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Great Prosuct

This is the best dish washing liquid around, it leaves the others for dead... Everyone should pressure Xoles and Woolworths to stock it again.. Ring them and Fax them...
It's not right that we can't buy it there any more..

Best for stainless steel!

I bought this based on reviews and wasn't expecting much. i have some laser engraved cutleries that I love so much but after many washings the laser engravings turned dull and I could hardly see them anymore. This is despite hand washing them and not putting them in dishwasher. After the first time using blast, the stainless steel cutleries sparkle like new! I could see the laser engraving again that I love so much! Thank you blast. Please keep on stocking this! You can buy this from IGA.

about average

I used to buy the blast dishwashing liquids when I used to live in Sydney and they used to work quite well as it used to lather up well and had a good smell good though I didn't find them to be as good as Palmolive dishwashing liquids

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I can't remember why I stopped buying it / not a bad dishwashing products at all plus sometimes the reject shop sells them for cheaper as well

Love Blast.

I to am disappointed with Coles Woolworths for not stocking Blast is the only detergent that doesn't dry my hands out, have tried others. It cleans all the dishes just great, love Blast and that it is Australian too !!

Blast Dishwashing Detergent - Wonderful Australian-made product!

Both Coles and Woolworths should be ashamed of themselves for taking this great Australian-made product from their shelves!!!! I have been able to purchase this product from the IGA stores. This is such a good product.

Best detergent available

After years of using Palmolive dishwashing detergent and similar products by multi-national companies, I decided to look for something that actually worked i.e. removed grease from cutlery, plates and pans, didn't leave a coating on glasses and left everything sparkling clean. Someone recommended Blast. Being skeptical by nature, I was pleased to find it is so much better than the expensive, ineffective, heavily promoted stuff I used to buy.

Woolworths Coles

Reason not on Woolies and Coles shelves,too cheap too good and they do not make enough profit out of it,plain and simple,another reason to force the public to take an alternate product with double the profit margin.Yes IGA stock it and many small local owned supermarkets,they listen to their customers,knowing they will shop elsewhere if they don't.Support your local business and not the multinationals.

Blast Concentrate Dishwashing Liquid

If you wash your everyday cutlery using Blast Concentrate and very hot water you will be pleased to note that it comes up like new. It isn't over perfumed and doesn't leave a taste on the item. So impressed with the product that even though I shop from a wheelchair I go monthly to IGA just to buy my stash and a couple of extras for others to try. The quality of the wash is like its been through a dishwasher - every time!

Puts the Multinationals to shame

Thank you product review for putting me onto this product. I must admit that I was a Morning Fresh user for many many years. I feel a little stupid admitting this. Blast is so much better ....soooooo much. Let me give you an example. I have one of those Weber bbqs with a trivet - a grill - which I roasted pork roasts over the christmas break. The multinational product couldnt cope with cleaning it. The suds disintegrated at the sight of the grease from the grill. In contrast, I soaked the grill in the sink with Blast for a few hours ( I forgot about it) and when I came back, the water was cold. However, I wiped the grill off and all the burnt on pork came off. When I drained the sink, I noticed that the grease was still in solution. Previously, the Morning Fresh wasnt able to cope. It's not magic. It's because the Multinational product has been so watered down, that it has lost its cleaning power. As for the Multinational food chains dropping Blast from their shelves? Well, you gotta protest your mates dont you?

Maybe I am getting too fussy but it seems to me that Blast isn't as effective these days. Message me if you have found this too.I still feel the same and have lost of lot of love for Blast. I tried Woolies brand Shine and it appears better. Why does it seem that these products are so variable?

Woolies and Coles

Blast is a great product and the two major retailers should be ashamed for taking it off the shelves, I'm off to IGA and stock up and I'll most likely spend a few Dollars there as well that I would have spent at Woolies or Coles.

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Over a year and a half later and I'm still heading to IGA to get Blast Dish Washing liquid and what ever else I need at the time.

Blast dishwashing liquid

Where can i find Blast dishwashing liquid? I have been using Blast for over 13yrs and can't find it anymore, Coles stopped selling it but i could still get it from Woolworths and now i can't get it from there either.It last so long that i didn't realise that woolworths was gradually getting rid of it.
Cheap, works better than any other, efficient you don't need alot

Hi Deedee , IGA or it can be ordered online.... I too use blast and so I sent email to Natures Organics and this is the information they gave me.. do hope this is helpful..LindaI have also used blast and have been unable to find it in woolworths or coles, thankfully I had several bottles stored away, but have now come down to my last bottle...have read these comments and am going to IGA directly..thankyou..I have been unable to find blast as well it is the only detergent that removes grease no one stocks it any more, why is it that they always take the best products off the shelf

Best on Market for me.

I have tried many of the dishwashing liquids on the market but I have found that Blast Dishwashing liquid is the best so far. A very tiny amount is needed to suds up the water and it cleans perfectly each time. If anyone can give me a better choice let me know.
Also sometimes Woolworths have the extra 50ml at no extra charge on their blast bottles so keep a look out for that!!!!!
Value for money. Efficient for the job at hand.


Thank you! I am one of the top 100 hundred oil painting realist artists in the world.
My defacto husband is Australian and brought me here. He also (by accident) introduced me to this fabulous detergent.
My pet hate is to clean my brushes every night.
Aussie Blast has made it a two minute job instead of half an hour of rubbing and squeezing the paint and pigments out of the brushes.
Thank you!

Blast is the best

I am very upset that Coles no longer sell Blast, but luckily i had stocked up on it to last me a few more months, but am still devastated that i now have to search for a new stockist. During the time it has not been at Coles i have had to try other brands, and they just don't have the same strength, smell and working ability.

well done to Blast for making a evolutionary product!!!! great price too.
inexpensive and reliable


Blast does a pretty good job, foams nicely, dishes always clean and sparkling, nice selection of different fragrances too. The bottle is a little deceiving though, looks smaller than 500ml because of the shape, but its wider. I often buy this product instead of morning fresh when its on special.
Foams nicely, smells nice, great price

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go to the groceries run. They sell 1l for 4 bucks. :-)

Fantastic Dishwash

Fantastic dishwash liquid that cleans effectively, only requiring a small amount of liquid each use. It provides an adequate amount of suds each time. Available in a range of pleasant fragrances but personally I prefer the cool ice one. It is lightly scented and leaves the dishes smelling clean and fresh without making them feel slippery and soapy. It comes as a light blue liquid in a transparent bottle and it doesn't dry out your skin. There is also one available for sensitive skin, which will appeal to many people. It tackles baked on foods and grease with ease. Available in all good supermarkets and convenience stores. Competitively priced.
Fresh light fragrance. Works fantastically to clean dishes with ease.

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Questions & Answers

Where has this product gone from our supermarket shelves? Who is still selling it? This is the best of the best; others are just an expensive alternative! Kevin
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They do not make it any more. Here is the response I received. "We are really sorry not to be making this product any more, unfortunately when both Woolworths and Coles decided to remove Blast to sell their own brands it made it unviable to continue making it. We don't have any stock left at all I am sorry."I'd suggest you try another Natures Organics product Kevin - from the Earth Choice range. More bubbles than Blast and much less concentrated, but still much better than the top selling commercial brands.Earth Choice dishwashing liquid is rubbish. The Choice Consumer Review rates it the lowest with some claiming it "less effective than warm water".

Who now sells blast?
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I’ve been using blast for years now and love it.. I can’t find it even at IGA, how else can I get my hands on to it, pls any help?
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