the second time we used it. I had a saucepan with pasta sauce on front right burner and a pot of water to boil for pasta on the wok burner. We heard a loud bang, the glass completely shattered. After waiting 3 weeks for a replacement glass from Sydney, they sent the wrong glass, another 2 weeks later and finally installed. Thought that was the end of our troubles until the second time using the stove, again it exploded! With only a wok on the wok burner with vegetables in it. Now have to replace it with a cheaper stainless one with no compensation. Do not buy this model
It's looks
Long wait for service, unusable as it keeps exploding

Questions & Answers

Hi I just bought a blanco glass cooktop cgg905wffc, I'm just worried about the glass explosion. Does this still happen?
4 answers
Not sure. Blanco replaced ours after a few emails and me insisting it was a recognised fault. They say the new model won't do it so hopefully they're right.I have had this cooktop since 2015 and had the same concerns at time of purchase. Salesman at Good Guys assured me the problem was rectified. I have had no problems but made sure to follow manufacturer instructions re wok cooking and cleaning. Love the cooktop.Thank you....

I would like to know how much weight this cooktop can handle. I have this heavy cast iron pot which is over 7kg empty, after adding ingredients and water it reaches close to 10kg. I want to know will this cook top handle the weight or the glass will crack?
1 answer
For an accurate answer I suggest you contact the customer service people at Blanco. Something I can't really answer, sorry

We're looking at purchasing this Blanco glass cooktop also, just wondering if there's any further glass explosions with previous purchasers?
2 answers
Hi there. Yeah, they had six Australia wide, when ours blew. We weren't able to get a replacement of same model as they were quarantined, but they may have fixed the issue now?We decided to not go back to a glass model as much as we loved the look of it. We were without a cooktop for a couple of weeks while the first one got replaced and we didn't want to have to go through the hassle again. Friends that we know had theirs break a second time just before Christmas 2014 and it took them much longer to have their second one replaced (Blanco model as well).


Cutout Width833mm833mm
Cutout Depth475mm475mm
Cutout Height55mm55mm
Primary Element5 x Gas5 x Gas
Control PositionFrontFront
Price (RRP)$2499
Release dateJun 2011Mar 2011

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