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Best car I have ever owned - a proper baby ///M Car

My 2nd BMW and it turned out to be the best car I have ever owned (8th car since I could drive legally on road).

Love the philosophy behind it: back to the basics (doesn't have those useless technologies/gadgets which don't help improve driving experience), traditional BMW handling and driving pleasure, classic, successor of 1 Series M Coupe (which is overpriced due to limited production, around 300 in Australia).

NOTE: The chassis, front and rear suspensions, rear Active M Differential (from F10 M5), M Servotronic steering, M DCT transmission, and M compound brakes are pretty much the backbone from its big bro (F82) M4. Stock tyres (most people get) are Michelin PSS, can't complain for its performance for the price.

Exterior design, size, proportion, stance (love the fat and squat rear end), build quality, drivetrain, performance, handling, colour (long beach blue metallic of course). Such a joy to drive, lots of fun yet it is a good daily drive (I am surprised by the fact that the ride comfort and quality is better than the X3 F25 LCI with 20" wheels + RFT, no DDC).

I didn't get a manual because of 1. 3 pedals offset to the right a bit too much (compare with MX-5) 2. Without coding, rev match (auto-blip) on downshift cannot be turned off with DSC on --- what? 3. wife needs to drive the car occasionally and she can hardly drive a stick shift (don't want to see that actually)

The N55B30T0 is probably the final evolution of the legendary N55 inline 6 engine - reliable and well tuned, it's open-deck block though (while the S55 is closed-deck - heavier, harder for cooling but is stronger, can be put on more boost to get more power).

The regular M2 is just brilliant, you don't need the M2 Competition ;-)

1. Timeless exterior design, like the E46 M3, especially the rear wheel arches - fat squat look
2. KISS / back to basics
3. size, proportion, short wheelbase
4. all options (e.g. harman kardon sound system, heated seats, lumbar support, adaptive headlights, etc., no sunroof - good!) are standard for the DCT model except heated steering wheel (why do I need this in downunder?)
5. Traditional dashboard (on the pre LCI model - it has bug though)
6. Suspension / damper tune to provide feedback from road surface with just enough comfort as a daily drive
7. N55B30T0 - the ultimate form of the N55 generation straight 6, power delivery is at the tipping point of being awe-inspiring and scary


1. Instrument cluster - grey on grey, it's a bug, you can hardly see anything on the dash with daylight coming into the cabin (turn the backlight on if possible)

2. Rear parking sensor won't stop beeping until you turn off the engine and power off, how annoying is that (may need to code it off somehow)

3. ASD (fake sound pumped into the car from speakers, can be coded off)

4. Halogen lights (front turn indicators, rear reversing light, rear turn indicators). For a 100k+ performance car (although it's entry-level M Power), how could BMW put halogen light bulks on it? LCI models don't have this problem tho.

5. Turbo lag

6. Putting power down to ground

NOTE: #5 and #6 may need a stage 1 tune to get around.

Last but not least: no front parking sensors (some say it's due to the aggressive front number design... bug fixed in M2 Competition).

Purchased in December 2016.

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It deserves its rave reviews

A quick google and you would be forgiven for thinking that the internet driving journalists were on the payroll of BMW. That is until you realise that everybody is saying the same thing and BMW can't bribe everybody. So when I had the opportunity to test drive an M2, I promptly stepped out of my M135 and did so. The rest (as they say) is history because the long island blue predator now adorns my garage. Clichés aside ... I encourage potential acquirers to do their research because it is true what everybody says. The suspension is non-adjustable and hard. The interior is basic and under stated. The engine noise is synthetic in the cabin. On paper, it is heavy, has modest power ratings and in a world of ever shrinking numbers of rear wheel drive manual gear boxes, BMW M is clinging onto the past. And worse, there are even mismatched peers such as Audi RS3's, Merc A45's and Ford RS Focus's that look (on paper) to be lighter, more powerful, more practical and more agile. Take it from me, my RS3 driving wife and my A45 driving brother certainly questioned this particular life choice. BUT ... it isn't until you "drive" the M2 that you understand. This car is simply BETTER! It takes the advantage over every brand I have just mentioned as well the its larger M3 and M4 siblings. Its faster, more agile, more precise, more entertaining, more pure and finally more modest. I know what you are going to say ... "but on paper ...". Look I can't explain it guys ... it is simply BETTER! As I hand the M2 keys to more and more people, starting with my wife and brother, without fail each steps out of the car with huge grins and as total converts that would happily trade in their current wheels for the M2. So I will finish where I started ... don't just believe the internet jorno's, the papers and magazines or even myself! Go find an M2 (if you can as there is a 12 month waiting list) and drive it. When you do I'm sure you'd agree, 5 stars is simply the correct rating to give! Ultimate driving machine indeed!

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Questions & Answers

Why does this site suggest that the M2 has been replaced the newer M3 when in fact the M2 is a different model, newer car and better than the M3. Please correct this incorrect information.
3 answers
M2 is considered the spiritual successor of E36 M3 / E46 M3 and 1-Series M Coupe. Of course it's a different model ;-)Spiritual is rubbish! M3 and M2 are different models entirely. This is BMW covering up a product review. Product Review need to either separate them within their system or fix up the listing so people can post separate reviews directly against the M2 without having it rolled up against the M3. If its not fixed in 7 days, I will take to my 15,000 face book and twitter followers uncovering the distortion that Product Review allows brand owners to manipulate.I just noticed what you mean Unimpressed. M2 and M3/M4 are totally different cars, I agree. Product review should separate them. The M2 is considered similar to E46 M3 (size, driving dynamics, not the NA I6 sound tho).


Release dateOct 2015
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