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G01 (2017-2019), F25 (2011-2017) and E83 (2004-2010)
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cost to replace timing chain n47 20.d july o8. or new engine?
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Just purchased a 2008 BMW X3 Turbo Diesel 2.0d on start up it makes a loud tick tick noise goes away when warmed up. Any ideas
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Hi I want to purchase bmw but what x1 or x3. Also which engine to pick as petrol ones are cheaper but economy is not great. How do cost to do Service
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How do you take the brakefilter from a bmwx3 30d?
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What is a break filter? Brake system includes brake pad, rotor, wear indicator and brake fluid, etc.

Hi, anyone else had a problem with the carpet wearing adjacent to the left heel/foot rest, driver's side. My car is only a year old X3 Sports. I am female and wear flat shoes or soft wedged heels for driving.
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I can’t comment on my X3 as it is too new. With my 1 series BMW there was certainly wear on the carpet mat after 2 years in the location you describe on the drivers side. This also occurred in my Mazda. I think it is just a common wear issue. If it gets unsightly you could replace the mat. Or if you don’t have mats you could grab them from your BMW dealer.I had exactly the same wear at the same location, which is replaced later under warranty. The wear has occurred less than a year after I bought the car brand new. I did not drive the car hard either, nor wearing shoes with spiky sole.Thanks Tim. I notice you are based in Sydney - any chance you used BMW Sydney at Alexandria. They are saying they have never seen this fault before and it is not a warranty issue. very interested that you had it replaced under warranty.

Hi. I have a 2012 X3 3.0d which has travelled 119,000 kms. Just recently I experienced a vibration in the steering wheel and drivers footwell. I had all wheels balanced and aligned but this made no difference. Now the vibration has got worse and can be felt through the drivers seat. 2 mechanics had a look (one of them BMW) and said they couldn't 'reproduce' the problem. They made me feel stupid, in spite of the vibration being so obvious. Has anyone experienced this type of vibration?
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My car starts happily but cuts out 3-4 times in the first minute while idling and when engaged in gear. After that it runs happily and doesn't repeat the performance on later startups. Any suggestions welcome. BMW service folk are puzzled. Thanks
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If there is a problem on your car, usually there will be one or more fault codes recorded in the computer. For DIY drivers they can find a suitable code reader and read the codes then go on line to find the fault code list. The fault codes can pin point where the problem is. If you are not a DIY driver, the best is to take the car to a BMW repairer, they should be able to read the codes and explain what happened to your car.Thank you. Our repairer feels he knows (after trying everything) but is reluctant to try his idea as if it doesn't solve the problem it will lead to a more serious and very costly problem. Hence our thought to ask for ideas via this site in case there were other experiences/suggestions. It might be worth getting a second BMW repairer opinion just in case. Fortunately it only happens on first start of the day but puts uncertainty in our minds in case it starts happening more often.

Do X3s from this period (200-2009) have sat nav as a standard or option?
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Hi, This feature is an option im afraid.Optional. There are two options, navigation system business and navigation system professional. The 1st option can be fitted after factory and the 2nd one has to be fitted by the factory.

Hi have the transfer case in the x3 2008 model been a problem?
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No nothing at all, Tranfer case issues are only prevalent in abused unitsIt's definitely a common problem. This can be verified by Googling the internet. I'm generally a city driver but entering and getting out of the house has to pass some slippery surfaces and pot holes, the transfer case will act on these conditions. As a result of that, the transfer case failed at 45K KM. The X-Drive is excellent to drive but it relies on the constant adjustment of the transfer case to alter the power distribution between the front and rear wheels. This design wears out the transfer case quicker. I was told by a transfer case actuator (servo motor) gear manufacturer that with the same transfer case, the X-Drive have 500:1 failure rate in comparison to Mercedes Benz as The Mer does not program the transfer case to act like the X-Drive.

How good are these in the snow and on ice considering an 2004 3.0 sport no x drive to my knowledge? Any issues i should look out for on these . thanks for help
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Hi, These vehicles are quite good for traction but are not a real 4x4, Make sure it has a good service history and look out for excessive brake rotor wear these cars tend to chew the guts out of them and will wear a set of brake pads very quickly, you get only 40,000 out of both. Faulty tyre sensors tend to be an issue indicating a flat tyre when nothing is wrong so be sure to test drive and check no fault lights appear. Mechanically they are very robust look for a mechanic who is familar with bmw"s to service it as the dealers will rob you blindly. I own the 06 Model and have found My mechanic to be around 70% cheaper than BMW. Hope this has helped

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