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BMW X3 F25 xDrive30d

BMW X3 F25 xDrive30d (2011-2017)

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BMW X3 30d an unassuming rocket!

I have now owned my BMW X3 30d for 6 months
Performance is 5 star, absolutely fantastic, super quick for a diesel.
The fuel efficiency is excellent when driven sedately.
Finish and ergonomics are perfect
Road noise is present but I believe my tyres may be the culprit.
I have given the BMW X3 4 stars, it deserves 5 stars but price is the only negative.
I forgot to mention the fun factor when pulling away from the lights leaving many fancy pants vehicles in your rear view mirror!!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Think Carefully Before Choosing

I have had my X3 30d for just over a year before writing so my experience would be holistic. This is the 5th BM I have had and I loved the previous models so I didn't question buying another. Doh! I should have.

Pros: It has heaps of power, solid build, good vision, comfortable adjustable sports seats, easy access for old timers like me. Reasonable fuel economy for a 3 ltr. The dash is ok. The Heads Up display is a good idea.

*Run flat tires make the ride exceptionally hard and the older they get, the harder the ride is.
*There is no spare! BMW fits different width tires from front to back (this is an unwanted option), so depending upon which Tyre you get the puncture on, you may not get it fixed for a 3-4 days as these tires are not common at tyre stores. Run flats are meant to be a fuel saver, but in country Oz, they are a pain when you are stranded. The 250km you can drive on them is not quite true. The Bimmer forums are full of failed run flats.
*The Auto brake has to be manually turned on to use it, in other cars this is automatic.
*The econo mode has to be manually turned on each time you start the car, in other makes this is automatic.
*The old model had a split tailgate which protected the bumper from loading scratches, this is no longer the case, so expect the rear bumper to be scratched over time.
*The design of the rear funnels dirt and dust on the rear door and bumper, so every time to access it, you WILL get covered in grime, yet another dry cleaning bill.
*BMW still have the manual air temp switch as the auto aircon split doesn't function properly to keep the temperature constant.
*The auto engine off and auto brake combination is rough and feels like a truck to drive. With hard tires, this makes the car an effort and very unenjoyable.
*Large turning circle for a BM.
*The washer bottle clogs up regularly due to a design flaw and cost $200 to get fixed each time. It is not in an accessible place for a home job. Common problem across all BMs.
*The car bleeds grease from every drain hole in the panels covering the car.
*The GPS has a lag, so by the time you at are the location on the GPS, you have passed it.
*The Heads up display design is flawed. If you have sun glasses on, you cannot see it.
*Finally, a quick scan of the BMW servicing agents reviews reveals a worrying trend, they are almost all bad with a lot complaints to BMW Australia. BM service agents are tasked with changing over whole units rather than fixing the issues as this is one way to increase revenue. Not all service agents do this some are very good, but the reviews and forums are telling the same experiences of this approach. So beware and question any repairs, and it is better to get a second opinion before proceeding.

Would I buy another? No. The X3 is uncomfortable after a time, tiring and is a worry with the run flats, grime at the back, washer bottle clogging up etc... So many small annoying issues that make it unpleasant.

Previous models had innovate niches that made their cars worth getting and driving. These days, a Nissan will do the same job or better.

BadgexDrive30d Lifestyle
Date PurchasedApr 2016

Great engine. Pity the rest of the SUV doesn't match it!

I did a lot of research before I purchased my 2015 BMW 30D X3 F25 LCI. I thought it was my dream car, but it didn't turn out that way. it drove and handled well, and that 3L Diesel engine is just delightful. Unbelievable go for a Diesel engine. The problem was that within weeks the car developed awful squeaks from the doors, tailgate and sunroof. After many visits to BMW Melbourne, who I would not recommend if you are purchasing a BMW, the squeaks always returned within weeks. The only thing ever permanently fixed was the squeak from the sunroof, and that meant my car was with the dealer for a whole week. When I checked online it turns out that the squeaking door seals are quite common and it looks like some owners spend a lot of effort to defeat. No matter what I tried or the dealer tried the squeaks always returned. They were so bad they ruined the entire driving experience. I had an opportunity to exit the X3 after 2 years of persisting with the issues, and I gladly got rid of the vehicle. I changed over to the new generation Mazda CX-9 and I can tell you the service experience and vehicle are superior to BMW in every way. BMW need to do lots of work if they think the experience they offer is that of a premium brand and vehicle.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Excellent easy to drive Car

I bought the X3 in May 2016, it is a 30d model, which is a diesel 6 cylinder twin turbo. The car is really easy to drive and park, it has plenty of power and if you want extra you can just put it in sports mode. The fuel economy for this powerful car is amazing, around town I get about 8.6l/100km. The 360 degree parking system makes parking the car super easy, along with the reversing camera and sensors. The car handles very well and is a pleasure to drive.
The front seats in the car have many adjustments to make you comfortable while driving, the back seat has plenty of leg room but the can be a little slippery for passengers going around corners due to the leather seating. I purchased a service plan from the dealer for $1300 when I bought the car which covers my servicing costs for the next 5 years/80,000km, not including a few things like brakes & Tyres. The car requires servicing every 15,000km. I would highly recommend the X3.

I have now owned this car for almost 3 years, it is still a pleasure to drive but there have been a couple of problems with it, one being a really annoying rattle in the tail gate of the car. I spoke to a BMW mechanic about this issue when the dealership had trouble stopping the rattling and then tried to charge me for the repairs. Apparently this rattle is very common in BMW's in particular the X3, X4 and X5 and it has been for years, it seems to be a design fault that BMW has never bothered to correct. You need to be aware of this as BMW have a 1 year rattle warranty, yes that is correct when you buy this extremely expensive car, it doesn't even come with a full 3 year warranty. In my opinion BMW are very aware of this consistent rattle problem so instead of fixing the problem they make the owners pay to have it corrected after only 1 year, I find this pretty appalling. The 1 year rattle warranty was certainly never mentioned to me when I bought the car but no doubt it is in the fine print somewhere, so please be aware that if you buy an X3,X4 or X5 the likelihood is that you will have a rattle that you will have to pay to have fixed. The other problem I have encountered is sourcing tyres for the X3, in Australia there is only a certain amount of run flat tyres brought into the country and if you have a flat tyre or need to replace your tyres in the last half of the year, it is almost impossible to get the matching tyres to the tyres already on the car.

Purchased in May 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

Good, but BMW Germany is cheap

I have had my X3 3.0d for a year and I haven't had any issues yet. However, it is clear that BMW Germany is making their cars as cheap as possible by removing small features that would make it a great car. I should say that I had a Citroen C4 prior to this which was fantastic but missing the quality to last. In comparison, the X3 is missing some natural features such as where do I put my keys once I have started the car? I have lost them twice on the black carpet. There used to be a spot on the dash for older models, but this is now missing. BMW still have the Cold/Hot variance switch as a hangover from the very early days. I thought auto temp was to manage this!
The back seat is a bench seat and not comfortable for long hauls. BMW could have easily done better.
For the interior, if you want to see what can be done with the driver and passenger in mind, have a look at the Citroen DS5. The BMW is very very ordinary, even the Audi have done a good job internally.

Run flats tyres give a harsh ride and are expensive. Whilst not having a spare does save on fuel economy, getting a flat tyre in the country or at 5pm on Good Friday evening is a disaster. BMW customer service is useless to help. Make sure you have the number of a 24 hr tyre service and expect to pay about $270+ for the call out.
The new X3 comes with different size rims front & back, (doh! another stupid move for AU). I tried getting replacements and found it difficult to get a set as tyre fitters don’t readily keep that split combination. Also, you cannot just replace 1 tyre if it is punctured and you have notable wear on the others, you have to replace all the tyres as the differential will chew out the transfer case. I found a spare set of rims for $500 which now have standard Coppers tyres for spares.

So, the interior is basic, the ride is harsh, the fuel economy is good and the support service is non-existent. The 3 lt diesel is great and seems very reliable, so far. Lots of power when needed and an Econo mode for most of my driving.

BMWs are expensive to take to an Authorised dealer to get fixed, however there are plenty of excellent garages that will do the job for far less cost. My advice is to do your internet homework on the reviews an select a good mechanic as there are some trashy BM service garages out there. I had a Swiss mechanic for my old BMW 540 who kept it going for 14 years. He was god over the car till he retired.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Great car - but expensive to maintain.

Bought our X3 3.0d brand new in October 2014. Great car to drive, everything we wanted in a car. The diesel motor is an absolute cracker.

Only downside has been the after sales service. BMW are quick to take your money, but not interested in following up with problems (such as excessive waxing that they put in to the car for shipping).

We have just clocked up 40,000ks in ours, majority of it being freeway driving and have to get new brakes ($3,200) and new tyres ($4,100) from BMW. Personally think that's a bit quick to have to replace these items (the car is driven by my wife - certainly not driven hard).


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BMW X3 F25 xDrive30d (2011-2017)
CategoryMidsize / Medium SUVs
Starting Price $81,000
Drive TypeFour Wheel Drive (4WD)
Fuel TypeDiesel
Wheels19" Alloy
Fuel Consumption6.1 L/100km
Fuel Tank Capacity 67 L
Engine6 Cylinder 3.0L
Max Power190kW @ 4000rpm
Max Torque560Nm @ 1500-3000rpm
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Maximum Towing Capacity (braked)2,000 kg
Maximum Towing Capacity (unbraked)750 kg
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)
Release dateJul 2011
Discontinuation dateOct 2017
Replaced byBMW X3 G01
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